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Why is my ac not cooling but heating?

I have a ’93 Mitsubishi Galant which has a Multi-link suspension in the back
and the front.

I recently came up to this issue that when i’m turning and give throttle to exit
the turn, the wheels won’t straighten on their own (both directions).

which they would normally do on any vehicle. the wheels are aligned as well and everything checks out basically.

I do some mechanic work myself what do you think the issue is?
Just replaced Water Pump, Timing Belt, all serpentine belts and all 4 motor mounts, replaced plugs and wires.....original timing belt broke while driving ..... has interference engine but did not damage anything when it broke.
It's only happened a couple times and it only happens when im in park with my car running and my a.c. on. It sounds like it's bogging out. But it starts right back up afterwards
D problem has bin on since a yr nw.n is like d fuel is not moving,if I start d car,is like d fuel is breaking somewhere.I jt mid help please,I HV change d fuel pump and d fuel fitter ,I don't know wat else to do again,i jt mid ur respond fast pls,I do hear noise from d fan belt area,n pls were can I gt a mistushi mechanic here in Lagos Nigeria.
Soon as the key is turned the fan runs,even without the a/c or engine running.
I'm trying to install an aux cable to my mitsubishi galant 2008. I recently learned that holding down the CD button is a good way to check if your car is aux capable. I did that but nothing came up, can i install a new radio that is aux capable? or is my car in general not capable?

I checked the box and i saw that the pin all the way at the corner was 10 pin connector.

Thank you
I would just like to know where and how to find the turn signal flasher relay the manual isn’t much help in my opinion
2005 mitsubisi gallant 2.4 liter car starts and runs fine till put in gear stops runniing as soon as put in gear put it back in neutral and starts back up put it in gear stops running transmission is free rolls no problem. Is it the gear range sensor as i unplugged it and starter wont crank
I’m driving a 1999 Mitsubishi Galant and I can’t get it out of park. I’ve tried looking for a shift interlock override button but can’t seem to find one anywhere. Not on the the shifter itself or near the dash or steering wheel. All taillights and break lights are working properly. Can’t seem to figure this out. Any ideas of how I can get it out of park or do I need to pay for tow company to get me to a mechanic?
It starts when it wants to makes no is sound when trying to start it
Would like to know the part number for my 2007 galant it needs a new air conditioner compressor
I can hear the window motors going up and down but the window glass is not moving much if any and from what little I know and see the class looks like it's not lined up right
Can hear and tell motor is running but wind not lined up something
Change the throttle body fuel pump spark plugs distributor cap and crankshaft but it still want crank..
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