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I have change hoses,thermostat,cap,all relays,radiator temperature sensor,water looks like my truck inside reads 220 and some did a laser test and looks like it was 197 degrees I really don’t have any clues... some mention computer....?.. doesn’t get hot when a.c is turn on...only when heavy traffic... Please help
On the relearn process my security flash will not go off after 10minutes or 15 minutes on the on position,what am i doing wrong?its a 2000 tahoe
Testing verifies power is going to moonroof motor and it will jar slightly when alternating between open and close button presses why would a normally functioning moonroof suddenly stop moving when it opened with ease and never has had issue nor are there any broken parts upon inspection? The transfer case seems to have failed right before this occurred and battery completely died but don’t think either issue is related tried position reset for moonroof with no results
When I press the a.c . Button it won’t stay on and for the last few days it’s been blowing hot air
02 Chevy Tahoe with a 5.3 automatic transmission when you take off a shifts fine when it goes to shift again it's like it's in neutral if I hit the tow button it shifts fine only has 32 thousand miles
Replaced Battery ,Serpentine Belt, Idler Pulley, and Alternator now when I try to start it some times good other times it like makes no contact like a bad switch.Its a 2003 Tahoe
95 5.7l Tahoe doesn't have a DTC but doesn't seem to be running up to par. Changed Coolant temp sensor (2wire) and checked reference voltage to the connector and reads 1.5 volts. Is this okay or should it be more like 5 volts?
Pressure won't release from calipers sometimes until u mess with supplemental brake assist pump
Brake lights are constantly on whether pedal is compressed or not. I replaced the brake light switch and problem still occurs. When the switch is not in position on the master cylinder rod lights are off. I know it’s not a fuse or the switch. What other possible things could it be?
Truck just won't start. Spark plug wire was removed and replaced. Took it to the shop they can't find anything wrong.
I have a 1999 Chevy Tahoe my brake lights went out the other day the right blinker comes on the left one does not work where should I start to fix this problem I really need those brake lights on as soon as possible you know come to think of it the other day I did hear some noise sounding like a little bit of electrical interference in the glove compartment area when I was driving I wonder if that had anything to do with this problem what do you think
Engine light, reduced engine power and stabilitrack lighs come on. Let it sit and cool down everything is back to normal. I put in new battery and 2gauge ground wire to try and fix issue.
My 95 Chevy Tahoe has been idling rough at times, and it seems that the smell coming from the exhaust smells like stinky gas. My cousin noticed the other day that when I was idling in my church's parking lot, it looked as if the lights around speedometer were dimming as the truck was idling rough. Also, at times when I am going through a drive-thru, my truck almost jerks when I have my foot on the break. My uncle and I feel as if the fuel pressure regulator might have gone bad in the truck, but I am not sure. We really want to isolate the problem, so we know what correct part to buy.
Not all the time just sometimes no noises
07 Tahoe LT 2WD 3.42 gears
-looking to install a locker for slow-speed, off-road use.
-hoped to go to 3.73 gears for my 20" wheels, 275/55/20 tires, for better gas mileage and better power, etc.
If this is possible, will I need to change anything else like ring & pinion gears or have computer reprogrammed, etc?
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