Mercedes-Benz 300SE Questions

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just had the transmission rebuild about a year ago ....the car has been sitting for about three days
Car started with hesitation so I replaced fuel pump and filter and air filter.hesitation has gone away but now car slows down when you give it gas and speeds up when you let off gas
Started with hesitation
turned key turned over no start stoped turned key 100 times be for it would turn over stoped maybe turned key 100 more times befor it turned over again
the car idles fine in park, when put in drive it skips, have changed spark plugs, new disturber cap and rotor, new spark plugs wires, have cleaned the idle control valve, and checked houses for wear and tear, all is fine. It just idles like it wants to cut off when in drive and reverse.About 6 months ago I put new fuel pump, and filter on and car has was fine, it was when after I replaced the distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs, spark plugs wires about a month ago when all the problems started.
keys are locked in trunk battery is dead how can I get into trunk
Which water tube should be removed to exceeded water
i replaced the battery and the pump will not engage
My tale light and dashboard light in not coming on what do I need to do
my car runs for about 25 minites after that stop running and will not start for 39 minties.
Have fuel pressure, died while driving.
I need to replace the radio without messing the car up.
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