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Fuse checked OK
We can feel the vibration when in drive but idling or in reverse. Can still feel it when driving but check engine light came on. It stops when in N and P.
I am about to purchase this truck with 166,639 miles and I am thinking of replacing the engine with a newer lower mileage engine of the same size which is 4.0 Like.I said earlier I am about to buy the truck and due to the high mileage I may want to change the after another 1000 miles
I replaced the radiator and the engine still won't start. What could be the problem still ?
How long will it take to change water pump on my 04 tundra
Door handle stuck out and need to pushing back to door close correctly, Wife took it dealer and they didnt fixing and one To charge for it.
I don't know if it's under warranty
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's annoying
How long have you had this problem? From new to now
passenger floor mat wett. water from ac not dropping outside. i cannot find drain line. anyoneone know where its located

What seems to make the problem better or worse? when ac is on
Have looked extensively but can not find a refill plug on my 2006 Tundra (V8-2WD). The Toyota service bulletin A750E,F shows a 24mm socket located on the passenger side of the tranny. Not there? Since there is no dipstick on this model, how do I go about adding fluid to the transmission?
It might have snapped lose how do I fix it?
AC works. when placed on level 2, cool air blows fine, but anything higher than that, cool air is intermittent and sometime blows warm air. also cool air blow has a delay in it, takes a little time for cool air to start coming in.
Put in new alternator spliced wires it would turn over but sometimes hard to get started ran fine all day on errands today doesn't start at all
all fuses good in cab 7.5 amp and under engine 15amp new relay.? no body codes.
I check all fuses and relays with volt meter and getting power. clean the throttle body..but when i have key in accessory my truck is not priming gas ...and it starts up rough sometimes as im thinking its starting on a dry start...i will get misfire codes that read misfire on my even side spark plugs only..mostly on bank 2..i been online for 2 weeks not trying to get any infomation on this and its a dead end.
Car won't start. Repair man says starter solenoid melted
I just changed the water pump and the timing belt.
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