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Battery is good and replaced alternator. Lights are staying on but switch if off. When lights are turned on truck stalls when I stop.
drives fine on highway or roads ,only overheats in idle after 10 to 20 minutes coolant is fresh and a new fan clutch,thermostat,coolant sensor , no strawberry coolant i am at a loss the dealer canot find an cause , there are two things left to change radiator and ,or pump please advise i love my truck at 260k it never failed me,,,,,,,,,, thank you in advance
The engine makes the normal starting noise but it doesn’t start. The battery is brand new so that rules it out.
My husband bought the truck with 153000 miles on engine,he is checking to see what his engine is
Used to code reader after service at my dealer replaced knock sensors I was told my ECM was failing on the out put . Used my code reader I have evaporative leak code 440442 and code 325 concerned if maybe it’s not an ECM problem or it is an ECM problem that caused code PO 325
It started when I got home from the dealership. I ejected the nav dvd to check the version. (Big Mistake) When trying to reload it, it just kept ejecting the disc. Somwhere, someone said pull the fuse for a few minutes and then put it back in. I did and things got worse. Prior to the ejecting problem, the radio and cd player worked fine, just no nav. Now I got nothing. no radio, no cd player. The screen lights up and says"No map dvd, please insert map dvd". none of the buttons function.. ...HELP out there??
2004 Toyota tundra 4x4 6cyl. 173,000 miles. They both seem to go out @ the same time. After noticing it not shifting to OD, I pulled over and tried reverse. It would not work. I can switch the ignition off, crank it back up and they go back to working? Sometimes you can drive an hour or two or it may be just a few miles before it acts up again. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thx
After washing the inside of my tundra my air condition won't turn on
Placed key in ignition. Wont turn at all, tried jiggling steering wheel, won't move at all,
check ingiene light went on, smaall vaccume noise at start
every you tube video says 06 tundar fuel filter is along rail by drivers door. Autozone says theres no fuel filter on a 06 tundra unless its in the gas tank. There seems to be a short piece of rubber hose added to where fuel filter should be

I have a 2006 tundra and between 30 and 50 mph it feels like i am running over rumble strips. It does it often.Once past 50mph it runs great.
Loud motor running on starting, sounds like if you held the windshield wiper spray button on. Mechanic says it's a catalytic converter heater fan but I can't find any info on THAT and it runs in the summer. What could it be?
it is running bad there is no water in the oil could i have cracked the manifold or something
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