Mercedes-Benz 300SEL Questions

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instrument panel acting erratically. The lights all work but sometimes the gauges stop working (fuel, water, battery, oil, odometer and speedometer), then will come back on.
It only happens when the low engine light comes on. Other than that it shifts fine.
the odometer stopped working after 354,000 miles, like to replace the cable, what's involved?
When I spray starter fluid in the fuel chamber it will start and run for a minuet and stop.
had been running, but taking awhile to start. Then it is just turning over and will not start at all. Put some starter in breather, no firing, just turning over
What transmission is in this car 3 speed or 4 speed?
I have checked the fuel pump ;is there a fuel pressure sensor and if so where is it? Can anyone please help!!!!!!
The light in the back light will not turn off. I need top know what to do to turn it off? Is there a switch?
My garage flooded and My two front seats won't work!
And if so is it better to buy a brand new one or is getting a rebuilt one just as good thanks and I look forward to my answer
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