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Everyone says im being ripped off..but I'm not sure. The body shop told me 3k. But the mechanic shop is only charging me 684... But they aren't replacing headlights or anything. Is that a normal price?
When I start the car it idles when I go in reverse it shuts off I start it back up and when I start driving it's stalls again IDK what the problem is
I had altanater go out replaced it and about 3 weeks later it goes out again. I dont want to put a other one in if its a short causing it
Left my lights on it killed the battery after the car started now the ac won’t work. Checked fuses all looks good.
I installed a new clutch in my 93 prelude si it's a factory replacement powertorque from oriellys I bled slave all that it was running fine then four days later i was backing into a parking space on a side street and it all the sudden wouldn't go into I got out checked the clutch fork pivot bolt then fork then fluid and slave it was all I turned car off for a.minute then on again and it would now go I to gear so I could finish parking.i still have same clutch pressure on my pedal as when I installed it.everything was tightened down.but I had same problem when I installed my fx heavy duty race clutch there was air in system still.could that be it.i bled the clutch already maybe not enough?
1999 Honda praylude wont start when cold
Hello i just bought a 93 prelude S 2.2L engine 5 speed my first issue is my turn signals when i use the right signal the engine surges the turn signal indecator blinks and gets dim and eventually blows the fuse ive noticed also that when my air conditioner is on the right signal light blinks with the little green light on my ac button the left signal is fine it doesnt do anything weird my second issue is with my headlights the right headlight keeps blowing its fuse the high beam indecator is always on and when i try to turn it off the indecator just gets brighter i have replaced the turn signal switch and alternator and battery but nothing so far has resolved my issues can anyone tell me whats going on thank you
Is the shifting forks broke
i lost my keys and they dealership is telling me i have to order a new mobilizer etc is this true?
i lost my keys and they dealership is telling me i have to order a new imobilizer etc is this true?
i lost my keys and they dealership is telling me i have to order a new imobilizer etc is this true?
Can I change this without recharging the A/C system?
its a b18b1 engine. the timing belt broke. is this a low/zero tolerance engine ?
I just replaced the climate control unit, AC work good but when I switch to heat, it seems like the valve is not opening.
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