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Hello i just bought a 93 prelude S 2.2L engine 5 speed my first issue is my turn signals when i use the right signal the engine surges the turn signal indecator blinks and gets dim and eventually blows the fuse ive noticed also that when my air conditioner is on the right signal light blinks with the little green light on my ac button the left signal is fine it doesnt do anything weird my second issue is with my headlights the right headlight keeps blowing its fuse the high beam indecator is always on and when i try to turn it off the indecator just gets brighter i have replaced the turn signal switch and alternator and battery but nothing so far has resolved my issues can anyone tell me whats going on thank you
Is the shifting forks broke
i lost my keys and they dealership is telling me i have to order a new mobilizer etc is this true?
i lost my keys and they dealership is telling me i have to order a new imobilizer etc is this true?
i lost my keys and they dealership is telling me i have to order a new imobilizer etc is this true?
Can I change this without recharging the A/C system?
its a b18b1 engine. the timing belt broke. is this a low/zero tolerance engine ?
I just replaced the climate control unit, AC work good but when I switch to heat, it seems like the valve is not opening.
Recently my car has been violently shaking and vibrating when at a stop light. The problem only occurs when the car is warm.
Just inherited a 92 Prelude and the fuel gauge doesn't work, so have no idea how much gas is in my car which has me constantly filling up. I got the car about 2 months ago, before that it had been sitting in my son's garage for almost 3 years. The night I finally got to take it home, the gauge worked, but when the front brake pads caught fire (because the calipers locked up), and I had to park the car, the gauge went off never to turn on again (I do not know if these things are related).
A friend of mine and I have tried to figure out what is happening, but its kinda weird because following the schematics for the gauge cluster, everything seems to points to the dimmer switch (which works). I don't know anything else to tell. Does anyone have any ideas?.....
Haven't replaced battery or positive cable . Sometimes it starts after ten try's sometimes it will start first try. When I try to play radio or charge phone or leave driver door open that's when I seem to think I just shuts off " that also is the case when cars running " if doors are open an radio is on or try to charge phone car will run either a few seconds or maybe max 15 mins
Was blocking left lane on fwy. Police pushed me to safety. The only way to get shifter out of park is to use the Shiftlock Release. Does anyone have a clue?

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