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Recently my weather app brings up a "bad storm alert" warning every time I start my car via the information system's weather app. Is there somewhere/some way I can reset this alert (which I've never received before in my 4 years of ownership) or turning off this application?
I have parked cars outside overnight during normal weather conditions and have not faced any starting probs.

Does cold weather conditions affect battery of hybrid cars?
Is there a small height light that can be mounted under the bumper. I must have better vision when turning - can you help me?
I am purchasing a 2014 Lexus 300 Hybrid. Should i purchase the extended warranty and the maintenance plan? Any other information would be appreciated.
hello and thank you for your help I make a small accident in my lexus in the front pumper and after I fix it and make the paint job for it then after two days from finish everything and everything wirking good my car gave me warning the " clean parking sensor " I turn off parking assist then turn on again it give me that check your parking sensor
I check all wairing and everything this wired but still dosnt work
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