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only the turn signal bulb works all the others dont
I have a 2001 A6 2.7T Tip Quattro. In the morning or anytime after the car has been sitting off for over an hour it wont start on the first try. It cranks and cranks but wont start, sometimes it kinda will, it will be at an extremely low rpm and seem to die off unless I give it gas, but it seems bad so I just crank first for 2 seconds then turn it off, then it will start right up on the second try like normal
Squee sound
It seems likely to be sensor or electronical problem
I have a 2015 Audi A4. I've noticed recently (over the last 3 weeks) that when I start my car (push start) that the battery seems sluggish at first, and then starts. The car runs great. I took the battery to get it tested and it tested good, however the person said that something in the car is draining the battery. There is nothing turned on to include the radio or air conducting so I don't know what it could be. Do you have any ideas? Note: Tiday I was driving listening to the radio and the display turned itself off along with the radio. I could not prompt it to pop back up by pushing any of the toggle buttons. Ten minutes later, it pops up on its own, music comes on, phone reconnects and we're back in business! I just don't know!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No
How long have you had this problem? 3 weeks
I would like to purchase this Audi A4 V6 2005 with 43.000 miles what could I expect the vehicle cost on an yearly basis if I'm gently driving 12k a year kept under a carport. Seems these are high maintenance cars and the costly repairs I want to bring it in to have it inspected for a purchase. I do have the maintenance records on hand will bring them in with me for pre purchase inspection. The car looks nice however the car shakes intermittent what may be the cost if the problem is alignment with cadalidic converter issues ?
No check engine light but I know how it can be turned off and then it reappears a few days later so if I bring it in for the prob
Diagnosis cost ? Then the repair cost any assistance would be helpful th

4x4 light stays on
Dont know why fuse box question appeared. Having trouble with Sirrus Radio disappearing periodically
How difficult is it to replace? How much will it cost if i do it myself?
Only when the car is moving does the air get colder and even then it never gets ice cold. I checked the coolant presure and it is where it should be.
the stage on back window will not close
Code reads misfire cylinder 2& 3 . Before rebuild was reading ignition coil problem
the car will only work in manual
I can purchase the hose for $30 but I would need a mechanic to change it for me. What is the average cost to have a mechanic change the coolant flange in my audi a4 2006
The oil pressure symbol came on
I checked the oil and it was alright
The engine didn't' sound any different
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