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I have a 2001 1.8 Audi A4. Recently my brake light started flashing and I thought it's not serious and I'd just buy more brake fluid because the reservoir was low. Yesterday I noticed mid-drive that the brake pedal sinks to the floor and significant braking power was lost.

I went and filled the brake fluid reservoir and realized that something leaked from under the car. I don't know if this is brake fluid because the fluid in the reservoir was not lost. The leaking stopped in a few hours.

The pedal still sinks, though it does brake somewhat when it is fully depressed to the floor. The fluid reservoir is still full from my refill; it has not leaked out. I have no idea what this problem might be...
When pressing the button to close the top, the deck id raises 1-2 inches and won't open any further. I was able to open the roof with no problem but when I went to close it 30 minutes later it just opened the 1-2 inches and stopped.
Can’t close convertible top and dealer says it’s the motor. Also they say that, if that’s not the problem, and it’s the hydraulics, that I would have to pay for that too. Shouldn’t their diagnosis tell me that in the first place?
The key is not automatically clicking when I press the open or the close door buttons . Opened the car using g the key manually . When I put the key in the ignition nothing is happening at all. No lights no noise just nothing happening at all
Hi kind people of Repair Pal,

I've recently noticed that my audi A4 2L diesel sounds louder than usual. Whenever I start the car the sound of the exhaust is a tad bit louder than I'M Used to especially when driving on the road. Furthermore, when I hit acceleration I feel as of my audi sounds a bit like a loud sports car rather than a normal diesel car. Now don't get me wrong, diesel cars ain't the most quietest however, the noice seems like there maybe a problem with it.
Also I've noticed the sound itself is emanating out of the exhaust (rather than the engine) in my opinion. Do you believe there maybe a leak somewhere that could Be causing this?
Also, when I drive and put my car in neutral I've noticed the loud (sports like) noice stops and it seems normal again. May I ask, is this something I should be concerned with?
Please help guys... Any clues to the resolution would Be hugely appreciated.
Thanks Ati
I decided to change my timing belt. I was careful to make sure the timing marks on the cam and the crankshaft were aligned. However, when I took off the old belt the cam shaft moved and now it is not aligned.

Do I just put on the new timing belt and turn the crankshaft by hand to try and align it up?
I used Audi A4 2002 2.0. I recently walked in to a workshop where I complain about my speedometer not working and they traced it down to a faulty tone ring that is slack on the flywheel.....(I am not too good on this names). The tone ring was removed and I drove down to another place without the tone ring for like an hour just to check someone. After few hours, I drove out and the problem started..... i just observed that the car was not moving, i shifted to gear to manual mode and saw that the gear has been on gear 1 not able to move to other gear. I packed try other position like reverse and N position, they all work. I called my mechanic who checked the gear oil and confirmed it was okay. Now, some said my gear is faulty that I need to change it some said it is electrical problem. Can the tone ring absence cause the gear to be stick to gear 1. please i need experience advice before they spoil this car for me.... Thanks
Fuel comes up to the high pressure pump but won't distribute to the injectors. Therefore, car is not starting. Coils are new, injectors were cleaned, Sparks plugs are new, fuel tank pump is new and high pressure pump is new.
I need to open the gas door to get to the gas tank so I can put gas in the car.
fob works when clicked but not when the door handle is touched as the door sensors should when touched and
who activates these new fobs; dealer says they do not
I now have 92000 miles
My wipers just come on when they feel like it and it stops only sometimes when light switch is used ? Wiper mechanism and motor been changed also a second hand panel under the dash has been changed as well ?
only the turn signal bulb works all the others dont
I have a 2001 A6 2.7T Tip Quattro. In the morning or anytime after the car has been sitting off for over an hour it wont start on the first try. It cranks and cranks but wont start, sometimes it kinda will, it will be at an extremely low rpm and seem to die off unless I give it gas, but it seems bad so I just crank first for 2 seconds then turn it off, then it will start right up on the second try like normal
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