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It sometimes shuts off and wait a minute and restart and go again.
blower motor suddenly Quit. all test of motor, resister pack, relay, Fusses etc. are good, jump blower switch and it works on hi. Intermittently with road or door jar it will come on. reading 12volts on only one pin of 2 incoming harness plugs to a/c control panel, all others dead. don't know what they should read. no visible damage to harness. Googled, could not find IP wiring diagram newer then '92. other service manuals don't seem to have IP wire harness diagrams either.
ive tryed new fuel pump and been looking under dash .can some one please help me
i have put in a new fuel pump and the same thing happens.some times it will work fine but most times it wont works at all
how do these thing relate to replacing the radiator, i want to do it myself, what tools and preparation do i require in order to enact repairs?
I replaced the light switch with a guaranteed part. Where do I go from there. I'm not mechanically inclined but I'm trying. Been driving at night with my hazards on.
car flutters and does not run smoothly especially when driving slow or idling...would it be the oxygen sensor?
Car still running good also is there specific oil and gas to be used with supercharged vehicles
gallon of gas a day
It happens more when car has been driven over 5 miles.
abs, low coolant, traction control, and traction lights come on intermittently while driving then go off.. I don't know if there is a relation between these issues..
I have had the car 3 yrs & they never have worked. was going to have it looked @ but had no idea what is wrong with it. It gets very hot in the summertime
also, when i push the gas the knocking noise gets worse.
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