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i have had others say that this 1997 volvo 850 monitors are hard to reset

No moisture visible.. check engine light came on..o2 sensor indicated..gas mileage declined rapidly since started to smoke...

Replaced the alternator, relay fuel pump connector and new battery c car will start but it runs rough
Help me please and thank you

No codes

Is this limp mode

When driving 20 km/hour and press the throttle 1/3 down with turbo pres indicating 1/3 ( in the White ) on the instrument it accelerates ok to about 3000 rpm., and then stalls . With more throttle and higher boost indicated engine stalls before 3000 rpm. the car is a
T5-R. Aut.
I'm a former aircraft mechanic.

Daughter says light and brakes feel different when stopping

It runs great out on the road, and it idles good too, but when I put it in gear or turn the AC on it starts to lope like it has a racing cam in has a recent full tune up.. I can unplug the idle control sensor and it kills the engine, same with the mass air flow sensor..any clues?

change the oil

My window will not roll down on passenger side

I don't know what more I am supposed to say.

What does P0172 means. The check engine light was on and I took the car to a Auto place and the code was P0172

It started kinda strangely at first, and when driving around 60 miles an hour it started not accelerating, and the steering wheel locked up, also a sulfur like smell was coming from the engine.

When I start driving the speedometer doesn't always come on and might come on later while I'm driving or if on cuts off while I'm driving

smog diagnostic noted psi's of each cylinder and that "excessive"smoke from tailpipe, hear air leaking past valves @cylinder leak down test; recommends replacing engine & turbo. fixed by volvo dealer w/tune up & gas cap & related hoses and tubes, passed smog. what's with the engine/turbo diagnostic?

My battery won't hold a charge I have to jump it off then I can drive it no problems anywhere I need to go but right when I cut the car off and immediately try to cut it on again my battery dead again and all the lights are dim. Is it my battery going bad or is it a electrical problem. It seems like if my battery was bad I wouldnt be able to drive it around everywhere then as soon as I cut it off it dead but I'm not sure. My husband thinks it's the battery but I'm wondering if it's a electrical problem or something else.. Please help me out.

Front end wrecked on drivers side. Headlight assembly broken but headlight works. Signal flasher busted.

problem happened today for the first time.

problem happened today.

When first starting up car revs up high, stays then comes back down. It rough idles when it comes back down. Don't have the money to take to a shop. It spits and sputters and has cut off in traffic. It does have a leak somewhere on top of engine. It uses oil, and a lot of it. At least a quart a week. Repo man says that turbos use oil a lot. Is this true? It is an 850 2.3 liter, 5 cylinder turbo engine. Can we fix it or would it be better to sell it.

I had front brakes replaced last year and tires are not worn. I was going 30 mph in rain and almost went off the highway braking as the car went to the left and shook very badly. I'm not sure what's wrong.

We recently replaced the ignition switch (1996 Volvo 850) and the car starts occasionally, but usually when the key is turned the lights/dash come on but no sound. Is this another problem within the ignition?

I've had it into dealer and 3 other service centers. No one has ever actually fixed problem. Everytime I spent $500. Had AC control head module replaced. Had blower motor replaced. Now told AC compressor needs to be replaced. Will this finally fix problem?

From a stop, it seemed to have a little hesitation. Otherwise it shifted fine. Is this a Volvo thing or possible problem with the transmission?

it appear that it is not getting fuel took it to a shop and he said it was not getting a spark either so what sensor will cause this to happen

so I figure that I not getting gas but later tried to get combustion after spaying starter fluids and not getting anything so where would I go to next

The Spanish man who sold me the car took a plastic fitting that plugged into an alleged mass air flow sensor. Would not let me have it and said I could buy a junk one for $40. Metallic ping upon acceleration. Also a knocking noise intermittant. He and I did not know car needs to be smogged immediately. Mechanic could not diagnose or read codes for lack of the part (I guess). Now the guy wants to buy car back, desperately. He as going to smog it via "on of those places" whatever that means.

Help? Is there more than I realize? Car feels hot, going thru gallons of fuel. Bought for $800 and all the money I have. Black smoke on exhaust pipe and bumper What to do?