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They told me I had to take it to a Volvo dealer. (none close by) They only put one of the Inspection stickers on my car until I got the speedometer replaced. I am hoping someone close by does this work. They told me that they fixed the brake squeaking that I wanted fixed, but they still shriek. I need the brakes repaired (if they really need repair that is) in June which is my month for Pa. Inspection. I think they could be lying to me. I have driven this car all over Pa. and ...just exterior cosmetic problems. It has never failed inspection. They told me I had to go up to Doylestown Volvo to get a speedometer for this old car. The odometer is fine. Wish I could look under the hood and watch them prove that I need a new speedometer. They are holding my other inspection sticker hostage until I get a new speedometer.
The dashboard cluster and heated seats as well as the gear shift do not work unless I pull the latch under the steering wheel and jerk the steering wheel around, then the lights come back on and the blinkers work and everything works until I turn the car back off and on and then the problem comes right back.
I have had volvo look at it but they can't find anything wrong. Fuel pump is new, crankshaft top dead center sensor new, camshaft sensor new, throttle positioning sensor new, fuel pump regulator new, spark plugs new, timing belt new, battery new, fuel pump relay new
The problem started after a particularly cold period. The vibrations have decreased but it is still apparent. Also recently noticed some oil leakage under driver's side. The oil is the color of the motor oil, not transmission oil.
I’m not sure how much more details I can add my car usually starts all the time I know it has electronic fuel ignition something with that had to go wrong I check the fuse in the fuse as good
Car turned over acted like it wanted to run was getting gas but would not stay running I tried to press the gas pedal and only flooded car would not stay running ?
my 1996 volvo NA 2.4l non trubo 5 speed
How come I can't get any low beams on my 95 850 Turbo Volvo I replace the turn signal indicator the relays and fuses that was light switch and I still can't get no because I got high beams and everything else but no low beams
got a car that won't pass the smog evap test, large gross leak, want to do a smoke test but i was told to close the vent solenoid, problem is i don't know where it is or what it looks like

heard its called the vent valve, and unsure if its called the evap shut-off valve

if you search up on google on how to close vent solenoid for evap test you will see the instructions
i have had others say that this 1997 volvo 850 monitors are hard to reset
No moisture visible.. check engine light came on..o2 sensor indicated..gas mileage declined rapidly since started to smoke...
Replaced the alternator, relay fuel pump connector and new battery c car will start but it runs rough
Help me please and thank you

No codes
Is this limp mode
When driving 20 km/hour and press the throttle 1/3 down with turbo pres indicating 1/3 ( in the White ) on the instrument it accelerates ok to about 3000 rpm., and then stalls . With more throttle and higher boost indicated engine stalls before 3000 rpm. the car is a
T5-R. Aut.
I'm a former aircraft mechanic.
Daughter says light and brakes feel different when stopping
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