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My 2012 Fiat 500 Sport starts just fine and seems to go into Drive or Reverse, but won't move! I have it parked pointed going uphill (it's been parked for two days, since I've been off). I usually drive it every day. The car just broke 100,000 miles - what is going on? I did notice a fluid leakage of some type on the top of the engine (on the driver's side), but I couldn't tell what type of fluid it was or where it was coming from.
Yom 2013 fiat 500
While driving on the deshboard is written check the transmission see handbook just once it happend and it went off.
May have a wire or switch problem, when you hit a bump it happens.
there is an outlet on expansion tank between min and max levels is 1.2 pop 2013 ...apparently no hose goes on there and there was no hose on old rad .
Key fob does not open the trunk. It was fine until today. When the top is down on the convertible it would go up so you could get into the trunk. This no longer works as well as the key fob.
Taken car in cause it gets hot. They don't find anything. Take home car gets hot drive it in. They replace raideater cap. Bring home 3 day drive get on freeway and 15 minutes it gets hot. Get off part 20 minutes start driving and 8 blocks it get hot again. Park at home have it towed. They checking. This is 3rd time 500 fiat about 5 yes old. Have always taken to s as me de as ler.
beeps for 30 seconds
No sound comes from the trunk when the key is pushed
the number that shows total mileage for the car is blinking. this happens only when the car is running
Stress fracture on the tranny case
started the car the radio was on but no sound can change channels still nothing then went to charge my phone no lights there not charging
again. broughtmit to be repaired and was told electricity short out and need a new module at a total cost of $960.00
Hello Sir/Madam
I have a Fiat 500, 1.4 of 2008 which diagnosed with C1001 error, described as following:

Delphi Electric Steering
ECU ISO code :31830D079D
Fiat drawing number : 735451736
HW Number #1 :26132238-03
HW Number #2 : 54
SW Number #1 : 2613557101C
SW Number #2 : 0143

Would you kindly assist me with fixing that?

Your swift feedback is highly appreciated.

Is there a specific fuel type that would be most beneficial for my car?
I'd like to try changing my oil on my own and I'd like to be prepared with the right tools.
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