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I haven't been able to figure this out -but recently my truck will start and run fine. Then when I turn it off and return shortly there after it won't start (or even try). Turn the key and the electronics work but it won't start. So I turn the key off - tap on the key, bang on the steering column and stomp the clutch to the floor. It will usually start after I do that 2-3 times. Not sure what the problem is? Any info would be appreciated!

I need to know where the turbine speed sensor goes on a B3000 2000 Mazda pickup truck inside the transmission or outside


check engine light on given 2 different codes p0171 and p0174

Anti theft

After replacing spark plugs and wires, it Idles great when in park, neutral and reverse, when put into drive, truck idles great for 20-30 seconds, then surges forward hard without putting foot on gas, then shuts down. Check engine light came on after the first time it surged forward. Can not drive to get a diagnostic check done. Just started doing this 2 weeks ago.

manual tranny, V6, want to tow it behind a motorhome Thanks for any help

no longer avail. will a ford ranger p/n fit and if so what p/n . taking apart is a big job so need correct info. not interested in whole inst. cluster. Dealers no help. Need Mech. who has dealt with this before and taken apart cluster to change gauge.

It does this every time I ouch in the clutch , I have bad gas mileage I don't know what to do

Where is the valve location to see if it is functioning properly. I have looked for one and can't find anything. I also don't know what it would look like....PLease help

Changed air filter and mass air flow sensor and it still idles too high

dual sport, has oil leak top of oil filter

cold start = no power, rough running for 1-2 minutes until warms. must allow to warm before can move and have engine respond to accelerator.

How do remove dashboard/step by step?

Start relay OK, Key switch OK, starter motor functions, if I jump starter relay,, range switch on trans OK, the only break in the line between key start & start motor relay is the start interrupt relay that I cannot find location to disable and then start car Now all dash ;lights come nomally, but turn to start and no reaction except anti theft light on dash blinks when attempting to start

poor gas milage how to fix?

how do you increase gas milage only geting 10 miles to a gallon

I have taken it to a transmission specialist and got green lights on every thing but for some reason when I hit around 75 or I slam the petal it sputters.. like it down shifts upshifts like hioping gears its not the transmission or the sparkplugs I think it might be the tps sensor any thoughts?

i have replaced the starter,starter relay.battery truck still will not start help please

My truck caught on fire and I cannot find where the wire goes

the adjuster in rear shoes broke and jammed between shoes and drum. replaced all parts and drum but makes growl noises then comes apart again, why?

I changed alternator, have a new battery. Truck started when battery first installed, ran for a bit but wouldn't restart once turned off??

doesn't seem to effect the performance of the truck and only happens from a stop to acceleration

engine lite on full sometimes
Engine lite flashes after driving