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I can drive forward but not go in reverse
Truck sat for a long time, took it to ford and they told me the starter was bad, I put a new starter on it and it started one time and would not start again. Starter was hot, put a new starter battery and solenoid on it and it did the same thing! any help out there?
When driving once in while or when turning but not all the time
Where is the location of my fuel pump relay and fuse? Which ones are they?
---2002 Mazda 3000 FFV pickup
When i start truck up and drive 20 and over and let off the gas or put on brake i hear a slapping or nocking sound in the rear of the truck what is it
replace leaking fuel tank
4x4 extended cab v6
I haven't been able to figure this out -but recently my truck will start and run fine. Then when I turn it off and return shortly there after it won't start (or even try). Turn the key and the electronics work but it won't start. So I turn the key off - tap on the key, bang on the steering column and stomp the clutch to the floor. It will usually start after I do that 2-3 times. Not sure what the problem is? Any info would be appreciated!
I need to know where the turbine speed sensor goes on a B3000 2000 Mazda pickup truck inside the transmission or outside
check engine light on given 2 different codes p0171 and p0174
Anti theft
After replacing spark plugs and wires, it Idles great when in park, neutral and reverse, when put into drive, truck idles great for 20-30 seconds, then surges forward hard without putting foot on gas, then shuts down. Check engine light came on after the first time it surged forward. Can not drive to get a diagnostic check done. Just started doing this 2 weeks ago.
manual tranny, V6, want to tow it behind a motorhome Thanks for any help
no longer avail. will a ford ranger p/n fit and if so what p/n . taking apart is a big job so need correct info. not interested in whole inst. cluster. Dealers no help. Need Mech. who has dealt with this before and taken apart cluster to change gauge.
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