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Does this year have a passenger airbag and I’d do can it be turned off?
Rear end keeps making low growling noise every few minutes like something is trying to switch on
99 mazda b3000 speedometer started bouncing and trans started jumping in and out of gear at same time .when out in drive it will shift up and down hard .any advice .
stalls out when shifted into drive and when gas pedal is pressed to start from stopped . engine will idle fine until put in drive, it stalls right away and gasing it does not get it to remain running .
How much is repair cost?
2001 Mazda B3000

Shouldn't the water flow going in and out of the heater core be constantly moving? With engine running and warmed up, I loosened the cap on the fitting that I installed from the flush kit. Fluid was visible but not flowing.
One day back in the summer everything worked . two days later wipers quit working a/c and heat only work on low settings backup lights quit working. Replaced all the fused modules resistors multi function indicator nothing
Turn the heater on and only cold air blows out of the top dashboard vents
I can drive forward but not go in reverse
Truck sat for a long time, took it to ford and they told me the starter was bad, I put a new starter on it and it started one time and would not start again. Starter was hot, put a new starter battery and solenoid on it and it did the same thing! any help out there?
When driving once in while or when turning but not all the time
Where is the location of my fuel pump relay and fuse? Which ones are they?
---2002 Mazda 3000 FFV pickup
When i start truck up and drive 20 and over and let off the gas or put on brake i hear a slapping or nocking sound in the rear of the truck what is it
replace leaking fuel tank
4x4 extended cab v6
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