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Car stalling after sitting at red lights.
Car having problems with starting the engine
Our 06 325i had the original battery which died we replaced with a Walmart battery. It would start , but only after we jumped it. Replaced the battery , alternator and final stage resistor. Still will not start , only if jumped and then only runs for a little bit and then dies again ? Stumped ??
My BMW 325i AC will be working fine, and then all of a sudden start blowing hot air for a while, then goes back to blowing cold air. Any idea what should be replaced? The blower motor seems to work because air keeps coming though, so I am not sure. when it starts blowing hot air, sometimes it seems like there is a slight hum maybe...very low volume.
Navigation wont turn on i dont want to take it to a mechanic until i tryed myself i had the car for like 2 months
The driver and front passenger windows rolled up but wouldn't come down a few minutes later I'm thinking is fuse when I look in the glove box there's no diagram to tell me which fuse to check
have replaced cencors hoses thermostat,tanks, and the list goes on except engine it has 108.000 miles any suggestions. jane
It’s misfiring on cylinder 3 iv swapped plugs around and coil packs
Haven’t check injectors out yet but threw some Lucus injection cleaner in....
But I noticed that there was a decent amount of oil on the plugs threads and cylinder 5 was pretty dirty
I know that it could be the seal and iv heard about the pcv valve just not sure what the next step should be I’m trying to take the cheapest route..
Lose of compression idk....
Driving along. Loss of power light, brake fluid light, ABS light comes on. Car slowly begins to lose power. Will barely go to side of the road. All lights on dash are going crazy. Blinking red and yellow. Speedometer not working. Cars dies. Put in new battery. Same thing within 12 h ok urs.
Thumping as speed pick up and quits and rattles again till next shift
I been searching all over for this a/c unable, or cut-off switch on my BMW 325i 1992 m50 and can not located on my car nowhere, please help me. My ac does not work, it only blown hot air, and I did everything to locate the problem and it goes back to this switch. no noise or leaked
I didn't know that the BMW has 2 fuel pumps and I ordered 1. The one i ordered is on the passenger side. So what pump do i order for the one on the drivers side? (I noticed they were different)
how to replace ac condenser on a 2003 Bmw 325i manual transmission
On the BMW 325i 2006, the display in the middle or integrated system is not coming on but all other functions on the car work. No music, radio, Bluetooth or navigation system is not on.
1 there's a leak somewhere cause we can smell it but my brother is trying to drop the tank he isn't sure where to start from or how to do it. We need instructions on how to do so.
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