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how to replace ac condenser on a 2003 Bmw 325i manual transmission
On the BMW 325i 2006, the display in the middle or integrated system is not coming on but all other functions on the car work. No music, radio, Bluetooth or navigation system is not on.
1 there's a leak somewhere cause we can smell it but my brother is trying to drop the tank he isn't sure where to start from or how to do it. We need instructions on how to do so.
Just started
Hi I have a 2006 325i Bmw and they had a recall for the electrical system on the heating and air conditioning and I was just wondering by that happening if I had problems with that would that lead to my car overheating
I drive a BMW 325xi 2006 model (E90) currently at 145k. Recently, anytime i brake hard to stop, the engine switches off. It does not matter the speed at the time of hard braking. No warning light or error message yet. ANy advice?
Loction for cruise control fuse for a
2001 BMW 325i
Clean radiator change water pump thermostat is good and still overheating is driving me crazy I need my car please help
2001 BMW dashboard has fault light shaped like a gear where park ,R, 1,2,3,4,5 normally is. Only have R, 3,4...
How do I get transmission fault cleared.
The top was cranked up manually with a drill instead of allen wrench and it stripped the gears above the windshield where the hand crank goes in.
The themostate has been replaced by previous owner and I just bought the car and didn't make it home with out overheating. Approx 15 miles. Did great for 9 then stopped for a hour the overheated in 5.
i replaced the MAF sensor, the car is hard to start and lacks power and it sounds like it is popping thru the intake why?
Should i use synthetic oil instead?
how much does it cost if at the BMW shop?
I have a 2003 BMW 325i and I was wondering if I put a fuel pump from a 2003 BMW 728i in it would it hurt my car any?????
Only after getting the gas tank filled the last time the MPG sensor seems to be stuck at one number and doesn't change. All the others--outside temp., time, miles left and mph all seem to work properly.
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