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my car started and ran but the alternator was going out so i changed the alternator and the battery and It still wont start but drained the battery again
Why wont my car start and i have 40miles left on my fuel.
Feels like something is holding it back like a clutch is not I was told it was a bad caliper but I hear no grinding and when put on breaks it don't pull to one side kinda feels like holding the breaks on and pushing the gas like a power break but moveing ahead real slowly I don't know I'm use to Chevy's and Ford's this is weird to me any ideas cuz I don't know
just how would I reset the service engine soon light
I replaced the master and slave cylinder I bled it but when I started it I lost all pressure in my clutch and wldnt go in gear I had also pulled out a thin piece of metal bout 2" long when I took out the slave cylinder so since replacing tht didn't Wrk I'm guessing my throw out bearing r something in the transmission messed up so I'm tryin to figure wat clutch kit goes in the trans
Synthetic oil
I have had a persistent rattle that can be heard from the rear passenger side of my car when driving on uneven roads. The noise is the worst between 10 and 40 mph. The entire suspension has been checked and no suspension parts are loose, not is the gas tank or exhaust. The rear shocks and shock mounts are all recently replaced. I have taken it to a dealer who has been unable to locate the source as well. I have driven the vehicle with all trunk lining and spare tire removed as well so that is out of the question.
i dont now how to replace them l mix my hydraulic lifters
Car has been sitting for almost 2 years. Notice AC will not come on now.
Pully goin out sqeaks when engine on
Doesn't crank
Change the filter in tranmistoin and now no power won't go into gear
Mostly every morning I let the car warm up it begins to shake the service engine light comes on and at times account was shut off as if it's a battery problem but the batteries fine it's drivable but doesn't accelerate need to find a problem ASAP
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