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Pully goin out sqeaks when engine on
Doesn't crank
Change the filter in tranmistoin and now no power won't go into gear
Mostly every morning I let the car warm up it begins to shake the service engine light comes on and at times account was shut off as if it's a battery problem but the batteries fine it's drivable but doesn't accelerate need to find a problem ASAP
When there not working the black box under the back seat just clicks when you hit the window button...BMW said the box isn't the problem....any suggestions
Engine service light comes on and engine runs rough
What seems to make the problem better or worse? sometimes I can shut the car off and restart it and it runs smooth
How long have you had this problem? a few months
I just replaced the waterpump on my car, but its still overheating and it is also losing acceleration power, barely wanted to move today after I replaced the waterpump, I noticed today I also have an exhaust leak, I also have a milky residue on my oil cap with some coolant or something too, I thought maybe my head gasket is blown but the oil on the dipstick when I checked it is normal, I'm at a wall somebody please help. Thank you in advance.
Revs high but accelerates slow reach a certain speed then it's fine till I stop and take off again
How long have you had this problem? 2 wks
When driving down the hey turning slightly to the left I get a vibration then it stops when driving strait
My e46 camshaft,piston,ring & conrod is bad if I change them will my engine work normally like it came from the factory?
car has been serviced brakes rooters changed complete tune up costing over 1700.00
High beams only work when you pull back on the light switched
While I was driving the vehicle every dash light such as the abs, brake and air bag light, along with my check engine light appeared then my steering locked and was very difficult trying to maneuver then the car jumped out of gear and died after this I jumped the car off but when I took the jumper cables of the car it died again and the trunk won't open along with key is stuck in the ignition in the off position. Does anyone have an idea of why it did this
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