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When driving down the hey turning slightly to the left I get a vibration then it stops when driving strait
My e46 camshaft,piston,ring & conrod is bad if I change them will my engine work normally like it came from the factory?
car has been serviced brakes rooters changed complete tune up costing over 1700.00
High beams only work when you pull back on the light switched
While I was driving the vehicle every dash light such as the abs, brake and air bag light, along with my check engine light appeared then my steering locked and was very difficult trying to maneuver then the car jumped out of gear and died after this I jumped the car off but when I took the jumper cables of the car it died again and the trunk won't open along with key is stuck in the ignition in the off position. Does anyone have an idea of why it did this
the beeping happens on and off as I drive and continues when the car is turned off.
power steering went out battery light went on heart a snap
My car is to low in the front
old engine seized when radiator broke and driver kept driving.
I would like to know if I can fit the mirrors from a 2001 325i to a 2006 325i
before I make the purchase.
Car fill like it's not getting enough of something
There are no visible leaks under pressure.
Making a noise when turn right
As I'm driving when I start to give it gas a thumping noise occurs from the rear of my vehicle sounds as if its coming from the trunk.
When I give it gas it feels like the tranny is skipping
I just bought a 2003 bmw 325i every time I put gas it does not allow the pump to literally pump gas it clicks everytime I push the trigger on the nozzle what is the cause of this?
I replaced the wiper relay and it still doesnt work. I also tested the motor and it works fine.
I rebuilt my DISA Valve last night but am curious what the signs are that the valve is bad without removing and inspecting.
What improvements should I notice after rebuilding the valve?
I found a vacuum leak on a small line near the throttle Body but the code still pops up
I try to check the temperature and time on the indicator and warning signs, but it's not working. The instrument cluster lights are great but not the indicator and warning. What do you think could it be?
I have changed the automatic transmission fluid since then the transmission started slipping and now my car does not move when in drive, could the fluid change have caused the problem
It's a 2003 bmw 325i manufacturer date is 11/02
loud humming loud on acceleration
All the doors are locked and remote, nor key will unlock them. stuck in the car.
I'm guessing linkage. I bought it used,before I lost the gears ,it was hard to get into first,sometimes. Then a week before I lost the gears ,it was getting hard and grinding ,when going to second
I put the car in nuetral then shut it down for a few seconds then start it up again. It usually happens when Im accelerating
it occurs every time when I'm at a stop. it will shake/jerk and will do this every couple seconds till i start to drive again. but there is no engine light showing.
Happens when the engine is cold and warming up.
No more just buying the car. And needs clutch
Changed the fuses but it did not help

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