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I don’t hear no noise at all just won’t turn over at all
No brake sounds or problems noticed.
I have a 1997 e430 and the check engine electronics light came on. What could this be? Also a yellow light by the gas meter flashes at times. Once I seen the msg I parked the car. It does start up just fine
I've checked the transmission fluid its fine. There is no noise. Usually when the car starts warming up it does not want to move. Well tonight being a cold night its still not moving. The gear shifts but no movement in car. I've tried cutting the car off waiting ten, then fifteen then twenty seconds before starting and trying again. This has been going on for one month. No leaks anywhere. When I shift into drive there is no nudge showing the car wants to move. I Hope its not the whole transmission getting ready to go out.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? ever since reset for service b service needed
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
my radio suddenly wont turn on
Car runs fine. Headlightcis out and check engine electronics light came on.
I checked all fuses none blown car will not start
Lock button on key will not lock car and park lights will not turn off windows will not go up after driving through flooded street
I took the car to Burke Center Exxon, who have always provided reasonably priced and competent service to me. They charged the compressor, but found no electrical power going to compressor. Fuse and relay checked out. Any ideas? Will a non-Mercedes shop be able to read Mercedes computer codes? Thank you.
when driving regular speed the car kicks back/jerks only once. It doesn't do it often but i realize it needs checking out. There are no diagnostic codes that appear when this happens. Could it be the oxygen sensor?
i have a cd stuck in radio
how do i remove radio i have a cd that is stuck in
i have a CD that is stuck inside an i want to remove radio so i can take the CD that is stuck out
Where is the oil level senior located
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