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The blower motor runs on high only and won.t turn off even with the key off

What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? 1day
Rear window will only go up halfway on 2005 H2. Had been working fine, then quit. I can manually pull it up further; but as soon as I release it, it goes back to halfway mark.
I been here this sound it had rain a lot one day few months ago and I accidentally drove into some standing water and the lock gear and dove it the rest of the way home.
I had to pull fuse to shut off fan. How should I repair it?
Anybody know how I could fix that? Also how common is this problem?
Heating control automatically sets both sides to full heating
Although the display on the control unit is different.

With the Tech2 the servos are controllable.

Functions such as
-air distribution,
-fan control (also automatically),
-rear window heating
works without errors.

Recirculation does not work;
After pushing the orange light flashes - no reaction on the servomotor

Error codes B0229, B0408, B0418, and an old error code B0414
Also with the Tech2 not delete.

Air flaps are easy to move,
Servomotor exchanged for new ones;
Cable (wiring) tested for continuity
Voltages at the plug-in connections.
Replace the HVAC control element with a new one

Can it be that the system for safety on heating is caused by a special error?
Are there additional control messages from the BCM? - could the error be there?
Does anyone know a specialist for the Hummer electronics? Close to D-84359 Simbach

Ask for information and suggestions.

my vehicle was not used for 2 weeks and when cranked up the radio will not power up
Want to know how to keep the driver seat and mirrors from moving. Also have popping noise underneath the passenger floor really hear it popping hitting the gas hard and braking hard..turning and hitting bumps what could that noise be?
4 wheel high when you push the button to to 4 wheel low the light for 4 wheel low just flashes it doesn't shift and light goes out.
changed air lines on the air dryer leveler today. finished I have service suspension. Check air inflator in back not working.
Come on. The compressor sounds like it kicks on under the hood but nothing else happens.
motor works fine
It doesn't seem to be over heated. The coolant is fine. Whay could this be?
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