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Location of ignition coil #4 for Hummer H2 2004
Is there a way to manually inflate air bags on a 2005 hummer h2. My air compressor stopped working and would to ensure rear of vehicle stays up until my parts come in
radio controls on steering wheel works but radio and climate controls on dash not working
Already checked battery it's good, replaced starter, relay, and alternator. Just makes clicking sound still. Can use a push button bypass and it starts. So frustrating!!
Vehicle is not sagging but compressor will not turn on. Service air suspension is showing.
My battery died after a long cold winter (Sweden) and I have re-charged it, but
now I can't open the doors with either the fob or with the key. I can insert the
key, but it won't turn and I don't dare to put too much pressure on it.
How in the world do I get into my car?
Top lights on the back quit working the top front are fine, all of the lights are a month old
The service engine light comes on the error code as thermostat. But it doesn’t run hot thermostat has been changed twice
I have a chance to get a wrecked 2008 hummer h2. The engine is blown in my 2003 hummer h2. Can the change be made with out to much electrical computer issues?

hummer 2006 H2 setting in restaurant having lunch look out the window and the hazards lights are flashing only way got them to quit is pulled the fuse. replaced turn signal switch and it did the same thing.
The blower motor runs on high only and won.t turn off even with the key off

What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? 1day
Rear window will only go up halfway on 2005 H2. Had been working fine, then quit. I can manually pull it up further; but as soon as I release it, it goes back to halfway mark.
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