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engine wont crank over
My fiesta was stalling, idling rough after having an AEM cold air intake professionally installed.After checking for air leaks, cleaning my MAF it ran better,
but would surge up to almost 3,000 rpm. I have since replaced the MAF & throttle body, being sure to deplete the PCM for a complete reset. The car isn't stalling anymore, but it's surging constantly when it's warm between 2-3,000rpm. It's throwing the code about incorrect MAF parameters. Any suggestions? The plugs were also replaced, the car has 79k
Sitting at lights or slow traffic it comes on. I turn off AC and once moving get speed up and light goes off. Today I noticed wiggling in the upper engine and a flutter sound like a loose belt or???
The rear door will not close the latch is connecting the door remains open while in motion
My low beam lights are not working. I need to replace the relay, but the relay is corroded and one of the pins is stuck in the fuse box. I can not get the pin out. I tried taking the fuse box out (battery disconnected obviously), but I can’t figure out how to get it out because the wires underneath don’t have enough give for me to pull it out. My idea was to get the fuse box out and push the pin out from underneath, but I’m not entirely sure that’s going to work like I think it would.
Where is fan motor relay, and temperature coolent sensor located
I have a Ford Fiesta SE 1.6 Gasoline 2014 (manual) assembled in Mexico but the part that I try to find said made in USA, the part number: AV11-AB-G6UYG, I followed the electric circuit and the blower does not on in any speed (1, 2, 3 or 4). I disconnect the connector from the blower and measure with a multimeter when I start the A/C and it is 12V, so it looks well. I have tried to buy the spare part without success. Thank you in advanced.
engine overheat due to contamination of coolant and engine oil mistakenly poured into the radiator reservoir, total cleaning of radiator & reservoir tank were completed and changing of thermostat were already done and even cylinder gasket was being replace but still the engine overheat exist, what would be other problems that keeps the engine overheating, hope to get your advise and answer to my question.
Change waste gate, boost sensor and maf sensor still warning under P0234 ( Over boost ).
When ac is off, my cooling fan works fine, sometime on and sometime off, and coolant temperature is optimal around 90 - 100 C. But when I turned AC on, the fan will keep running, causing my coolant temperature to drop low to around 70 -75 C and always stay there and never go above that no matter how. When I turned the AC off, then after like 1 min, the fan will also off, and coolant temperature is optimal again. Is it normal? What may be the cause? Thank you My car has 41000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.
I unhooked my passenger seat belt that was wrapped around the head rest. It has retracted tight and I cannot lift the strap over the head rest. The belt is locked and cannot retract any further. Tried to remove head rest but does not come off. I do not have tools to remove the belt's floor bolt/anchor. Do I need dealership's assistance.
I've tried the resistor that's fine blower motor fine fuses are fine! The only thing left is the manual climate control system! How can I do it myself I can't find a installation video! I've bought the part just need the know how as I don't have money to pay a garage please help!!
How long have you had this problem? Couple months but the weather's changing in Michigan
Is this that the brake pads are old
After you pass speed hump it started loosing up no power when you press accelerator,it's so down
How long have you had this problem? Just today
The problem is intermittent and has happened twice in 3 days.
How long have you had this problem? Twice in the last 3 days.
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