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I unhooked my passenger seat belt that was wrapped around the head rest. It has retracted tight and I cannot lift the strap over the head rest. The belt is locked and cannot retract any further. Tried to remove head rest but does not come off. I do not have tools to remove the belt's floor bolt/anchor. Do I need dealership's assistance.
I've tried the resistor that's fine blower motor fine fuses are fine! The only thing left is the manual climate control system! How can I do it myself I can't find a installation video! I've bought the part just need the know how as I don't have money to pay a garage please help!!
How long have you had this problem? Couple months but the weather's changing in Michigan
Is this that the brake pads are old
After you pass speed hump it started loosing up no power when you press accelerator,it's so down
How long have you had this problem? Just today
The problem is intermittent and has happened twice in 3 days.
How long have you had this problem? Twice in the last 3 days.
When accelerating from a stopping point the car jerks. I can hear the clutch changing gears, it has a clicking sound. When I come to a stop it sounds like it wants to cut off. While driving there is a loud humming noise. When I start the car it sometimes may cut off then I restart it and it finally catches. What could be the issue?
How long have you had this problem? A few months
air condtioner freeezes up after running approx two hours and quits blowing cool air. after shutting it off for awhile and letting it defrost it works fine again
How long have you had this problem? it juist started
Is there a schematic? Is is something I can replace myself? if not how much do you think it is? I can work on cars pretty well as long as I have instructions. 2011 Ford Fiesta SE 5 spd manaul. Thanks so much!
hoses has been checked for leaks, no leaks.
I have an auxiliary port as well as a USB port. While the USB port seems to work consistently, the auxiliary port only seems to work about half of the time.
The audio component of my SYNC software stopped working out of the blue. When my phone was connected via USB and streaming music, the car displayed the track that was playing but I couldn't hear anything. However, the radio and CD player still worked with audio just fine.
And have battery drain problem
Can anyone please help assist me with any answers would help
Fan speed 1,2 & 3 don't work when turned on. Only 4 works.
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