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theres not much more to say apart from that
I bought a 1996 jag xj6 with out a key fob can I start the car or do I have to have one programmed at the dealer
seat wont move right window wont operate
I got a 1995 Jaguar xj6 it cranks fuel pump is pumping if I ad starting glued it will start but turns off after a few sec
I always have a rattle from the front of the boot when I close a door. I have removed the two "flappers" on the front bulkhead of the boot to no avail.
I live in Michigan and heard and felt the Trac system kick in on snowy roads, but I'm not sure what exactly it's doing.
What is going on with my jaguar I have no power at all but I get a new battery in it
96 XJ6 with check engine light (was blinking, but not now) will not accelerate, but rather bogs down when attempting to use passing gear.
Gears seem to shift once pressure is reduced on accelerator.
Gets up to speed steadily with constant, gradual pressure on the accelerator. In the past it ran sluggish on inclines, but that was not the case this last time I drove it approximately 20 miles in 55 mile zone. (Achieved and maintained 75 mph with no problem).
Cruise control works, but I did not test it for uphill acceleration.
my 94 jaguar xj6 drivers side rear tail lights not working right. I have brake lights , turn signal, back up lights but the driving lights or running lights on the right side . Its been a problem for a couple of years. I have already replace the rear light assembly and the lighting control cpu
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? 2 years
Check engine light went on today; according to the 1996 owners manual it reads as such: "Lights up when a power train fault is indicated. The power train management system is very complex and requires specialized diagnosis equipment to repair. A limp home capability is incorporated in this engine management system, therefore the vehicle may still be driven gently.
want totow vehicle and shifter wont go into neutral
Where's the solenoid located on a 92 jaguar cake6
Electric door locks wont work gas tank door cover won't work truck won't work either want to know if everything's on the same fuse line or not doors do work manually but can't get trunk open or to gas tank
My 1996 Jaguar xj6 won't go in gear windshield wipers won't come on the blinkers won't come on when I used to put my key into the door to unlock the door my security system goes off as if it was someone breaking into the car after so long it Gos off by itself do you think it's the reason it. Want turn over and shut the car down?
how to remove 1990 fuel tank
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