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Recharged 12 volt battery. Got it running again. After about 6 miles did it again. Any ideas

Just purchased a used 2013 Honda Insight. The drive home was about 26 miles/ 45 minutes, mixed highway avg. 65 mph and city driving. Very few stoplights.
I expected to see a good mpg. The best average number upon arriving home was 27 average mpg.
I've been scouring the internet and the owner's manual to see what the problem could be. The econ button was on the entire time. Everyone else seems to average well above 40 mpg.
Honda will still cover the car under warranty for another 5,000 miles.

How to change a timing belt on a 2002 Honda Insight

Does anyone have any advice for me as to what this could be? VSA, ABS, and Brake System warning lights are coming on and off at random. I also notice that while the lights are on my Idle Auto stop does not work. I went this weekend to my Honda dealership while the warning lights were on to get an evaluation, and the evaluation came up with "motor stuck" as the response. The said I needed to replace the ABS module. I declined the service bc it was over $2200 for the part alone. I read on another forum with a Ridgeline that it was a battery issue and not related to the brake system at all. Any advice? I'm a single mom and don't want to be ripped off.

i am using my original key

Is the hybrid system the problem

While my Battery Charge indicator showed fully charged, my IMA light and Check Engine light came on. The Battery Charge indicator discharged rapidly. I didn't notice a large change in power, so I kept driving. 2 days later, the battery light came on.
My mechanic says the IMA battery pack may have been overcharged, causing the main breaker to trip.
He reset the breaker by disconnecting the IMA battery cables for 30 minutes, draining a capacitor that was preventing the IMA battery packs from charging.
After reconnecting the battery cables, the 2006 Insight is getting 71mpg on our test drive and recharging the IMA battery properly. We will see how long this lasts.

Has anyone else tried this technique?

My insight has 123,731 miles on it, and this is the first issue I've had with the IMA.

This is the first summer I drive with a Honda Insight and I noticed the AC stops working while the car does not move. Why does it happen? Any connection to the ECO button?

$1800 for full tune up at 100,000 miles was told if belt breaks engine would be gone

Insight is not new. I'm the 2nd owner. Insight had 1 oil change, front tires changed to new, a 'software update' recall was made already and car was financed to me with about 54,000+ miles on it.

No issues with the car to now and this would be the first looooooggg road trip with this car for me.

a135 code, 2000 miles overdue

How do I find more information and troubleshoot the problem? Is it possible to diagnose the problems without going to a dealership?

I need to trace wires that connect the ambient outside air temp sensor so my cars stops blowing hot air on me in FL!

my 2012 Honda Insight heating system at 75 degrees will blow cold air. At 78 I will get heat and 85/high I will have hot heat. Any suggestions on this one?

My 2012 Insight along with may others appears to be consuming oil at an alarming rate and the "Check Emissions System light has come on. The car has 61,000 miles. Could this be covered by the California 10 year 150,000 warranty for emissions since my car is a CARB certified PZEV? I also have read that Honda is aware of this issue and may be issuing a recall? Any news on that?

I have a 2008 Honda Accord Sedan with 47,000 miles. I have read online that this seems to be an issue and the ABS Modulator needs replaced at costs of $1000-$1500. Also VSA controle module may need replaced as well and that costs additional. Spoke to Honda and this item is a recall on other 2008 Honda's but not my VIN #. Parts were faulty from the mfg. Does anyone know what the life expectancy is on either of these modules? Can anyone advise me on what I can do/say to Honda to get them to recognize I too have a defective mfg. part and they should replace it?

Checked fuel cap, it fine.. battery does not seem to be charging, any ideas?
Problem just started today, car seems to be running fine..
73000K miles, original owner..

Car has around 60k on it. Bought it last month. Dealer claimed everything had been tuned up. The other day the oil light came on, checked the oil and there was ZERO in it. Added oil, could not find an oil leak. Flashforward to this past weekend and my car began to die up a hill. Started just limping along, unresponsive to engine revving. VSA, ABS, and Emission system light came on. Check Engine light was on the other day, with oil light, but then went off. Had towed to dealer. Dealer says a spark plug was broken off, wants to replace that with a Full Tune-up. $375.00. We can't afford that right now.... Wondering what's going on?? I mean, the dealer just sold us the car. Why would it already need another tune up? AND I'm very capable of doing the Tune-up myself. Should I just do it myself and then take it back to the dealer? Thanks for any insight.

ima light came on at 108k - do not want to replace battery - will i cause additional damage if i drive on the gas only engine.

My car was driven into at the front. (Reversed into) at around 22 miles an hour. Ever since the accident the car has been juddering when on inclines and at low revs. It also has issues when u put ur foot on the brake and declerate, most noticeable when u take ur foot off the brake and let it free will a bit,the rev counter goes up and then down where the car is changing gear which make the car judder. The car was topped up with the wrong cvt oil also so that was drained,flushed andnew oil put in. The garage is most unhelpful and has said that is normal and I feel like I'm powerless. Stuck with a faulty car not of my own making.

Two months ago the IMA battery light came on. When I took it to the dealer to be checked they said it was no longer working and was no longer under warranty and I was not going to spend the thousands of $$ for a new battery. It had already been replaced twice. Then the regular battery died a few weeks later. I took the regular battery in and was told it was good. My neighbor replaced the regular battery and had mentioned that he noticed it had not been installed properly. Then the IMA battery started working again. Today, the 'check engine light' came on and the car
seems to be running a bit sluggishly. I have 62K miles on
the car. Before I take it in to the dealer again (since I'm not so sure I can trust them since they told me the IMA battery was not working when it did start working again). Any ideas on what's going on?

If I turn wipers off, rpm back normal with power on, and now my car wont start.

Can hear faint clicks when button is moved up & down. Fuse is ok. Is this a bad master switch motor?

The headlights were left on over night and the car wouldn't start the next morning. Replaced the battery and car won't start. The locks don't work and no lights turn on inside. Also, gearshift is locked in place. Help.

Maybe, I think the problem are there are in the deposit of fuel?..please help me