Lexus LX470 Questions

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It has happened twice both times during a thunderstorm
It comes on periodically upside down lightbulb with lines like light coming from it green
Leveling sensor not working on one Bumpy ride. Terrible bumpy ride, leveler
will not level vehicle.
Is this normal for a SUV that when you put it in drive or reverse it gives a little jerk.
My traction control switch start blinking when I'm in the road and my left tire lock on me and the ABS go on and make my SUV go to the right side
What to do?
My daughter is keeping the car on the East Coast for college. I need a smog Certification from a Bureau of Auto Repair STAR station. Can she get that in VA?
will finally start
Coming down the interstate, the vehicle suddenly cut off. It will turn over when key is turned but will not start.
its taking time to start then after running for sometime it will just do a quick start.
Or remove the headlight assembly?
we took it to a mechanic he could not read the code
took it to Lexus dealer they could not read the code or reset. They recommended replacing ABS box and the computer.
they stated vehicle needs ABS/VSC actuator/Motor/ECU Assy.
if both front cv axils are replaced, is a front end alignment required or needed?
once I remove the key from the ignition switch, the notification starts to blink, it does so even after I lock the car.
When I move the gear to drive, a gong sound is heard, I think from the back. What could cause this?
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