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Leveling sensor not working on one Bumpy ride. Terrible bumpy ride, leveler
will not level vehicle.

Is this normal for a SUV that when you put it in drive or reverse it gives a little jerk.

My traction control switch start blinking when I'm in the road and my left tire lock on me and the ABS go on and make my SUV go to the right side

What to do?

My daughter is keeping the car on the East Coast for college. I need a smog Certification from a Bureau of Auto Repair STAR station. Can she get that in VA?

will finally start

Coming down the interstate, the vehicle suddenly cut off. It will turn over when key is turned but will not start.

its taking time to start then after running for sometime it will just do a quick start.

Or remove the headlight assembly?

we took it to a mechanic he could not read the code
took it to Lexus dealer they could not read the code or reset. They recommended replacing ABS box and the computer.
they stated vehicle needs ABS/VSC actuator/Motor/ECU Assy.

if both front cv axils are replaced, is a front end alignment required or needed?

once I remove the key from the ignition switch, the notification starts to blink, it does so even after I lock the car.

When I move the gear to drive, a gong sound is heard, I think from the back. What could cause this?

The check engine light bulb is out and needs to be replaced to pass inspection. The bulb itself has gone bad. Thanks

Started just yesterday

I have to hold the window up and down levers to be able to raise and lower the windows on the master window switch at the drivers side door.

with a beeping sound --all lasted a few minutes and then stopped. This usually happens at the first start of the day and then doesn't happen again.

No clicking . no sounds at all. Have replaced starter with a new one, replaced ignition switch with a new one, had battery checked for correct voltage. All power accessories function when the key is turned to start position. Does not occur all of the time. Sometimes I have to recycle the start procedure 10X before it starts. 87000 miles on the vehicle

Help, what do I replace next?

Thank You for your HELP!

can I drive my 2003 Lx470 on a short trip of approx. 1500 miles with a bad O2 sensor, waiting on a manifold to be shipped due due bolts on sensors with corrosion

told by my trusted mechanic, unable to remove sensor due to corrosion/rusty bolts, might need to replace pipe which includes a cat.---- cost may be $700 compared to much cheeper if only the o2 sensor comes out

even after i replaced it it has noise when i checked it while engin is running my belt is burning did any body know why

Battery light came on. Knocking sound showed up 10 minutes later...and then it smelled like an electrical fire. Finally a beep, beep, beep sound lasted for about 30 seconds. The beeping stopped and the battery light went off as I pulled into the dealership. Knocking sound was still present. HORRIFYING

into overdrive

Vehicle has Navagation. After a thunder storm, the radio is inoperable. The radio fuse in the engine compartment is OK.

We were driving on Route 15 this hot weekend and heard a pop sound. Opened hood and radiator hose was disengaged from radiator. As a result, coolant level was low. Car towed to nearest repair shop. They tested leak in radiator cap but cap was fine. Coolant added but car won't start now. Battery is okay. Why won't car start?

Lsc light came on dash while driving

The traction control alarm goes off very often, usually when banking to the right. If I veer back to the left, it will usually go off. Occasionally, the brakes "grab" for a split second.... I'm assuming it's some kind of safety feature. Dealership has said I need to replace some kind of steering control bar, tie rods and re-pack bearings....about $4k. Any ideas?? Note- the steering wheel is not properly aligned(straight, centered). It is cocked slightly to the left.