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Millege is approx 113,000. Excssive oil comsumption. Exchange engine light on.
2008 scion tc automatic. Repeated thud noise like a helicopter coming from the passenger side rear of the car at higher speeds and more noticeable on the highway increases sound with increased speed. Seems to start after 40mph. Jacked the rear end up the opposite tire spins freely the suspected tire spins roughly then stops suddenly.
I don't know why it won't move I can shift clutch into each gear but it won't go anywhere
2014 scion Tc 70,000 when coming to a stop or slowing down anything to do with me stepping on the brakes my engine rpm goes up.and then when I step on gas right after it jumps up likes it's not the right tone I guess.seriously I need answers..and it seems like since I'm a girl no one's telling me the correct!plz
Car won't turn over and battery, oil, and CEL on
I have a 08 Scion xD. It went into overdrive and I can’t figure out where the button is to turn it off. Can someone help me locate the overdrive button
the heater fan stays on high even when you turn the fan off is there a sensor or control board and if so where is it located
Problem just started last week, when i made a Uturn
If memory serves, in a 2005 Scion xA, if you leave your key in the ignition, leave the headlights on, don't buckle-up, etc., there are audio alerts that should sound; I'm not hearing any for any of them. That being the case--and suspecting a blown fuse since _all_ those items are affected--I looked in the Owner's Manual and there's no mention (in the back) of a dedicated fuse for those items.

What should be next in the troubleshooting chain to find the culprit?
I went through water and light came on dashboard A/t oil temp
How long have you had this problem? 3 days
I just want to know how many sqft my 05 scion tc is because I would like to have the entire care wrapped in a matte black, instead of repainting it
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? n/a
Cranck but won't start

What seems to make the problem better or worse? I feel the tank and start driving on highway not even 5 miles and all lights on dash board start blinking and die
My mechanic told me that my car needs new Brake Drums (front and rear) and Pads, so far. As I did more research about Brakes -it's a lot more than what I expected (there are more brake parts). However, I want to get an idea if the price is fair or they're just trying to rip me off (which I haven't got to that part yet the Estimate).
I know the parts prices vary and it all depends on which parts they use plus the Labor will rise up the pricing. My (2) questions are:

1. Let's assume my car need new Brake Drums (Front and Rear) and pads only. How much should I expect the whole jumbo be?
2. On the other hand, if it needs the whole Brake Replacement, how much are we talking about?
I appreciate it.
My speedometer is going back and forth. It started today as I was driving home from work. I didn't hear any sounds when it happened. please Help.
The clutch was replaced and after car was put together motor won't turn tookbit apart put it back together mostly was able to get it on. Got everything in place and motor won't turn again
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