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I have a 2004 Chrysler pacific, when the key is in the off position and out the dash lights stay on, unless I hit the hazard lights then it shuts off. The NAV doesn't come on, the keyless entry doesn't work and the remote lift gate doesn't work either. Thinking ignition switch? Or short?
Replaced relay, signal switch in column. If I turn on the flasher nothing happens until I turn on the ignition then the flasher relay clicks but no lights operate in the dash or front or rear of car. Both fuses for the system are good have power at the relay on the pink wire always. Power to the black/yellow when key is on. black wire has ground always as does the blue pink. I thought the blue/pink should strobe with ignition on and blinker set in either direction. All brake/park lights work.
the lighting bolt in between lines came up on dashboard
Bought car couple weeks ago,been sitting a good while & without a hood. When last owner purchased car it needed a distributor. I helped install it and ran fine. Months later they hadn't done anything with so i bought it. Wouldn't start and had no fire. Did basic test and checks..fuses good..power to distributor..fuel pump primes.. I've now changed distributor again cause last one had small crack..installed new plugs and still nothing. Need help fast.. Girlfriend about have baby soon.what do I do to figure why no spark
hear rubbing noise when slightly turning to left while going 25 plus mph. rotated tires with no change
System was working one day. Got notification from Chrysler of update. Next day system would not open. Ordered the $149. Thumb drive with 2 SD cards of software. Tried a number of times to load the update SD card but after 2 hours severaL ties trying it will never go past the first question. When I push button for navigation system it will not open anything or give you any options other than closing the navigation system.
After the car has been sitting overnight, a continuous loud squeal is present when driving car from parking spot, then has a loud single squeal when stopping. This sound goes away when driving at normal speeds on the road. The squealing sounds like the rear tire axle rotating when the rear wheels are turning. I've had my rear sway bar links replaced but the squeal is still present.
when i turn my wheel sharply there is a grinding noise coming from the front left (passenger) wheel.
2014 town & country van will not start. The lights, radio, windows work, but the car is dead.
My timing belt shredded on the highway doing 65mph. The plastic belt cover broke and I see a little bit of the belt remaining. I'm wondering if the engine is ruined.
It make a clicking noise when trying to start
Is there something that I can put into the spot for the switch that will make the window come up
my check engine light stays on recently it goes on and off and sometimes the oil light comes on after but had a oil change a month ago.Checked oil and it has plenty of oil .
2006 Sebring convertible top goes down with no problem. It will not go up. Cannot even hear the motor run? Any ideas?
The same code p0305 cylinder #5 misfire keeps coming on in my 2009 chrysler aspen . I've made all the repairs. Ive spent $1000 now and still cant figure out the problem. I've even taken it to the dealership!! I'm so frustrated! Please help!
I've replaced
Intake manifold
Runner valve
All wiring
Spark plugs
The cylinder 5 plug
Oil change
Cleaned fuel injection
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