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Wipers and turn signals do not work.
It all started by needing a jump when u turned key it would just click jump started n it was fine thought it was bad battery because battery was seven years old replaced batter and had starter and alternator fixed both fine the next time I went to drive van it just started and died three times then did nothing when turned key over was frustrated and broke let van sit for bout week went and tried to start it it started right up let it run for bout half hour no prombelm turned off back in no prombelm decided to let sit till had money to have chkout did not want to get stranded bout two weeks later went out to start again it back to starting and dieng afraid to even to try and drive it to mechanic barely have enough to see one much less if dies on way can't afford tow bill anyclue what could be causeing it to act like this any advice would be much appreciated
The car started before changing the gaskets water pump radiator THEM sta now car will not start
The 'beating sound' goes away, usually within thirty seconds.
After put in gear then needs to shift you can feel it shift hard. What does it mean?
My car has 136,000 original miles on it. The prior owner was a snowbird so the car was only driven 4 months out of the year for the last 6 years. Service records show the car has been routinely serviced. The car has been very well maintained and is in impeccable condition. There are no external leaks, the cooling system is full and free of air, fans are functional. It runs great. All fluids are clean. The last owner had the water pump, timing belt and thermostat changed and put in a new battery. It may need a starter. Once it has gone about 10 miles, it will start run ing hot. Turning on thr heater will always bring the temperature down. In fact, the temperature gauge will even drop to normal when the car is idling and the heater has been turned off. What in the world could be the problem? I really need an expert on this particular car and issue. Yes, the hoses are good, the coolant tank cap is good, and everything seems to check out. Can someone please help? Thank you.
What would cause compressor to not get power to it
Turn air on and engine dies
I took van to Chrysler in Logansport when battery kept going dead even after we put in a new battery They said the radio was draining the battery Radio would quit when going down the road then sometimes it would come back on but go out again The next morning my battery would be dead They took the fuse out for the radio and battery is fine
Walmart tech messed up my oil housing filter. That was replaced as well & there was a hole in the radiator. Hair line fracture head gasket but blue devil sealant was placed inside for protection.
All lights work except low beam headlamps. Tried changing switch didnt work. I want to check fus or relay but cant figure out which one it is. Its not labeled.
Can I put a 2007 dodge magnum motor and transmission in a 2005 Chrysler 300 they both are 3.5 v6? What all will I have to change if it fits?
Have a new radiator , fan , thermostat . Radiator fluid is coming out Reservoir bottle . What is this from ?
Hearing water sloshing around under the car
Car only runs hot after ideling for a few minutes
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