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If problem happens whenever it decide to took it to Chrysler they said it's the valve body but warranty is refusing to fix because it does not do it all the time
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
cost struts and bushings
is there anything I can do to fix it? should I take it to a dealer or a mechanic. how much do you think the electronic throttle will cost. Can I buy it from other places than the dealer?
Every so often when I go to turn the ignition over, I hear a chattering noise, nor does it not crank up sometimes
It happened a clue of months ago when someone repeatedly punched dash from passenger side.
When I drive my truck the brakes will lock & the car will cut off until hours later -my husband hand everything done from timing belt, tire rods, everything new on the brakes -Pleas help me -I call road side assistance 5 times this mo. Matter fact yesterday make 6 towings
shut off at running temp but start back up
My wife put the car in park and now we can't get it to shift out of park. We tried the override button and that didn't even work. Someone said there was a spring inside the shifter that may have broken. What would the cost be for the part and how much labor should I expect to pay for the repair?
when I drive my car after about 10 minutes when I press the break a lighting bolt warning light shows up on the dash and the car shuts off
When we add refrigerant it last for a short time. Then blows hot again. What might cause this?
fuel pump changed the car cranks but wont start this is first time before the used to stop after 2 hours
Mechanisms for plastic inserts are supposed to slide out after top is up.
I take compression test with different results every time. Just put timing belt in and water pump. I set timing it started drove it ,ran great then when owner drove it it made a pop noise and didn't start back checked my work it was fine but did a compression test and won't have compression in cylinders at consisting testing one will have then 3 will have and 124 don't or 2 has and 4 has but 1 and 3 don't do another compression test and get different results
In one or two cylinderso then do another compression test and won't have compression in that cylinder but have in the other two or no compression in 3 cylinderso but one. Do another test and get different results
The oil pressure low light came on and then turned off. What does this mean?
Code 0703 has popped up in my convertible. I replaced the brake switch, checked fuses and replaced the PCM all to no avail. The brake lights work fine, but cruise control doesn't. There are no driving issues and the transmission shifts fine. I need ideas!!
My car turn off while driving n won't start back up
Went to the store came out would start but not fire. 4 days later was able to start and drive home; turned off tried to restart no fire. Changed the coil pack started right up turned off can not hear the relay kick on and will not fire. This is my only transportation I haven't had it but a couple months I really need to figure out what's wrong. I do not want to nickel and dime myself I can not afford that. Please someone help me. Desperate 2 kids and no vehicle makes it really hard especially when your staring right at one that just won't run.
kids eager to open the door or when remote on key is kaput
mechanic reported to me this is the problem.
After installing two new Lower Control Arms, sway control arm links and bushings the car now has a steering slack of about 10 degrees left and right of center. This slack is present with car static engine off, static engine on or while driving but, the car seems to track straight.
Car may have been driven some years, inadvertently, with bad rearmost bushings (vertical bolt one) on both sides. Decided to have new LCAs.
2001 PT Cruiser Limited 2.4L, Automatic Trans, 104,000 miles
Have owned form 13 years and would like to keep it going.
The problem happens every time I drive it. Instead of shifting properly it takes it a long time to down shift and pick up speed. The more I push in the gas, the more it slows down. Sometimes it is worse and sometimes it seems better.
It also takes at least 3 times turning the key before the engine starts. One time it took up to 20 turns before it started. It will turn over but not fire up. It cranks but doesn't start for the first 2 or more times.
radio comes on and seems to play but no sound
Windshield wipers and window are not operating. Cannot get vehicle out of park. The window relay is clicking when the ignition key is turned on.

The radio and heater are working.
I have a 2008 Chrysler Aspen 5.7. The air conditioning blows up full power and one day just stopped blowing cool air. We had a guy come out and put freon in and we heard the hissing sound that it was leaking out. How do I know that it's just a patch job or something more serious? We live in Miami and my husband drives for a living and is borderline heat stroke. How do I know if it's something easy or very expensive?
When i moved my vehicles around i noticed the front left turn signal isn't working. But when i parked it, the left side parking/running lights will not turn off.
2005 Chrysler Crossfire
2005 PT Cruiser -- when unlocked a loud click reminder noise sounds if I am inside or outside with

the doors shut (unlocked) HELP PLEASE how do I turn this click off
I got the alternator battery and the computer system replace and it still dies on me what else can be the problem could it be the starter that's causing my battery to die
Almost every time I start my 2006 PT Cruizer Limited Edition it blows a thick cloud of white/gray smoke. It smells like burnt oil.
The car won't go when u hit the gas but it will kick in eventually like its not shifting into 3rd gear or overdrive battery light comes on won't go off til u shut car off and turn back on but drive so far comes back on brand new battery

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