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It's just like jerking or grabbing really hard right before I come up to a stop. I don't know if it's from down shifting from 2nd to 1st rough or if the brakes are locking up for a Split Second. I'm getting my PCM replaced because that's out I don't know if that can have issues with the brakes or the transmission locking up like that
I parked the car and locked it with my fob. I returned roughly 30-45 minutes later, unlocked it with the fob and when I inserted it into the ignition nothing happens. A red security light blinks on the lower left hand side of the dash. I can't even turn it to accessory.
starts and dies for 4-5 times before starting. Could there be a check valve in fuel sys leaking back?
Try turning on Van only get a clicking sound from fuse box no power 2 starter new Crank shaft and starter
I get a hard shift every so often but on most days it's all good with smooth shifting all the way. I did a fluid change a while back and thought I would see metal but the magnet was clean. I'm not sure what it could be
Specifically we found a blown fuse, under hood fuse box (Power Distribution Center), 30 amp cartridge type. Replaced with like type and size and instantly blown when keyed to start. Our question: what is downstream from this point? What failure mode are we looking for now? Starter relay failure? Solenoid fused? What are we looking for next...

Thanks so much!!
replaced pcm but that only fixed the engine lockout problem, no effect on gauges not working
replaced complete dash unit,but no results, replaced computer control module under hood, which corrected my engine lockout problem ,but no effect on m gauges.
at a service station while pumping gas a friend plugged in her phone but got the cord jammed between the console door and that started it
New battery car lights up everything comes on will not turn over to crank
My engine light is on checked for the code and got this d0nE
Car runs fine but hear air sound when accelerating at higher rate of speed. Checked hoses and air filter box to make sure it’s closed.
Thought the fuel pump went out so changed it. Now get no power to pump at all does not come on. Changed out fuel pump but no power to pump.Checked all fuses and relays nothing?
It shakes when it is not moving
This car has been to 3 dodge dealers and 2 other regular mechanic they cant figure it out this car has had new plugs, 4 throttle body , 2 new pcm computers , anything and everything you could or could imagine has been tried on this car we have come to the conclusion everybody thinks they can fix it but they cant we have just decided to park the damn thing out back and let it rust although if you have one beware your heade for bigggg problems and if i can even save one person the thousands i have spent it be worth it i am so disappointed in dodge for not even trying to help me beware guys you might as well junk the piece of sh##$
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