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Nothing at all
car over heated, and quit running. tow truck driver tried to restart, he held the switch in start mode for a long time. now car won't crank over with the key switch.
Blown head gaskets..all wires...plugs..coil pak..oil..oil battety..what could be problem now
Shop quoted a replacement for timing belt, pulleys, water pump, spark plugs, battery, and an oil change at $1288 on a 2007 PT Cruiser. Does this seem like a fair quote?
Wont start with jump and turn over wont start what problem
After rainstorm noticed driver's side floorboard is drenched. Not sure if water got on from rain or it was always wet. Then the temperature dropped and the water frozed and water was still present. PLEASE HELP
Oil dripping from the shield under the motors passenger side, does not appear to be from the oil plug or oil filter?
The car is off in the back tail lights in the brake lights will not go off
I bust my oil filter and it drained out my 300. Died. I had it toed home and i change oil and oil filter it still wont start help me plz
Jumped out of gear going down road .won't pull now
Going down road just stoped pulling
as I stated the key fob says low battery.
When cranking over,something is making a weird sound to the starter,after it started the first time,it ran great,when i shut it off,the top radiator hose was hard and it wouldn't start back up but will crank,it has 242,063 miles
All the electronic system lights up, plus the car goes into shutdown
2007 PT Touring Cruiser. Lift gate latch button inop. Will open up with key! How do I check it out to see which part needs to be fixed or replaced!
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