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The longer the trip, the more the clutch slips when accelerating. It grabs after a few seconds. The engine oil leak is more than like coming from?
problem started 1 mo ago I hear water surging through system on firewall while inside the car every time started & driven.
Friends car.put alternator in,output at high idle 14.27 lowering to 14.21 at idle.Is this normal?Is water pump on this engine as much work as others?
I've replaced the starter, alternator, radiator, fuel pump and filter and still only starts once maybe twice. I can't turn it off unless I'm home because it won't start again.
also replaced ignition switch(not the key tumbler but the other side) installed new battery. Volt meter only reads about 10V. when it doesnt start it acts like a start solenoid problem. Any ideas?
Head gasket problem. I thought putting in "stop leak" would have bought me some time. It didn't. The heater core started not working. I back flushed it several times. I had the head gaskets replaced as well as the radiator. I know need to replace the heater core. What is the easiest and fastest way to do this?
I replaced my radiator last year and back flushed the heater core and still cold air comes out. I know the heater core is bad. I bought a new one and would like to know the fastest and easiest way to replace it before winter. I had to replace the radiator because the head gasket was blown and I added "stop leak" to the radiator. I notice the air was getting cool and the radiator was getting hot.
I'm a little new to the Subaru Loyale which has a 1.8l with a 3-speed transmission, I bought it recently and the previous owner had mentioned it leaked oil from the valve cover. I recently had to make a long distance trip with it and it leaked oil onto the exhaust, causing it to smoke, I kept pulling over, cleaning up the oil, letting it cool down. After a long period of time, the engine noise changed, but didn't drop power. I don't want to do any damage to it, seeing as I got it just recently. So how would I go about replacing the valve cover? (Changing the water pump is just because it came with it when I bought the car.)
my 1992 suburu loyal died going up my hill. it still starts but wont stay running no matter how much gas i give it. if i had to guess id say fuel filter or fuel pump but im no mechanic. please help.
Have to keep foot on the gas pedal for several minutes to keep it running until the check engine light goes off.
it just died on the road. no spark. i can replace the timing belts but not sure if something major broke on the engine
Car is 4wd wagon, 1.8 TBI engine, it revs very low when first started then idles very high after it warms up, 1500 rpm, normal is about 700.
I was quoted 700.00 for repairing an oil leak behind the timing plate. Is that near right?
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