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My "menu" and "i" button are not doing anything. I had a service due soon warning and now a service due om the screen as well as a low tire alarm. Nothing will reset now. My cruise, and radio controls all work fine. Called dealer and they said they've never heard of it.. it's driving me nuts. Can't see fiel economy or anything now. It's like those 2 buttons quit functioning. Any help is greatly appreciated
We are cautious drivers, almost never gun the engine. We drive a lot in suburban areas. The trunk is empty, there are usually one or two people in the car. The mileage varies from around 35 mpg over a few hundred miles to about 40. But mostly it's 36 or 37. EPA sticker said 47, which we never really expected, but 37 seems pretty shabby. Sometimes the engine races at stoplights, when I would think it would be just running on the battery. Our local Honda mechanics seem clueless about hybrids, they just haven't seen enough of them. Any ideas?
I have 2010 Honda CRV with brand New Battery but every once in a while battery goes dead Took a car to dealer but no help from them It has 70000miles on it and they cannot find anything wrong
I have 2010 Honda CRV with 70000 miles and brand new battery Every once in a while battery does goes dead and car won't start Any Idea why? Dealer is not helping any?
When starting car on it hesitate to start but it does start and when driving it feels like it has a stutter like a jerking while I have my foot on the gas peddle
when i lock my truck it doesn't lock the trunk
Honda Pilot 2017, 1,400 miles on it.
Tonight the gas pump would not go in all the way. Stuck out of the tank 2". Therefore, pump shut off before filling tank.
I have a 2013 honda odyssey the check battery sensor is on how do i get it off
95 Honda Civic I was goin to purge radiator and when I start it up first water is clear but after a few minutes radiator water turns foamy and brown like oil
the car is fine overall but after 3 inspections the car failed reasons : Oxygen sensor not ready"
Failed inspection because of "oxygen sensor not ready"
shows on the dash
I drove too long with the intake air box cracked but also there's oil by components from someone not putting stick all the way in
My car,a 1st generation Honda CRV overheated and was brought in one of the branches of Honda in Metro Manila. They advisor told me the cooling systems are affected so the radiator and other connecting parts have to be replaced. I was just sort of shocked that the radiator alone could cost 46,000php ! I read in your estimates that a radiator could cost $500plus and that's about 25,000php plus in peso. I was given a quotation of 65,000php plus for the radiator and labor replacement . Isn't that too much?
The car was rolling forward and was put into reverse instead neutral. Now all gears work except reverse. When you put it in reverse it sounds like gears are touch but not going in gear. How much trouble is that to repair?
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