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My car doesnt want to accelerate above 6 mph. And is idiling low. It just started doing it today on my lunch break. First it was idoling low and puttering did not want to accelerate. Then when I tried to drive it again it would not accelerate above 6 mph. And the check engine light came on.
I change the battery fuse in the fuse box but it only gave me two lights and horn
Got the oil changed they forgot to reset for oil change. On the way home engine light came on and drive light flashing. Drive light went out but engine light has stayed on for three days now.
i switch radio and control panel to duel temperature control panel 6 cd changer. have power to radio , no power to climate control panel, no back lights, a/c button and others have no power. can someone tell me what the problem could be?
P0326 error code.replacing the knocksensor.but check light don't go.
Car is OFF
Relays are clicking console lights flashing doors can be open or closed
Hi, I have a 2008 honda civic. My power steering pump has a leak and was low on fluid so my dad put fluid in it. I just realized that the fluid he put in states "not for use in hondas" written on the back. I will be replacing the pump in about two weeks but I was wondering if I should go flush out the fluid and put the honda one in it or if I can wait for the two weeks? Will waiting cause anymore damage? Thank you. w
Hey so I was driving to work in a snow storm and my vsa, abs and power system Light came on any idea what it could be
It stalls intermittently
I have a 2004 Honda Accord 2.4 L someone hooked up a battery backwards now the battery fuse keeps blowing. Can’t find the short. Should there be continuity between the two terminals for the fuse
How do I correct this code?
This happens especially when giving hard acceleration over 45 mph. It’s usually worse uphill too
After replacing cleaned ejectors, test driving for about 2miles and the car starts pulling slowly and stops. I fear that more current is sent to the ejectors that subsequently destroys them? Ejectors have been cleaned two times and the same problem comes up.
I try to give gas when it starts but it bogs badly then dies
Since then I was going down the highway around 55mph and it shifts into a gear so hard I almost hit the steering wheel cover pulled over shut it off and manually shifted the gears fine a mile later the car just sorta stopped moving but still crunk and wouldn't really move into reverse it made a slight whining noise also would the solenoid cause it to do this or has my transmission just completely gave out I just purchased the car not even a month ago from a car dealership what should I do or am I just screwed

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