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My car does not want to turn on the first one, it turns on after 3 or 4 tries

Trying to figure out why I have ah airleak by the engine does the car need valve cover gaskets or manifold gaskets

So the knocking begins when I turn the car on or I give it gas but when I put it in r, D4,D3,D2, or ,D1 it stops doing it I've checked the lifters in the Pistons I don't want to have to replace the whole engine

how is my oil ck light is on my oil levels are ok ??

Driver side airbag light indicator is on... was told cable at the airbag needs replaced.

the fuel filter didn't change anything where to look next and what to look for?

I have a 2011 catalytic converter and my 2006 Honda civic hybrid needs one I was wondering if I can replace it with it?

My car for the past year has had an issue turning on . i replaced a computer at the mechanice for over a thousand dollars and it wouldnt start for him for a month her tried to fix it. Finally he got it running and that lasted about a whole month before it started with its old ways and won't start again. Key turns dash usually lights up and no crank . sometimes there is an old buzzing noise that it will do. It takes anywhere from 5 to 20 times to turnover? Any suggestions?

Replaced switch and flasher still doesn't work. Also replaced wiper switch with module

Starts up and when shut off it won't start again so far it happen twice.. key turns but engine won't come on.. the Honda dealership check the battery, starter and alternator.. a intermittently short some where. The dash lights also flicker at night while traveling.. this was noticed after the car was purchased and yet the dealership claims there's no problem..

I did not add water while engine was still hot but when I put a new head gasket on and timing belt it started and ran good for a few hours the oil is clean the water stays full it does not run hot or anything but it all of a sudden started sputtering and got worse and worse the more I drove it and it dies out if I don't hold my foot on the gas pedal

I noticed oil shortage during a normal routine check,poured oil and drove out just for the car stop on motion.
I had serviced this car some weeks earlier,please what can be done,mechanic wants to buy a new engine and am not ready for that expense.

My car all of a sudden start jerking when I was driving it and it wouldn't pull that good check engine light on and I got a code p3400

Car stopped on motion and refuse to start and service was done 4weeks earlier,battery is OK and all lights come on when key is turned.also realized oil level is very low with no visible signs of leakin.

I recently replaced the starter on my 2013 Honda Accord Sport and now I have no power unless the key is turned on.
The key fob doesn't work power locks don't work no interior lights come on when the door is opened and door doesn't ding, no electrical power at all.
Is it a fuse or relay

My back brake plates rusted out,I was told Honda does not make parts anymore for that year so my car has to be junked.This car runs great and I don't want to junk it,I need help the car only has 81000 miles

Should I change the coils as well,or is it something to do with front end? What could that be?

My car has had all scheduled maintenance

Other then that trans works normally

where is the fuse for the navigation system located? My screen is blank and not turning on

Key will not turn

I LOVE MY VAN !!! My back up sensor has stopped working. What can I do to fix without taking to shop. Is it a blown fuse and where is the fuse located?

I have even compression in all cylinders (156 lbs),no water in oil and no sign of going out exhaust? But losing coolant. Fuel filter looks good,what to check now.?

3rd clutch transmission fluid pressure

Can someone tell me what it can be?

This is a rare problem

I have a 2014 Honda Accord EX-L. Last week I noticed that my vents are not blowing COLD air. To be sure, I turned the AC ON, brought the temp down to 65, increased the fan speed to full and it was clear that while the car is blowing air, it's not cold air. Considering my three year warranty is over, I decided to open up the hood and noticed that my AC fan (aka condenser fan?) is not running at all. Both the fans in front are not running, but I understand that the cooling fan only runs when the engine gets hot. The AC fan, however, should run any time the AC is turned on. Now, since I am not very good at automobiles, I am hoping that the experts here could help me with how to perform the diagnosis and point me to a solution.

Sometimes it reeve's up when take off and hesitates​ then you let off the accelerator and it will pick up and go. It shifts fine with no jerking. It just takes a few seconds to kick into gear when coming to a stop

Its new to me and it will not go into fourth gear