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Went to Advance Auto, their diagnostic tool says cat converter or O2 sensor. which one is it? how do you find out which one needs to be replaced?

everything is working fine just the maintence minder went out and have to get cluster replaced, I cant affort alternator to, it starts fine

Both cars are manual 5 speed ! An my son has a 2000 honda civic an I have bad safety switch on the clutch an was wondering if I can put the switch from his civic

After running a few minutes, the engine cuts off but it will restart almost immediately. The longer it runs, the longer it takes to restart.

my dashboard reads B2 and also -13 and -89

My nav system disc is missing, so the nav system doesn't work either. Does this have anything to do with the CD player not working?

all the bolts are off, i removed the bolts off the shroud, pulled, tugged twisted and can not get to un hook from that cover or move around the cover, how is the world does this thing come off???

When I'm driving my car it just shuts off sometimes for no reason and it's not the battery it's not the starter I have a Honda civic ex v-texh motor couple 1.6L engine I just wanna know why it keeps doing that and when I start my car the RPM's Rev over the one and jumps up and down until it heats up why is that

Recharged 12 volt battery. Got it running again. After about 6 miles did it again. Any ideas

Part no 72961-T2A-A01

Power control circuit
Ecm/pcm power control circuit
Internal malfunction

What does that mean

Just recently started having these problems. No code lights are on

I recently purchased a Used Honda Civic 2006 I noticed there was some anti freezer leaking and took the car with mechanic. He said there is a crack on engine that I will need to replace new engine I cant belive this is happening I always thought Hondas were great cars. I think Honda should take care of this matter I shouldn't be paying for something I did not cause I am disappointed there should be a recall on this I see to many complains.

My srs keeps the seat belt lite on I want to get an estimat on the cost to repair the srs problem

Green wire that supplies power window has power per the technican

This problem just started yesterday.

I accidentally started my car with one spark plug out and now it just turns over but wont start.

My car power steering leak too bad at elbow pipe under car, return pipe

I removed the captive screws behind the right side of the steering wheel when I replaced the cruise control switch assembly last month. I backed one of them out too far and it fell into the steering wheel. I can sometimes hear it rattling when I turn the wheel, but other times it gets stuck somewhere and the rattling goes away no matter how hard I try to turn the wheel to dislodge it. One time the wheel actually locked up and wouldn't turn to the left because the screw got lodged in there. I had to pull over to the right to rattle it free before I had full steering again. What's the best way to get to this screw out?

new fuel pump 30 days ago. Went to the store came out and the engine will turn over but will not start. The battery is fully charged.

My 2005 Honda Odyssey battery keep draining and I don't know why but I noticed that the heat is on even I don't have it on ..I have replaced the battery and alternator and it works for 3 days and drain I was wondering if the heater being on can drain my battery...Help me please

The car just stopped running. Can't get it started. Plenty of crank and strong battery. It turns over well starts and maybe runs for three seconds the stops. So far I have replaced the fuel pump, and the camshaft sensor. Still won't start. Any ideas/

Need harmonic balancer replaced

My check engine light is on. I have replaced the spark plugs, ignition coils and EGR. What is the next thing to do to solve the engine light problem?

at this mileage does timing belt and water pump need to be replaced

always rises with or without AC on and does not cool down ... have to pull over or sometimes turning off AC helps temporarily.

vtm-4 and engine lights are on.

Same if right side control is set colder.

Sounds like a lifter or valve tap. No check engine light. Runs fine except for noise.

I just installed an OEM cd player, and now it won't start. Everything else works. I've waited overnight, and it still won't start. Please don't tell me I have to take it to the dealer here in Daytona Beach FL, because they are the WORST! Thanks, Tom