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I just have a short in the wiring system in there and I need to know where they go and just in case I get something mixed up or confused? Thank you
engine runs hot
after turn car off there is no fan on in engine compartment
I have no power to the glove box light.
When i turn the key i hear a click but thats it no crank and doesnt start. Dashlights dont come on but radio does
I have a 99' civic Si w/ a b16a motor problem is it dies when I'm at a stop and struggles to turn back on,
Things I've replaced are the ECU, battery, battery terminals, starter, and distributor , and to start it back up I have to wait a while also it start back up fine in the morning, cold starts ,not sure what the problem can be
Recently my battery needed to be replaced. I went to the auto store and got a new battery. Connected it to my car and realized that the pole were switched and I connected the wrong poles. Now that I replaced that battery with the correct one no lights come on in my car.
I followed directions and held the knob down until the oil life was blinking , then released the knob and nothing, it's still at 10%. Just had my oil changed.
My 2004 Honda Pilot does the "woosh" in 4th. gear at low rpm around 40 MPH. I know it's not something loose underneath because the RPM goes up as the engine revs up. Just had the tran fluid changed at 99,000 and now I have 117,000. Never noticed it before the change, maybe I should of left well enough alone. Going to get the fluid changed to see if it makes a difference. Hoping there is a recall.
I hear noise that sounds like "chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck....." the noise does not die out when the gas paddle is depressed.Also it does not pick up speed when negotiating a mountain or hill.

This problem developed after a mechanic changed the piston rings and replaced the head gasket. The engine head was also refaced at the same time.

I experienced no problems during the first two months but this problem slowly crept in after that. Now the car is grounded and I need to get it fixed.
most of the time this is the condition. seldom the right front one will light up
No noise
I fill up this 13 gallon tank when I am down to 1/4 tank. This should result in my adding roughly 7-8 gallons of gas, however, the pump always reads just a little over 5 gallons! So I've got more gas in my tank than the gauge represents??
does nothing have changed starter and charged battery. the battery will be at full charge and when try to start battery dies.
We have changed the clutch as it started causing problem and after that battery won’t charge so car won’t start once started with jump lead can drive . Red light for battery is on. iMA orange light is on as well. It’s a after changing the clutch Where could be the fault?
Should I buy a used 2012 Honda CRV with around 90,000 to 140,000? What are large cost potential repairs with this kind of mileafe?
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