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-flushed heater core and changed water pump, no change
They cut the air cooling and now theelectrical light is on so they say the it needs to be rewiring the entire car
High pitch scream comes on intermittently while driving. Gauges are normal, I can be driving 5-70 mph and it comes on for 10-30 seconds. How do I turn it off?
Wcm module fails regularly. Taking out the fuse and replacing after 30 seconds fixes it temporarily. Can the module be taken out and cleaned
fuel filter (external) was changed at the same time by a repair shop
2.4, 5 speed standard trans and about 139,000 miles. When first starting it on a chilly morning it fires right up and runs great. The issue is if I try to give it any throttle at all it wants to die until it warms up just a little. After it's warmed up it runs great. Only thing I have noticed is the temp gauge hardly ever gets to the middle point so likely needs both thermostats replaced and coolant flush. This jeep is a recent purchase and in the pile of paperwork from the original owner I don't recall a fuel filter replacement. Any ideas?
recently battery went dead,when I put on the heater the dashboard don't dim ,only when iput on car headlights,
The battery is good, the alternator is new, but the car dies while running. When I jump start it, it dies. The gauges bounce when the key is out. The battery gauge moves up and down while running.
I need a new transfer case for my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and am looking at buying a second-hand one online but don't know what type I need?
Auto shop diagnosed my noisy transmission and said they need to replace my dual mass flywheel. I cannot find online whether the stock flywheel is actually DM or solid.
In the morning when I first start it it will die and act like it doesn't want to start.
Engine light came on a week ago. Steady not blinking. Auto Zone says cylinder #3 misfiring. Took it into Jeep dealership, and was told not coils, plugs, or compression.
The warranty ran out last month Oct. 4 ( 5 years or 100,000 miles).Miles at 86,000. Thought the warranty was for 7 years not 5 years or 100,000 mikes. Expires right before the problem occurs ( go figure).
This only happens on rare occasions, but enough to make the vehicle unuseable at night. It has been to two Jeep dealers, spent hundreds of dollars, and still no answers. This happens on "ON", as well as "auto". Nothing seems to bring them on during that episode. On another day, they might work fine.
1991 jeep wrangler yj 6 cyl. 5 spd. Check engine light comes on/off with key turned to acc. Cannot use OBD1 scan tool because CE light does not stay on when engine is off and not running. CE light Only comes on while driving. Also, their is a stumble/hesitation in throttle response, from MID-WOT, from 2nd - 5th gear.
Replaced gaskets, cleaned throttle body, replaced fuel filter & fuel pressure regulator. Fixed exhaust leak, fixed vacuum leak. Any and all ideas would be greagly appreciated as i am stuck at the moment on what is causing this issue!
No issues with driving it.
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