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Just replaced catalytic converter and still have check engine light on as well as four wheel drive that keeps coming on why would the four wheel drive light keep coming on
my 2013 jeep compass sport(60000 mi.) had a one year old battery in it, then a few weeks ago while not running and only playing the radio for a short time, i had to get it jumped(2-3 different occasions) because the battery was dead. i took to a alternator guy and he said to replace the battery(which i did) and now after one week it is showing some same signs of starting hard-like a near dead or drained battery- dashboard "battery" light occasionally comes on and today it sounds like when i start the car -its like a scratching sound. but after it sits for a hour or so it will start right up??
When I'm driving the car will turn off after a few minutes I have to turn it back on and will drive like normal it's a Jeep Patriot 2011
Replaced transmission, new clutch kit w/ release bearing. Was was working fine then noticed it get not as smooth to change gears parked then later went to shift into reverse to back out of parking spot and it dropped into 4th gear and won't shift out. Clutch working fine and will stall if released. Shifter will wiggle up & down slightly but will not move side to side. Any ideas? I was trying to find info on symptoms of possible broken shifter cables?
Engine light went on is it time to change my transmission fluidCar cuts out occasionally when it is shifting
I changed the radiator, upper and lower hose, thermostat, radiator cap and water pump. Still running hot???
Jeep overheated t months ago to the point it shut off. Replaced water pump and thermostat, it ran enough to test to make sure I bleed it out correctly. When I went to take it for a test drive, THE GAS PEDAL WOULD NOT DEPRESS AT ALL. Please help

I have an 07 Jeep Wrangler and my electronic Throttle control light came on a month ago when i was at a stop light, it shut my car off. I turned it back on and it was fine after that. My car drives ok but i noticed that this only happens when I am at a stop waiting for the light to change, why would this happen
bought the jeep ,one day later lost the only key i had for money to buy replacement keys or can i bypass or disable the alarm system???? getting 10 different answers from you tube and google. i dent pulled the ignition,,,so it turns over with screwdriver.the one only key entry lock on drivers door is messed up,so that prevents me from being able to disarm the alarm that way.i know its stupid but i have $0 money period.ive been told ground it out to disable it but i would prefer to just remove or bypass the alarm it possible to start this jeep with no ignition or key for the jeep if i can ground out or actually remove the alarm system? thank you
comes on when stop and approach stop(2) has p0300,(3) p0308 with wet spark plug (4)sound in engine left, lack of power, stumble on acceleration
Let it sit for a few hours and it will crank back up.
Added freon now my air is not cool
The problem occur when I turn air condition on only....its like a foil paper noise...
The Am/FM stations all have static. Then every now and then it will tune in to the station for about 2/3 hours. I can listen to my cd's fine and the satellite works fine too.
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