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My 2011 Dodge Charger R/T AWD with the HEMI 5.7 92,000 miles on, while driving or at the time I start the vehicle from time to time the Service Power Steering Light will illuminate and have loss of power steering. The vehicle was in a crash on the driver's side front end which most everything on that side was replaced including the computer module, this could give you some insight on the problem. No noise but I can be driving at a normal speed and suddenly I have a loss of the electro-hydraulic power steering and the "Service Power Steering" light comes on. This is happening intermittently and I don't know if being low on fluid could cause this or not. Could this be the result of the NHTSA campaign number: 14V634000? Thank you.
I have a 2008 dodge 1500 6 cyc. where is the circuits for the fog lights my truck is not a turbo
6 month s
changed sensors, changed transmission, has the correct oil, car will no to over 5mph
Sometimes I have tapped on the battery terminals and that seemed to help it start --- but I do not really think it made a difference. Sometimes I jiggle the key --- hold the key down for longer than normal. Sometimes I just wait a day and then it will start. ??????????
this is for a 2012 ram 1500, when heater is on the air blowing out of the driver side vents is cold and the air on the passenger side vents are blowing hot air
Not sure where my traction control switch is on 2017 Dodge Journey crossroads
Truck all the sudden would not start, making funny noise. Can get it to start for short period of time but obviously not right. Gas station mechanic thinks timing chain, after research I think broken valve spring. NO WARNING signs what so ever. Drove to job came out an hour later and boom.
No heat passenger side, replaced blend door actuator. Still no heat. Any suggestions? Think of flushing heater core
Truck sat for 2 years and ran fine. Trued to start it. No power to fuel pump. Changed all relays and fuses still no power to fuel pump.
I replaced the blower motor in my ac about 6 months ago. It was working fine and now it stop working it wont come on. What is the problem?

I own a 2008 Dodge Caliber SXT
It is located at the bottom of the timing chain cover and the top of the oil pan!
Same problem here..
Need help!
boster cause my brake not to work
dodge durango 2007
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