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whenever we put the car in park to turn off the care, we get the message "car not in park", and the car engine will not turn off. We have to keep pushing the button until it finally turns off.
When you start the truck what is the idle RPM supposed to be at
My 2010 dodge avenger rt will randomly die as I'm driving it then struggle to start back up. It looses power and will not gain speed even with the bad pedal to the floor. It will kinda surge and lunge and the rpm will bounce up and down. What could be causing this
Motor slows down to a real slow speed if it even comes on. Air conditioner compressor is running ok
Runs good everything has been rebuilt but when I put the throttle to the floor only when going up hill it doesn't gain anymore power
Tranny shifts fine from 1st to 2nd gear but when it tries to go to third it just slips then returns back to second. When speed is reduced down. Once it gets back in 2nd gear it’s fine until you go fast enough to shift to third then it slips and won’t go into third and as you slow down goes back in to second.
I have to replace my door on my 95 dodge ram 3500 van and wonted to know what was the color code for me each wires that runs through driver door.Also to replace headlight switch on this 95 dodge ram van what would I have to take off
Head light just quit working. The fuse it shows in the book, has no fuse? And they work before?
Does it need two or four wheel alingment
Had the lightning bolt indicator come on my dashboard 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 change the electronic throttle control and truck will not idle or stay running what could it be???? Stuck .... Help please
Happened twice , hit bump came on, hit another bump went off, next day, hit bump came on, but even though I've hit humps this time it has not gone off.
Po84b code says low fluid is one problem and shift module is another
This code calls my check engine light to stay on when I reset the code the light stays off as long as I stay off the highway and do city driving. But as soon as I get onto the expressway the light comes on. Don’t have the money to get it fixed about 800 bucks they say so my question to you is it really necessary to get it fixed. No noises.
Dual controlled air and heat .When you have air or heat on, the left vents have warm to hot air blowing while the right vents has cold air coming out.
I put a brand new battery in it so I'm trying to see if maybe it's a fuse or the crankshaft sensor
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