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Coil won't fire
It started making noise like something was loose rattiling inside my overdrive started going out but If I shut off engine and restarted it would come back on.Now it will barely move at all.
How many miles on the van?
Pictures where located
Running hot if at stop for a short period of time
I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 and my serpentine belt keeps shredding. I have replace the tensioner pulley assembly, but when I did so I noticed that the belt seems to be slipping on the crankshaft/harmonic balancer pulley. The belt slips slightly over the lip of the pulley which Is probably why it keeps shredding my belt. Any suggestions?
feels like transmision is sliping in and out of gear oils fine replaced throtle position sencer already what could it be?
I bought this car used at 115k miles and within three months I've added 15k with NO PROBLEMS ! Recently, driving up a slight grade at 80mph, the temp gauge abruptly went to 3/4 hot. I stopped and put in more antifreeze, but could not find any leaking. Continued driving up slight grade at 70mph, started overheating again. I stopped and waited just a bit and then continued another 30 miles into town at 60mph with no problems.
AND now the heater doesn't work. Except when I really stress the engine, the temp gauge starts to rise and THEN I turn on the heater, to check...and it's hot ! ? ! ?
I just bought a 93 Dodge Dakota Le it has a 3.9l v6 Magnum and it will turn over and it has great compression but it won't​ get power to the coil I just replaced the distributor cap and pickup coil and checked to see if it has any bare of broken wires anywear and there ain't any and it's still doing the same thing
my headlight won't come on and the high beams don't work either. I have 2008 Dodge Caravan
I live in 11706 area code. I have a 2013 Flex-Fuel Dodge Grand Caravan. All the gas stations that sold E-85 gas don't sell it anymore, why? And I've been using reg gas since, will it harm my system, it's been over a year now. Should I start using Super or Premium gas?
Just bought this damn thing less tgan 2 wks ago! FOB style key. Turn key to crank, key stays in crank position by itself, cranks and cranks but wont start, red security system light remains glowing while cranking, most recently didnt start Wed, towed to dlrshp. Said it was oil pressure sensor and replaced. 2 days later on Fri same thing. Tried 3 or 4 times cranking a couple different times and finally started. Dealer kept it over wknd and as of now still has no clue what issue is. Just ready to be done with it and find something else after reading all of the negative reviews. Guess I shoulda done my homework first
I have a 2009 dodge avenger and recently the battery went dead, so I got a new battery and didn`t use the car two days, and next day the battery was dead. I found in the forums it was a problem with a high battery drain when the car was parked, so I disconnected the negative cable of the battery and measured 1.5 amps to the ground with everything turned off in the car, so I proceed to pull out one fuse at a time, and one the fuses (7) of the unit labeled "IOD sense 1" stopped the drain. So I put back the fuse and used a lamp instead the meter and it turned on mid bright with a small variation; then I proceed again to take one fuse at a time and when I pulled the radio fuse (20) the lamp started to blink slowly with no variation in brightness and continued for over 20 minutes without change. So I pull out the radio (which is working fine) without any change.
I have no idea what to do next, I checked lights, mirrors, AC and everything works fine.
I certainly would appreciate any ideas, I refuse to take it to the agency because the cost and the time they will hold it.
All the lights and stuff works just don’t have any motor piwer
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