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heastation happends when driving every once in while -and starting cranks and cranks then starts
Transmission gets hot and slips or will not go in gear atall
What do i do now
You never know it may do it for a week off and on and not do it again for a month there is no constitute its all random
Just added 2qts this week after recent oil change. Low oil has been a constant problem. But not having any visible oil leaks and no smoke from engine. Also no loss of power
Not shifting
Can you change the filter in a transmission on a 2008 Dodge Nitro
I just
Replaced my battery and now my check engine light is on
The exhaust sound is similar to that when there is water in the fuel. Codes logged are P0340 and P0740. The stall starts gradually with no power, then power resumes and increases in frequency until it is just no power and shut down. As soon as it cools, it starts and runs normally.
driving along and my car shuts off, wouldnt start , then the light comes on my dash to check Electronic throttle system. Finally started after a few minutes , run it 5 miles home and let it idle ,running fine now but light came back on again after i let it run? What does this mean, is there any recalls on this?
Can an auto zone, etc diagnosis this? Dodge Avenger 2014.
They are original parts, shop wants to charge alot to fix
Light came on while driving home, also the oil temp never reached above the cold line on the gauge. And i had barely luke warm air coming out of my heater. I did not have my code reader with me so I did the "key dance" to see what code would come up. No code was given and then read DONE. Any ideas where to start trobleshooting?
neither side sliding doors will open or close using key, pillar or overhead control. They will lock fine using the key or overhead control. First the passenger side quit working, then the drivers side. About 3 years apart. Also, I also have to use the key to manually open the liftgate.
thank you
Hi my boyfriend has this issue that recently started approximately 3-4 days ago, from what he says the only way he’d be able to take off is with the babiest taps on the gas and even after take off he’ll have the pedal to the floor and still be going only 30 mph. We’re not sure if there’s a ground problem or the engine harness or what. Anyone may have a clue to what’s going on?
Remote key won't open trunk, release button in car won't open it either. Key works fine on door locks.
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