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alternator pully slinging grease. do i have to replace the pulley thats on the alternator or the alternator itself?
How often does the water pump have to be replaced in a 2012 Q5?
Audi checked the compressor and replaced the gas in the ac system. All seems to be ok but no cool air is flowing from vents
My AC button won’t switch on. Usually The ligth turns on (green color) when I press the button. No warning light on the dashboard.
The car has always had a bit of a "hiccup". Recall on fuel cap flange performed as well as software update. The hiccup (hesitation) did improve, however, lately it is happening more frequently. Usually happens when accelerating and going up incline. Also, a quart of oil has to be added about once a month. Car has 80,000 miles.
HAve replace both fuel pumps, both engine speed sensors, and the throttle body. runs fine for week or so and then stops. Hot or cold.
I just bought a 2017 Audi Q3 PremiumPlus 2.0T quattro, the camshaft failed at around 500 miles and I have to replace it. Could anyone please help me understand why a new car have this kind of mechanic problem? Did I buy a lemon car?
Upon further inspection, engine oil was noticed to look milky in color, indication that coolant have been leaking into the engine. Now my mechanic recommended head gasket to be replaced. Please will this solve the problem?
They said the front rotar has a "lip" and can't be resurfaced. Reputable dealer or not??? 30K
The headlight lamp is not working all the time. I want to remove - dry out - use silicone to seal the seams - replace the bulb and go from there.....or do I need to replace whole thing
I have a audi q5 and i purchased new tires, they have been speed balanced. should i need an alignment if i don't notice any symptoms of pulling, crooked steering wheel or wobbly on the highway
When replacing the battery of an Audi q5, should anything be reprgrammed and if so how?
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