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2001 Lexus GS 430 107,000 Miles

My car shakes when idle and when I start it, while it’s warming up. Check engine light is on and blinks from time to time. I read a few things online. To check and change the spark plugs and the coils and check the motor mounts. So I did all that. I’ve changes the plugs and coils, I also had someone check the motor mounts they say it’s good. So the question is where do I go from here? What else could it be? Or do I just give up on the car?
I just changed the compressor and it cools for about 5 minuets then the ac light blinks on the navigation and says check air conditioner and when I press the blinking ac light again it starts cooling again for a while does the same thing again
need tools for complete monitors ,I KNOW there is one but don't know how and where to buy it any help would be great.

How long have you had this problem? After battery replacement
I bought my car it needed a battery and a starter so that was put in. Now my mechanic say it will start but I need to have it reprogrammed. How much will that cost. And where can I get it done
My gear shifter got damaged and now it will only allow me to drive the car in D4 instead of (D)drive
we check already the wiring and the sensor and all is are good, but when we check on the computer its always appeared P0500 and C1201. what is the possible problem?
I noticed that when I drive the car it doesn't runs the same it force it self and stared smelling like burn oil what can it be
Currently driving on Potenzas with 75lbs sand bag in trunk during winters. Getting stuck in 4" snow once every winter. I love the car and do not wish to tinker with extra winter tires. Can someone recommend better all season tires based on experience?
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