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I have a 2011 Ram 2500 Power Wagon (5.7 Hemi). The truck shifts into all gears fine except reverse. Completely came out of nowhere. To get into revers, I must hit the gas a little and it will grind into the reverse gear and stay there until I shift into another gear. Also I have noticed that when shifting into drive, there is a very slight grinding sound (not loud at all) before it pops into gear. I've heard a lot about linkage (best case scenario). Any ideas of what to look for?
What could it be when it says that Exhaust maintenance required what kind of maintenance doing do
2017 Ram 2500 Cummins. Had to relocate the IAT sensor about 5 inches due to a modification I made. Can I lengthen the two sensor wires about 5" without affecting the sensor readings? I'm worried about resistance. Thank you in advance. ~Mike
Driving heard a ding an envelope showed up that said performance system. Wondering how serious of a problem this is
Air that is blowing is warm aud
How do you clear the code that says "engine will go to 5 mph max in 150 miles"? I can clear "service DEF" code, but not the other one. paid to have truck towed to dealer , they could not find anything wrong, said they just cleared the code.
I have a 2013 RAM 2500 and the drivers door and tail gate lock but none of the others will. This is an off and on problem, works sometimes and sometimes it does not. Any Ideas?
Totally Integrated Power Module, controls the a/c windows, air bags...
was driving down the highway with cruise on 115km engine started reving up now I can go more then 40k/hr temp good/oil good...did my own oil change couple months ago couldn't get rid of oil change due now it has oil change
feels like its just blowing outside air
I have changed the fuel rail sensor. The dealer checked the electrical plug. The code still comes up after I have reset the code within about 50 miles. I just can't keep throwing money it trouble shooting. Any further suggestions? Where is the best place to take it to try and solve the problem? Ram dealer or others?
The plastic housing of the drivers side rear view mirror is cracked. The mirror itself and all the interior guts are fine. What sort of time and cost would this be and is it something someone with minimal experience could fix with the correct parts?
2013 cummins only 10 thousand miles,it has had 3 oil changes in that time,oil turns black as coal very quickly
2011 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesal MegaCab. My son inserted a device/program into truck to "calibrate" new tire mpg. when inserted , screen displayed to turn truck off, when did so, everything gone, truck wont even go into neutral, lock! Had to have it towed to dealership who wants to charge $4500 for new pcm? Please Help?
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