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Ok I’ll try to keep this short. I got my C230 K a little while back and the computer had to be replaced so that’s done. It ran rough up and down from about 1000 rpms to 400? Checked codes, running rich, changed MAF meter it was covered in oil. Checked codes, misfiring all 4 cylinders, mechanic said throttle body, that’s done (it was also covered in oil). Still has the same rough idol. Checked codes, cylinder 2 misfire, and is now starting to randomly stall while driving, specifically in hot weather or going up hill at all. What the heck? The way I see it I don’t know what else to do but maybe the coil packs?
Can’t find brake light switch on 2002 mb c230 kompressor coupe. Does it have one? Do I have to take the dash off to find it? Took bottom panel off but can’t locate it. I ordered a new one and looked at YouTube videos for other mb models but no luck. Don’t want to remove dash if it doesn’t even have one.
My windows don't roll down and I have no access and it's summer. I bought a recharge kit but when I tried to use it it imedietly went into the red.
i have replaced spark plugs, fuel filter,maf, upstream oxygen sensor. still the light comes on 171, 172, 175. i put over 1600.00 in and no change any ideas
it doesnt seem like it has the power it used to
The car is not making any noises or anything. The pulley just popped off. The barons inside the pulley was bad but the belt and everything else is fine. The car cranks up and runs fine. No check engine light on or messages on the message board inside the car. No leaks either. Ordered whole ac compressor cause you cant buy pulley separately.
When the steering gets heavy what could be the problem?
Thanks for your input / help.
What are the causes of oil getting into the coolant reservoir. Short of replacing the engine what should I have checked first. My mechanic doesn't think it's a head gasket, and has recommended a engine replacement.
The car does not do anything, it does not turn on, nothing. After fill gasoline at the garage, it did not want to turn on, I had to looking a crane to take it to my home. It does not make any noise, nothing, everything turns on, lights, horn etc., but it does not turn on, the battery is fine.

The tester says it is the camshaft sensor.

he said that it could be my sensors but shouldn't that have been checked after he put the starter on?
(1) My mercedes benz c230, 1999 model consumes much fuel as much as half tank and more on a journey of three hours at speed range of 140-150. what could be the cause?(2). What does the lever just on top of the trafficator lever work for? (3). What does the botton written w&s on, close to the gear lever or gear shift work for?
open doors and lights do not go on. press the overhead light switch but does not work.
I replaced the low beam bulb after system message that it was out.

How long have you had this problem? 1 week
I have had this issue for 3 months , I have read every question , on every forum about this , and I have replaced a lot of parts in agreement that it would work .
New alternator
Fuel pump
Fuel filter
Map sensor
Crank sensor
Cam sensor
Spark plugs
Ignition coils
Changed vacuum lines
New key
Throttle body
Checked fuses
Got fuel going to the rail
I am extremely lost and can't seem to think of anything else to do . If there is anyone out there , anyone at all that can help , I'm begging for it . Thanks .
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No change in crank or anything when parts were replaced . It did fire once when i replaces the spark plugs and ran for about 2 minutes and died .
How long have you had this problem? 3 months
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