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open doors and lights do not go on. press the overhead light switch but does not work.
I replaced the low beam bulb after system message that it was out.

How long have you had this problem? 1 week
I have had this issue for 3 months , I have read every question , on every forum about this , and I have replaced a lot of parts in agreement that it would work .
New alternator
Fuel pump
Fuel filter
Map sensor
Crank sensor
Cam sensor
Spark plugs
Ignition coils
Changed vacuum lines
New key
Throttle body
Checked fuses
Got fuel going to the rail
I am extremely lost and can't seem to think of anything else to do . If there is anyone out there , anyone at all that can help , I'm begging for it . Thanks .
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No change in crank or anything when parts were replaced . It did fire once when i replaces the spark plugs and ran for about 2 minutes and died .
How long have you had this problem? 3 months
need to refill ac
What seems to make the problem better or worse? hot weather
How long have you had this problem? all summer
When l put key in ignition l can't get it to turn except every now and then. When key will turn you have to turn to start position, turn it back to off then back to start then it will start. What is wrong with what I'm doing or is it the ignition and what can l do?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? I just bought the car and privious owner is kind of usef to it.
How long have you had this problem? He says about 2 years
I half to wiggle the key in ignition every time im trying to start it if i take it out put it back in same thing every time please help
vehicle ran out of gas, when put more gas in would not crank and service department says could be 1 or 2 injectors or fuel pump
I took the car in to get the alternator changed out after getting a diagnostic on the battery and the alternator which stated no power from the alternator. The battery was fine after recharging. After they installed it, all of a sudden the starter is not working anymore.
I own an 06 C230, bought it used and it's been an awesome car. Door handles, who cares, great car for what I paid 2 years ago with 60k on it. I have a friend with an 07 and he's been plagued with expensive problems, mainly because he tries to work on it himself, then he's calling to get it in my shop. Let's use this common sense, it's a luxury car no matter what, you have to treat it as such, pampered at times, driven hard others. But above all else, TAKE CARE OF IT!!! Cheap begets trouble with maint and parts, if you aren't ready for the expense of a repair, maybe it's not the right car for you. Yet again, I'm not out a single repair in 2 years, I changed the brakes because I wanted to, yes I upgraded from the factory pads, and yes it gets rotors every time, a nice oil service with euro 5w40 synthetic every 4-5k.. this is what we signed up for, and if it breaks well... you have to pay to play. Besides the other German cars really like attention too often, dog your C and so will it. It's worth the investment to buy to good parts and have someone that understands the vehicle working on it. The techs here are trying to help, you're giving them nothing to go off of and some of these comments tell me that you should DEFINATELY NOT own a car like this, and most certainly not try to work on it. No picking, just saying.. you bought a Benz, suck it up, and find a shop you trust or someone you trust that won't walk you through a valley of lies because you have a hood ornament. That's what I do for my customers, and that's why I love this car, it's a love affair, it's family, and yet it's still a car. Enjoy your silver star, but treat her right, she'll return the favor.
Need to know how to open my trunk of 2007 Mercedes c230 with no keys
If car is cold you drive down the road then the transmission stops working no gear's and you hear a whistling sound
i am getting misfire codes also p0140 p0170 and p0172 i changed my DS O2 sensor about a year ago because i was getting p0172 and circuit/voltage codes for bank 1 sensor 2 after i changed the O2 sensor everything was ok but few months later p0170 p0172 and misfires showed up and the last to show up after all the other codes was p0140 so im thinking something from the other codes is making the no activity code show and ideas anyone?? car runs ok but losing little power, hesitating up hills, bad smelling exhaust, and when floored car hesitates and begins to misfire once misfiring if i turn the car off and right back on then its back to running ok with no missing only if i punch it will start it missing...thank you very much for any help!!!
Every time I start my car and drive, the warning sign "battery/alternator" pops up. What is that mean? My car looses power after it's driven for a while. Please help!!!!
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