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Hello, I have have a 2000 Ford Excursion with a V10 Triton. It is not lifted I do not go off road with it. I am looking for advice on shocks. Everyone that I have talked with has said to go with Bilstein shocks. But what I'm reading is most people that have Jeeps or go off-roading or have lifted their trucks that's what they're using mostly. I have always taken my trucks and gotten Monroe's put on them or taking them to the Ford dealership. I'm looking for some advice I'm not quite sure what to do. I do Toe with it occasionally mostly around 3500 lb to 4,000 lb never over 7. Thank you in advance for your advice
it's very cold out side and I have the day off, want to change rear brake pads. Am trying to make sure I have proper tools befpre going outside so I can complete job as quick as possible.
Horn just stop working and did find a bad fuse and still not working I find it hard that the Low and high sound horn would just stop. Thank you for your time.
wheni get out and turn radio stays on when door is opened and dome ,running lights don't come on
I have trouble with my truck when braking. It shutters badly while braking at low and high speeds. Only time it does not do it too bad is when I've had to put my foot on the brakes hard and fast.

My soon has checked the brake pads (3/8" left), rotors have been checked and fine. Tires rotated and balanced. My husband thinks it could be the steering box. I am concerned driving it now and have a 1,800 mile mountain trip coming up!

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? 7-8 weeks
my ford excursion 2003 6.0 turbo is not shifting gear when driving and the the overdrive light is flashing and wont go off .ive changed fuel filters , we need a air filter but ther're to exspensive right now.anyway there no power to the get-go to the turbo?
My excursion started overheating several months ago. The radiator needed to be replaced. This was done and a complete system flush was done along with an air lock check. Everything worked until the ac was turned on, then the gauge showed it was overheating but laser temp sensor showed it was not overheating. I had the water pump, temp sensor, thermostat and clutch fan replaced. Vehicle still shows overheating and will go into limp mode but it actually is not overheating because you can take the radiator overflow cap off and laser sensor shows normal temp. I am thinking its electrical. I have not replaced the temp sender yet. It only shows overheating when I turn the A/C on. When I shut the ac off, the gauge goes back to normal. What else can I do?
Checked fuses, replaced turn signal master switch
Having problems shifting
About 3 weeks ago, it will not turn over, took it to mechanic and said it was the fuel injection refused and for 3 weeks he couldn't find the problem to fix it
All three stopped working the same time
This is the first time this defect ever happened since the car was bought in 2000. I often tap up the engine oil while there is no sign of water mixture in the engine and transmission oil and everything else remains at normal level.
All my cd slots are stuck in unit.
bottom sensor and thermastate and radiator flush and the hot gage is still going up to hot but not running hot i don't know what else to do
Fuel leak started when pumping at the gas station from fuel tank about 3 days ago and now it seems im not getting fuel to the engine cause my truck hesitates now when accelerating on the road...Any suggestions my friends..please help a brother out
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