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I need to locate the diagnostic connector for the antilock brake system on a 1993 Cadillac Deville. Light is on after a rear brake line failed and after is has been replaced. Brake fluid level is ok now and brakes were blead. I would like to enter the diagnostic code for the system however cannot find the connector. And need to know how to access the codes. If I am able to get the codes I would like a definition of what the codes mean. There are no noises or leaks after repairing the brake line.
Jerry Thompson
Part 12233253, a radio antenna module has been discontinued. Is there another part that can replace this? My key fob is not working. I have narrowed it down to this part.
This happened only once. DO NOT want it to happen again,
When the seat heaters are turned to high they do not heat the seats at all. We took it to the dealer for service and were told that this was how they are because people complained they got too hot. We had another Cadillac and the seats would he by the time we drove one mile. This car has been driven for 30 minutes and the seats never warm. Please help.
Not here for mechanical problems, but here are some details about the car itself:
V6 3.0L Engine
4 Speed Automatic
Has Rear Spoiler and Sunroof
I got in my car this morning to go to work and my power steering stop working and car is very hard to turn the wheel ... What could be the problem
Car was running died wont start no fuel pressure I replaced the fuel pump and fuel relay switch still nothing
If i put 4 quarts in, my dash reads, 92% oil life. Within two hrs, dip stick bare. Tried stop leak, didnt work. Acts like its not getting gas. Bad battery. 28 codes. Just bought 2002 seville
I took the door panel off to try and fix the window and that is when I noticed the window wiggles forward and backward. I found 2 small brackets with nuts on them laying in the bottom of the door. I guess a past repair person forgot to re-install them or they are parts that were replaced before and left in the door instead of throwing them away. The brackets with rubber pads that hold the window in place are not loose but that entire assembly will rock back and forth on the part that lifts the window. The window and assembly will fall a little when I wiggle it back and forth. I know it should stay in place instead of rocking back and forth. Does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it? Any info is greatly appreciated.
Just need location. Thanks
lost key had new key cut reprogramed key need to reset security system
I press button and it works for 2 minutes then goes off by its self.
In my 07 escalade ext, the passenger seat will recline back. But when you try to move it forward, nothing happen. I can hear the switch being made, but still no movement. Can anyone assist me with this problem. Thanks in advance
My 1999 Cadillac elderado only blows heat on driver side and cold comes out on the passenger side. why is this?
There is a removable chip inside small cover is that all I need to put in the other PCM?
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