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If I turn on the windshield wipers say for washing the windshield , I get a pungent odor from the air conditioner vents. Is water getting into the cabin filter? No signs of mold or water damage to the filter there.

This started earlier this spring. I was standing out side my car and could hear the compressor engaging repeatedly. Got in my car and it was blowing warm air until I started driving. My wife drove it without anymore issues for a month. Then it was back to only cooling while driving. Took it to a shop and it passes a leak test but it was a little low on freon, .89lbs to be exact. Afrer charging the system to 1.4lbs the A/C worked great while setting there and on my drive home. The next day l started the car and all I got was warm air. Still only blowing cold air again while driving. I'm going to take it back to the shop and have the same test done and put the freon level put back to 1.21lbs. We over filled it. Could that be it? What do you think?

After I changed my steering column my dash says starting disabled remove key

I was driving home car just died battery. A got the battery charged still won't start and battery died in 10 min. Changed the starter and the alternator. Tried starting it with jumping cables still just get a loud clicking noise????

Already replaced the radiator

Radio screen read service radio. Then next day radio stopped working. Only back up worked

It just read service radio soon. Then after a day, it went blank and radio does not work at all. Only back up screen works.

How to remove the fuel pump,do you drop the tank or thru the back seat

thanks for this, good work
i have cadillac concerc1996 and ihave problem no power come in coil cables
should i change the coils or some thing else
but the problem is not only this .also ihave problem in the digital board that dose not shwo .rpm .battary power tempretcher i did some tryes to reset the code but the problem is still . all that happend after i had an accedient
the most diffuculte thing that iam from saudi arabia and in my city there is no workshop accepte this car becuse its not popular her
and whats make me adheres in this car its only drove 82000 distance kilometers
sorry for lengthen speech and bad
spilling now the dosenot start sinc 1year

No response on touch screen

And trun over in till I push the button to turn it off can you help me

Cadillac XTS 2013

A message on the control panel says service ride control

Replaced cd changer but it will not load cd's

I replaced sending unit . and I put a gauge in I didn't put the gauge in the switch hole I left that in and used the port in front of filter. I'm wondering if that's ok .

I think the air ride went out of it ? I need a cheep way to fix it please

the a/c quit working very suddenly.the compressor does not engage and cooling fans don't come on.we know the system is fully charged and the compressor is good. we feel it is electrical but can't find the problem.i hooked up my handheld diagnostic machine but no codes or faults

i have the garage open set in the car but i need to shut it off, dont know how

mph goes away at 80 mph ,i replaced the struts ,replaced the front tires and a alignment,please help me .thank you

I need to know to replace it or the price of the switch to be replaced

dash lights don't work

and they said it did not loose pressure and the compressor was working. They did not want to try to fix it because they were afraid they were going to have to take out the dash about 3days work

Screen is cracked.

Armrest coming out of door.

How much is a repair?

Vents blow air just warm. Turns off and on fine. What do I need to replace and how? Blows on both sides and rear.

AC unit has a noisey blower motor when it is working. If the power switch is turned on and AC doesnt start. Sometimes by tapping on the dash it starts working fine. Basically it works when it want to work.

Bought used SRX from an individual, one morning driving son to school messages came on to check engine oil level, and something about temperature then car shuts off. Took to my mechanic, had to replace battery, wasn't holding charge,
did that, now engine won't start. Turns over but won't start. He said thinks it's exhaust issue, so thinks it will be I'll pay more than it's worth to check it out. So I understand him not wanting to mess with it. Things that were told to me when night vehicle, was the shifter made a clincking sound when putting into gear that a bushing needed to be replaced. I'm assuming something with the linkage? I noticed after driving it a couple times, it would slip gears every now and again. Any ideas as to why may not be starting?

I tried to jump start my car by using the fuse box/relay area.

was driving fine cut off and won't start

Engine sensors,headlight,distritor,ect.
Fuse box under drivers dashboard