This is all I know about the vehicle. Thanks

fob functions open and lock but can only open door from inside

blower worked last fall on high. now i get nothing

All of my brake lights on my 01 catera worked yesterday and this morning my reverse light and brake light went out i baught new bulbs went to put them in, didnt work and than after that every single light in the rear went out what is going on

I bought car today and windows radio trunk and gas door stop working

My lights came on automatically when I started the car now they dont

Key stuck in ignition

i can lock and unlock but van only door from the inside

Need to know if the gauge is for my oil or engine temperture

The truck is making a hissing sound or squealing other the hood. Especially when it is cold.

Got into car to start and the message came on " Remove Key" and "starting disabled." no other messages,

Around how many miles does in need to have to start experiencing proplems. What are the major an more common things?

Can a Cadillac dealership repair?

What is an estimate of cost?

it acts like its going to die and goes down to 200rpms I checked oil and all the fluids

What can I do to unlock the car out of drive

the panel is on the passenger side of trunk slightly

Who much weight can it tow?

How many spark plugs are in a 2003 Cadillac cts


to go home put the key in the ignition to start but the car would not crank. had someone give me a jump, it did nothing, after sitting about 1 hour waiting for a tow. It crank right up and I was able to get home however once home, it did not start again and now is dead from during key resetting procedure only had the vehicle 2 months , has never happen before.

Where is the temperature coolant sensor located on a 2000 Cadillac DeVille North Star?

1st. Time this ever happend. Had truck for 2mths. Today it just happend. Im at a family funeral. What could b the problem?

the car cuts off at red lights. what should I do?

how do i turn the security light off

When I turn off my engine my car kept on beeping. It be saying that it need to shift to park and it already be in park.

First it started having trouble shifting now something is wrong with the transmission . I was wondering if a plugged filter could result in the problematic of the shifting ? Or should I just have it taken in ?

75k miles on it started to happen less than 300miles ago but upset with figuring it out but curious if anybody had come across this issue

I'm havinf a crank no start issue. Scanner read sensor a and b on bank 1 seem to be bad.

Radio swap. 2002 sls to a 2000 sts

How to remove the heater core the easiest way from a Cadillac Deville 2001