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My 05 Cadillac CTS originally had a misfire in cylinder 2. I changed the all of the spark plugs and coil packs, but still misfired. So I changed the fuel injector, still misfired. I installed a new wiring harness to all six fuel injectors. Now the misfire is gone, but the car stalls out. I’ll start it, then within about three seconds it stalls. The code said it was a bank 1 cam sensor, I changed that, and it didn’t fix the problem.

I can’t seem to pinpoint why it keeps stalling now, and won’t stay running.
Gas & exhaust fumes ignition coil not firing
my DTS is stuck in 2nd gear. Limp mode doesn't allow to shift to next gears.
Limp mode is also killing the battery when the car is not running.
What are the cost repairs. Is the cost worth it?
When exiting the vehicle and turning the ignition to the off position the car stays in accessory mode and the radio and internal lights will not turn off. The door must be opened and closed sometimes several times before everything will shut off
How many hours labor to reprogram ipc
a very light squeaking noise
Seat back dad's won't power up both sides same
New alternator new battery I can drive for a little bit and then the Battery light comes on in the car shuts off it turns back on drives just fine and just shuts off again
leaking seal
It did not do this until recently. Now I can hear the disk drive 4 separate times of about 5 seconds over a period of 30 seconds.
I can turn them off and on only if the dash switch is turned all the way to the right. Coincidentally, the ambient lighting for the dashboard is not working either. (The matching ambient lighting on the front doors is working.)
I noticed when I put my 1998 Deville 4.6L engine in reverse, it starts spitting transmission out of a hose near the trans fluid resivor. It's coming out of something that looks like a check valve pushed into a hose and sounds like an overheated radiator... What is that hose called and can it be fixed or replaced?

Thank you for your help!
My "09" has just had a new battery installed a few months ago from Cadillac parts .When I pulled in & parked all instrument panel went dark , nothing electrical worked no power to anything no remote no lights of any kind . Mt car has had all major checks & work done @ Taylor Cadillac . could only unlock door via manual key but nothing else works but was running well , no check engine lights were on .
I changed thermostat, water pump, raidiator cap,oil, oil filter, iflushed car n put new antifreeze as well with water my car still overheats
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