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Body repairs made, but light on dash came on. Mechanic shop could find he problem until later; said it was the brake control module. Is this possible? Insurance company would not pay because repair shop gave no documentation as to this being the problem.
Battery low start vehicle light is on and the car is already on in my 2015 SRX
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It just started
How long have you had this problem? Today
When I use my A/C IT Leaks very very bad on passenger side,why ? ,is my a/c drain line stopped up ? If u agree can u PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THE DRSIN PLUG IS ? & THE easiest WAY TO GET TO IT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UR TIME & EFFORT IN THIS MATTER !! :) TS
Daytime running lights do not switch over to regular headlights at night. But instrument panel light come on when car is started at night, then go off after a few it the daytime running light sensor and if so...what is the part number...
So i replaced the reservoir and the light keeps coming on antifreeze level is still full dont no what to do?
Leaking water from under the dash.
Turn signal when I turn them on sometimes they flash and sometimes the don't. I've already change the round flasher unit under the dashboard. Is there something else?
Just pulled in driveway from running errands and the brake light popped on and the light to left of it turned on and the the gas guage went from 1/4 full to empty and the DIC flickered iiiitt or something and all lights on DIC went blank and and the brake light and light next to it went blank and gas guage went back up. I shut off and turned back on and usually it pops up driver 1 etc.. and something is displayed all the time. The battery is a little under the 14. For sure a 14 or maybe a 12.5.
Can you use a Cadillac cts 18" compact spare tire for a 2014 Cadillac cts performance model with 19" run flat tires
My vehicle has this ticking sound whenever I start it, but it only lasts 30 seconds to a minute, TOPS. I have my a/c set to blow in the face and it will work at times, but most times it doesn't. It basically works only at the feet and the rear/front vents. Which the backseat face setting works EVERY TIME when it is set to do so. I am completely lost when it comes to vehicles, so any advice given would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thank You!
The engine will turn over but it won't crank up.
When driving car I come to a stop, when I proceed to move again the car will jerk fairly hard from rear of vehicle with the sensation like I had just been rear ended, what the cause of this?
Code P0440. Purge valve good, gas cap good, canister good, hoses look good as far as I can see, fuel line into tank looks good.
onstar code P 00056
car is not overheating,just no heat inside the car.
Whistling sound on acceleration
I have checked the wiring harness at the speaker, and it is fine. The problem started with the rear speakers not working in the morning, then when I left work they operated fine. Now, no sound at all.
Service airbag light came one today, i own a 1999 cadillac seville sts, anybody know whats the cause or is there anything i should worry about such as airbags deploying while driving??
Anybody know what would be causing it to go on or should i be worry about if its gonna deploy??
While driving it drives very bumpy like up and down when hitting a small rough road or small bump
Just changed both suspension few month ago, it just made some clank noise then sites low at the back..
Changed alternator 5 months and still doing the same batterie gets weak and stalls
The car drives and stops good
No power to the fuses that control windows, radio, and wipers.
I change the left hub assembly and wiring harness. when ABS light is on the traction control don't engage.
Is it under hood are inside under the dash?
a/c comp. is cycling on/off and fans are cycling on/off but blower motor isn't working?
is there a fuse for the blower motor only?
where is it located?
service engine light was on then went off and this came up on display.
Speed limited to 90
They jus stopped working a few days ago, fuses r ok
XTS platinum has rear air shocks and I have substantial side movement over bumps. Cadillac dealership perform a pressure test and says they are fine... But the fishtailing says differently. Could there be another cause?

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