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I can get it to turn over and started but if i take my foot off the pedal the RPM drops all the way down and the car stops running. If i tap the gas before the RPM drops all the way, i can tap the pedal repeatedly and get it to stay running. But as soon as i let of the pedal it will not stay running in an idle position.
Need to replace ripped off driver’s side mirror
The temp doesn't remain where it's set at it increase until I depress the panel above the
controls. This seemed to happen after I cleaned the dash with leather cleaner and I believe I believe the cleaner goton contacts and I need to remove the panel to clean.
The vehicle is a Lincoln MKS 2013
Red parking brake light connection notice. Intermittent parking brake light.
The Air Ride was letting the car lower in the Front when parked and pump up when I start the car, now it is letting the rear lower to sitting on tires when parked, then pumps up the rear when the car is running. Is it Safe to drive the car if the Air Ride pumps up the rear if the car is running. I need to drive it 30 miles to the repair shop.
I have a 2000 Lincoln Town Car, it has 160,000 miles, about 5 years ago I changed the intake manifold which is made of plastic, no I am having the same problem and I want to know if the Professional Products intake manifold 54060 which is made of aluminum, is this the best option, because the other are made of plastic. Thank you.
The third shift kind of get slip on the transmission. How much will it cost to repair the transmission?
My driver side door wont unlock with my key fob but it will unlock all 3 of the other doors. This just started to happen a few days ago. I have to go thru my back door to umlock the driver side
The gurgling sound continues after shutting engine off for about 2-3 minutes
I had a fluid leak on my 08 Lincoln MKX. That was blowing out the back an all underneath the car. Took it to the shop the mechanic said the seals were leaking. Replaced seals an checked fluid in the PTU an put 1 1/2 quarts in. Now it’s making a winding sound. An the transmission is shifting hard at times
wont go down the rest work
we have a 2006 Lincoln Zephry which we had to have a key made. Maybe these cars have chips allowing them not to run with aftermarket key ? NO FIRE...or computer problem?
Temperature control will not change from 00 when I turn climate control on. Just started today. When turned on, only cold air . Neither method will work. Not on screen or plus or minus control.
How do I change the crank sensor shaft on a 1998 Lincoln Continental and where is it located
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