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Tow truck company did not shut off suspension switch before towing and now my indicator light is on. Its also not steering the same. Helppp

When I switch on the wipers, nothing happens.

Why do i have a "no ride control" light inditicator on after my car was towed for parking in a no parking zone. The light stays on and wont allow me to select the ride control and it doesnt feel the same when driving the car, steering feels like theres so much give maybe, i dont no. Never an idsue before they towed me. What did they screw up while towing me?

My traction control,ABS.Airbags,parking brake light is showing up but truck running good. What
Do I e to do. The front air ride has beeen replaced with regular stuff

06 lincoln town car engine starts byt won't stay on. What could be the issue?

sometime works

Ok my truck won't start an make buzzing sound an I aready change the relay 3 times an they keep malting on 5 pin point of the relay .. keep making buzzing sound

wont shift out of park,only if I disconnect

I have put a new starter on the car, a new battery, ive even checked for corrosion in the cable lines. what else could it be?

makes loud clicking noise when trying to release parking brake.

Still shows 4 not ready codes: Evap,O2,heater and catalyst. Thank you in advance.

remove panel to garage door opener

the engine was replaced

Switch will not control wipers. For a couple of days they just kept going so I took the fuse out to stop them. Then when I put the fuse back in it just stop working all together.

A/C was working. Then it stopped. Opened and closed driver's side door and a/c worked. Two weeks doing this, now a/c is not working. Dash sez it's on but no air. No fan. Please advise. Thx

I lost the keys and I am looking for the best solution for the least money

Put on a new throttle body, it won't start sounds like it's out of gas no signals are getting to spark plugs, coils, and Injectors I'm not sure but the mechanic says it's not the crank angle sensor . The cost for the Pam $1100 I myself price one for half I need to know the actual price , to top it off if that's not the problem I'm stuck with a new Pcm and throttle body and no CAR Help!!

rattle in rear roof area when driving over rough surface.

But it won't switch to the last gear either and the reverse just went out

Drives fine just don't know how fast I'm going and cruise control don't work

Pumps back up when started

After changing brake fuse it works for a little while but then does it again

Drove to store. Parked and when coming my truck didn't start

How do I find the horn location on my 2014 Lincoln MKZ hybrid?

My car has new compressor and orifice tube installed. A new accumulator dryer was also installed but I left off oiling the dryer but oiled my new compressor . Anyone have a solution ?

Car suddenly went into "neutral" mode while driving up a hill and would not engage into any gear. Heard constant whining noise coming from the engine compartment when trying to put it into Park. Vehicle still rolls on its own while in any gear, including Park, like it is in neutral. Can someone please tell me what the problem may be and how to fix it?

the engine will spit and sputter at 4000 RPM the a/c just stopped working the last time it was out on a long drive it stared smoking and had the odor of electrical burning also the rad cap blew off one of the fans are not working

My headlights will not work I'm not sure where the fuse box is at to see if its the problem or what else could it be??

I am upgrading my plugs and wires and I was wondering if I should upgrade the coil packs also

The car does this slow start thing every morning and after car is considering drive the car turn it off turn it back on no issue It's very odd I can't figure it out