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Can you please explain what these codes generated by AVIS mean: PMSCR2 QUICK RO PMSCRT
I bought 1 owner 2003 Town Car Signature Premium. GREAT shape. Only 68,000 miles. The battery terminals were corroded so I cleaned them this past Friday. When I put them back on I had to jump the battery. After that, my driver seat controls stopped working, the mirror controls stopped, the air suspension light on the dash stays on and the power steering is almost like manual steering. All 4 things share the same fuses and fusible links. (a couple on one set and a couple on another). I bought $40 in fuses and fusible links Saturday at AutoZone but it never helped. New battery also (old was bad). Still no luck. I tested the fuses and links and they are showing good BUT I have no way of testing the circuits to them.
MKZ Hybrid (2014) Wont Start; Trunk Won't Open; Battery Good; Can Jump Fine

What could be going on?
2011 mkz, all looks normal except when turning car and lights on they no longer test swipe back and forth.
After getting gas the car was hesitant to start, then shortly after the check engine light came on, today the car completely stopped while I was driving.
This happens only when i turn slow when parking. 2001 Lincoln Continental.
I need an amp for my 2001 Continental but i dont think any of the junkyards around here have those cars. Will the amps from Town Cars around the same year work for my car? I think i have a better chance getting an amp from a Town Car than a Continental.
08 lincoln overheating and leaking anti freeze somewhere not sure where and check engine light is on. Heats up really fast!! With in 10mins. of driving!
the probleb occurs when the weather is to cold. the car bounce alot then the check light comes on and said check suspension. after the weather is warm the car runs good or normal,my question is its the sensor,themotor or the air bags?
First I heard a loud whirling sound. Then smoke started coming out the exhaust, got the front turbo charger replaced. The problem seemed fixed. Month later smokes are coming out the exhaust again. I get the rear turbo replaced. The problem seems fixed. I hear loud whirling sound again. The throttle control light comes on on have the throttle body cleaned. Driver half-mile from the repair shop in the car start smoking again no check engine lights nothing. I’m seen on other websites where people having the same problem with these early early model eco-boost engine‘s but there’s no recalls out for my car
RPMs go from normal to below 1 then lower and nothing. Just started happening 38 hours ago.
Passenger side headlight bulb will randomly go off when driving or when parked. Occasionally passenger side headlight bulb will not even come on when headlights are turned on parked or driving. Anytime headlights are turned on the light from the passenger side headlight bulb can be seen quivering or wavering for a short time and then burns steadily but never quite as bright as the driver side headlight. Is this a bulb, ballast, igniter, wiring, switch problem or any combination of these? Vehicle has been extremely well maintained and has 133,000 miles on it. Lincoln dealership first said it was the battery and replaced it which did not fix the problem. Then they said it was the headlight bulb itself. I have lost confidence in them. I just want to repair the correct item without guessing and needlessly replacing parts. The problem shows up both when turning the headlight switch manually to the headlight position or leaving it in the auto headlights on position.
When in dual heat mode only cold air flows to the passenger side. Even in the driver side heat mode only some cold air still flows to the passenger side.
Could it just be a loose bolt? I think it is coming from the passenger side front wheel.
my headlights turned off by it self when I'm driving. but I when I turn off and on
it works.
but why is this happing ?
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