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i have a 2013 jaguar xj supercharged 3.0 and i smell antifreeze when running idle and at start up but theres no leaks anywhere ive owned this car since nov.22 2017 car has 60.000 miles and my service engine soon light comes on at start up
When key is turned over to start position it don't make a cranking sound or anything the battery was all the way dead do not have remote just one key just bought car owner had lost key had car towed after purchase to my home owner found key charged batt completely no crank no start pushed fuel switch still no crank all lights come on just nothing in start position help please have car 4 months just got key 3 days ago would love to drive my new car help please
Replaced window motor hit switch and it just clicks at the module. Tried a different module did same thing just clicks. All other windows go down even with the global key fib but the drivers window!
Car taken to Stratstone, Sat Nav Reverse camera and audio all went blank. Still has waranty till June 2018,
Also two recall jobs to do.
They gave it a full health check and found a badly worn rear suspension arm.
They gave this car the same health check 1600 miles ago with a clean suspension report. The car is a 2013 facelift model with 50300 on the clock, I just don’t believe it. Bill £600.
They are also going to charge for the electric fault, not uppedr the waranty,even though after a week they still haven’t found the fault. So they say. Probably just a bad earth,
Their customer service is very poor. Can’t get through to them, but prommis to phone back ,which they don’t do.
The check engine light is on before I start the car but turns off once car is started. The car stalled and lost all power when I tried to excellerate to get onto freeway entrance. When I tried to restart the car the engine won’t stay on and car shuts off as if it has lost power. Also, it almost sounds like a wissle or hissing sound sometimes when I drive at faster speeds. Windows rolled up I can’t hear it, window slightly down I can faintly here it at times.All the lights and electrical things work. Car just stalled and cut off. Car will turn over, idle for seconds, ( I can give it gas and raise rpms but in the end cuts off) and then cut off
On both occasions, one in November 2017 and the other February 2018 water pipes of the cooling system burst. On both occasions the dealer replaced the pipes. However, the question is what is causing the pipes to burst. The vehicle was operating under normal traffic conditions and did not display signs of overheating or loss of power.
It started up once in a while but now cranks but won’t start. It is a 2003 Jaguar X-Type. I had this problem almost a year ago but haven’t had time to work on it until now. I recharged the battery before trying to start it. The last time I drove it, the engine stopped on me but I was able to restart it and get it home. Thank you!
This car was given to me it runs but will not move in any gear. When you shift back to park it grinds or clicks on the park pin. Is it the transfer case transmission or both?? I understand this is a common problem for these cars. Please help.
ive had my car at the dealer with the idiot lite came on saying limitied performance yellow then red i was told what that does is cut back the power so you can get the car to the closest dealer in all 4 time i have driven the car anywhere btw 100 n 200 miles whith do problem my wife had it do it last week and she drove it less the 15 mile she had it towed to a dealer in orlando we have never gone to i wanted to have it towed to jacksonville where we bought it but jag policy is closest dealer she left the car and got a rental 2 days latter the dealer called in the morning and said they would have to put a new motor in the car because of little oil in engine i we went past the sceduled oil change the car was serviced at 25000 miles she never had a oil light come on the car has 39000 miles i was told oil change with synthetic oil was good for anywhere btw 10000 n 15000 miles but my argument is the oil light never came on
no sound at present, but the wheels moves up and down while on the lift.
80,000 miles. I've had a coolant leak over the last 2 1/2 weeks. "Coolant low" light would come on and tgan i woukd fill it and than I could drive for a day (50+ miles) and than have to refill again. Just recently showed white smoke/ steam coming from left side of engine and no sounds of knocking, hissing etc. . There is no smoke coming out of exhaust and oil is fine. The radiator fan comes on and there are no light indicators showing issues. Car runs fine, just the coolant leak and now engine smoke/ steam. I don't know what I should be looking for before taking it to a shop and possibly having to spend more than I should. Please help me understand what I should be looking for under the hood and under the engine from below.
I have a 2001 jaguar with 51000 miles, my hood keeps popping open while I am driving. The safety latch works but this is nor good. Any suggestions as to why this is happening and can you give me a remedy for the problem.

When I turn it on.. Let it run.. Few minutes it would get hot... But when I start driving it cools down... And gauge goes back to normal
have jaguar s type 2000 4.0 v8 which is overheating new heater valve put in new thermostat housing but still overheating after 10 mins of idling
My oil got low and the timeing chain jumped and damaged three valves the chain is still on but needs to be reset
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