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it happens when going under 5 miles per hour or around a corner had the brakes rotor and caliper replaced chanced the oil in the rear end no wear was showing on the gears
When driving down the road it will lose power and die and then it will crank but will not restart.
when I make a deep right or left turn my front wheels seem to lock-stop moving
Lost keyless remote and outside latch wont open
Only on the drivers side door
I can only lock the drivers door with the key, none of the others will lock using the key fob remotley
would like to know what fuse if any they get power from
Lift gate locked . Read intructions in manual and now the back door is locked and both are locked....any ideas?
I turn on defrost or heat, the blower works but all I get is cold air. If i mess with buttons for a long time, I might get heat eventually. I can't afford a high repair bill
It makes a clunk and feels like a u joint pulling tight sounds like reared .Feels like transmission .
had napa change out the old battery and install a new one,,as i was driving home things in the vehicle started to bell and whistle me and when i got home the windows would roll up, the sunroof would close,,so i did a round the vehicle check and found thing did work , and things that didnt work..please help if you can
How to change the front end differential
How to change the front end differential
My car won't turn over but all the lights come on and the automatic doors will not unlock or lock the radio won't come on the ABS light the engine light and the battery light are all on. It has a brand new battery in it and a brand new starter and the alternators okay so could it be a fuse or what
Sometimes if I'm able to open and shut rear hatch and open and close drivers door than I can start it.
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