Mercury Villager Questions

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wondering if anyone knows if these are still around.
changed the plugs and dustibuter cap, no change. replaced the distributor but that was ok.
believe this is a fuel pressure issue. replaced the fuel pump but still will not start

1994 mercury villagr
my dialysis is code P0340, camshaft sensor bank 1 and I do not know its location.
Does it have an access panel to get to the fuel pump
It starts up perfectly fine. After I put it in drive it dies out as soon as I go.
Ok I've changed my starter and battery yet the starter won't even engage. I can turn the motor manuallynand yet when I turn the key nothing. But I did find a broken screw under the distributor cap
A test of my newlybreplaced alternator says bad voltage regulator. Also after replacing alt & battery its still charging at 15.4. Could that be a bad alt again or another part. The battery light is on in dash. Also the auto locks lock by themselves constantly & randomly.
2 days ago my van has had a loss of power hard to go up hill or get up to speed. less when let off the gas.
Is there an access panel to the fuel pump on a 1997 ford mercury villager mini van GS
Kicks a little when going in 2cnd gear only and have a misfire code po300. Sludge on spark plugs
the more you drive the more it smokes
there is a red light alarm inside on dashboard when i was sold the 2000 mercury villager estate he told me i may have issues with removing the key just giggle it i went to hardware store and had 2 copys made with no issues but could it be that the anti theift device is looking for a click to open doors and my using a key to manually open the door is causing issues
Nothing much more to say. Van is like new just speedometer is stuck. Odometer is working.
I have cleaned eng. and replaced oil but when eng. reaches normal temp lifters start to chatter,and oil pressure lite comes on I have a 2002 merc. villager with 3.3 nissan eng.
Changing water pump and doing it myself
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