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the more you drive the more it smokes
there is a red light alarm inside on dashboard when i was sold the 2000 mercury villager estate he told me i may have issues with removing the key just giggle it i went to hardware store and had 2 copys made with no issues but could it be that the anti theift device is looking for a click to open doors and my using a key to manually open the door is causing issues
Nothing much more to say. Van is like new just speedometer is stuck. Odometer is working.
I have cleaned eng. and replaced oil but when eng. reaches normal temp lifters start to chatter,and oil pressure lite comes on I have a 2002 merc. villager with 3.3 nissan eng.
Changing water pump and doing it myself
My front air works but my rear air is not working.
It started with my radiator fan burned out. Had it replaced along with the coolant temp. sensor. Brand new fan has stopped working . had the van put on machine and codes are P0325 knock sensor 1 circuit malfunction and P0440 which was gas cap. could it be something else or is that"s what causing the fan not to work. when driving it acts like the fuel filter could be clogged. not all the time though. also a little sluggish in changing gears and getting up speed. once it changes all gears it is ok. please help
Is the fuel pump located above the fuel tank, or in the fuel tank?
need to replace fuel pump and want to know if i can do it without dropping engine
Its an old van that was given to me and the ac does not work
Solenoid what do I need to do
speedometer dropped to 0 while driving, started working again for a few days and isn't working now. odometer is only registering 1 out of 3 miles driven
how much is the O2 sensor and where is it located on the engine block?
My vehicle has failed smog twice after recommended repairs were made. It has been diagnosed by 2 different smog repair shops has to having a bad front catalytic converter which is obsolete now and no after market parts fit it, but a 3rd smog shop tested it and it says my catalytic converter is fine. They reset my monitors and told me to drive it 25 miles and then take it to be smogged because it showed 2 knock sensors were present. what steps do i take to reset the drive cycle for my vehicle?
The window hatch and tailgate were damaged in a recent accident. It will not close properly and I was wondering what year models have the same back door as my 2000?
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