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I have a 08 Scion xD. It went into overdrive and I can’t figure out where the button is to turn it off. Can someone help me locate the overdrive button
Cranck but won't start

What seems to make the problem better or worse? I feel the tank and start driving on highway not even 5 miles and all lights on dash board start blinking and die
why isnt rotors still covered
I try to accelerate bogs down .I let up on pedal .push again ,gains a little speed . scary it could get me killed . it started 1 week ago . it does it all the time .
front parking light is out. how to remove the bulb
Several months of this happening but Toyota Dealer seems surprised? I took the car in and of course it wasn't happening at the time and the "computer test" revealed zero. Is this a common issue with Scion or is it a bad fuse or?
There are no dashboard warning lights, No negative scan codes in history or otherwise.

While driving, scanner shows shift progression 1st through 4th including a lockup signal without faults however, lockup does not occur. This is not intermittent but continuous. no other symptom other than higher RPMs and poor FE.

Could this be as simple as a seized Lockup control solenoid which is not showing a fault code?

Thank you
i have a wire brush stuck in the spark plug hole and the extension released, so now can't get the brush out unless i can remove the tube or well. is this possible
I bought the car 6 months ago certified pre owned because I went over the the 12,000 miles they won't warranty it.
Rear bumper and left, driver side light replacement
I was told that the charcoal canister in my 2008 Scion XD has failed. I was quoted almost $1300.00. This seems a little high to me. Any thoughts?
All the warning lights are on. ABS, parking brake, traction control, every one is on. I'm told it could be the right wheel sensor which is common in the Scion. Is this usually true and do I have to take it to the dealer to get it fixed or is this something I can replace myself? Can I run a diagnostics to see if this is truly the issue?
Also no one can get my oil filter off, seems its stuck. Is there a trick to getting it off without breaking it?
anything in the owners manual about when to replace brake pads or when they should be inspected. I have 43300 miles and it seems that a brake repair is likely needed. Only occasionally I hear a scrap on the right front when braking hard at low speeds.
I have a 2008 scion xD with about 125K miles. Recently the car had started to want to stall while I drive and make a stop. Almost feels like it wants to shut off and hesitates. I told a shop about it and they said that a fuel system service should take care of it. Will this service take care of the issue? Also my mpg has gone down and I would like to get it back to where it used to be high 30's since I do mostly highway mile. Now I am in the low 30's.
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