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I try to accelerate bogs down .I let up on pedal .push again ,gains a little speed . scary it could get me killed . it started 1 week ago . it does it all the time .

front parking light is out. how to remove the bulb

Several months of this happening but Toyota Dealer seems surprised? I took the car in and of course it wasn't happening at the time and the "computer test" revealed zero. Is this a common issue with Scion or is it a bad fuse or?

There are no dashboard warning lights, No negative scan codes in history or otherwise.

While driving, scanner shows shift progression 1st through 4th including a lockup signal without faults however, lockup does not occur. This is not intermittent but continuous. no other symptom other than higher RPMs and poor FE.

Could this be as simple as a seized Lockup control solenoid which is not showing a fault code?

Thank you

i have a wire brush stuck in the spark plug hole and the extension released, so now can't get the brush out unless i can remove the tube or well. is this possible

I bought the car 6 months ago certified pre owned because I went over the the 12,000 miles they won't warranty it.

Rear bumper and left, driver side light replacement

I was told that the charcoal canister in my 2008 Scion XD has failed. I was quoted almost $1300.00. This seems a little high to me. Any thoughts?

All the warning lights are on. ABS, parking brake, traction control, every one is on. I'm told it could be the right wheel sensor which is common in the Scion. Is this usually true and do I have to take it to the dealer to get it fixed or is this something I can replace myself? Can I run a diagnostics to see if this is truly the issue?
Also no one can get my oil filter off, seems its stuck. Is there a trick to getting it off without breaking it?

anything in the owners manual about when to replace brake pads or when they should be inspected. I have 43300 miles and it seems that a brake repair is likely needed. Only occasionally I hear a scrap on the right front when braking hard at low speeds.

I have a 2008 scion xD with about 125K miles. Recently the car had started to want to stall while I drive and make a stop. Almost feels like it wants to shut off and hesitates. I told a shop about it and they said that a fuel system service should take care of it. Will this service take care of the issue? Also my mpg has gone down and I would like to get it back to where it used to be high 30's since I do mostly highway mile. Now I am in the low 30's.

A low speed front end crash with driver airbag deployment took out most plastic, sheet metal, right side light, radiator and fan. However, engine, frame, steering all look ok and repairs were all bolt on with no problems, except I have not replaced the air bag yet. I am trying to get it started, all the instrument panel lights come on and the engine fires up instantly but quickly dies. I have read about having to clear "crash codes" from the computer or resetting a fuel shutoff which I cannot find --- any ideas ????

5spd manual. like a rusty sound at acceleration, step on clutch to shift it goes away. when accelerate into 2nd or 3rd its there. not so much in 4th or 5th gear. what could it be?

The knob is inside the dash column. Can this be fixed by taking dash apart or is this something that would need to be taken to dealership to fix?

What are the symptoms of the trans mount when it needs replacing?

Symptoms for A/C Compressor needing replacement?

I'm wondering if these issues are common? I really don't want to invest anymore money into this car. These seem like extreme and costly repairs for a Toyota product. I only have 141000 miles and am caught up on all my recommended check ups/oil changes

The check engine light started flashing. It now stays on all the time, even when the engine is running smooth again.

problem with battery draining after it sits for a while. Manual transmission recently rebuilt. Starter and battery checked out OK. What is wrong?

The liquid drips from above the glove box on passenger side. The liquid is clear and more pronounced with the A/C on

Recently tried to put my car in park and it would not shift past reverse, I'm taking it to a mechanic tomorrow and want to know what I might be dealing with before I go in. I've been told it could be a park lockout mechanism problem, shift linkage problem, or worse case scenario it's a transmission problem. Any thoughts or suggestions on what this could be and what it might run me would be great.

The clean fluid can actually remove varnish build in the valve body. As a result, one or more valves many not seal as well as before the service.

Can this be fixed?

I have a 2009 Scion XD. It was broken into and they broke my two rear windows that are able to be rolled up and down. Which cars, models and years have the same window part. I also am looking for a windshield as well. I will be going to a junkyard to find these parts. I just need to know what cars I should look out for.


When changing the sensor, do I need to reprogram the computer? I changed the sensor, and the car starts but doesn't stay on, it only stays on if I hit the gas.

Brakes catch and stop but continue slowly to the floor,if I would be too long at a light I felt I would begin to move. Don't seem to pump up easily either. What is wrong.

Hello Scion owners
2008 Scion XD
67,000 miles

Has anyone had this problem and had to replace the timing chain? Did the problem still exist after the chain replacement?
My Toyota dealer said it will cost $600 to replace and there's no guarantee that the problem will go away. They state that the timing chain skips for the brief second during starting, but won't effect the engine performance, nor would it do any damage.
The 5 year/60K mile warranty just expired and they declined doing a "Good Will" service.
Any info will help.

what is the best way to change the water pump on this car?

The car has an automatic transmission. It slips into neutral more so in hot weather, going uphill, and after it has been driven for awhile. It happens whether it's in cruise control, or I try to go into passing gear by stepping on it, or manually shifting from D to 3. It has 96,000 miles on it and the tranny fluid was flushed at 60,000 miles. Any suggestions? My warranty runs out in 4000 miles

It only happens when I turn left and pours out through the passenger side under the glove box and through the side of the driver's side. It just started this week...

Will a water pump seize cause a drive belt to break and necessitate the purchase and installation of a new water pump and drive belt. I got an estimate charge of $1295 which includes labor. Is this a fair price.