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Several oil leaks on the pickup. Been sitting for over a year due to my dad's health. Been told from a mechanic that head gaskets are leaking, timing cover, value covers and oil pan gaskets need replaced should buy a new engine. This seems a little extreme, the vehicle has 99,500 miles on it. What could it be, would a dye test be recommended. is the engine shot? Please help. Do head gaskets leak, I understand value covers but never heard about head gaskets.

Thank you
My o2 is not seting and I have a evap problem.
Losing oil ptesser oik leaking down top of transmission bellhousing when running leak is severe
2003 gmc Sonoma zr2
Indicator lights on the push button 4 x4 are not working correctly. I can get in it and drive for a little and the 2 hi indicator light will finally come on it might work for a day or two and then it will be off again. When the lights on the switch are not on nothing works no clicking from the module and when they are on you can hear clicking in the module I tried putting it in 4hi while they where working but the lights for 4 hi and 4 low come on and stayed on tried to put it in 2 hi and no clicking from module sat there for a few minutes and the light for 2 hi came back on and I have replaced the selector switch
Battery is good .I checked fuel filter gas is following good.check senrior for sparks it good
My key fob is dead. Security light on on dash. How do I reset everything to fix it?
water on driver side floorpan, where's the leak?
I can put it in neutral and start it. But when I force it close to park I can shut it off. It will start rolling away when on a incline.
on the expressway.over bumps.
i am losing coolant between valve cover and top of engine it pools up and runs down front of engine it is on the driver side wind blows it back onto transmission where the lower intake manifold is i see no coolant. i have been told that where the leak is?
Only when driving , not when I am stationary.
It turns over but doesn't start
It just stopped running and now won't turn over
fix or service A/C .Will not cool,
Mph goes. Crazy rpm too. Lights flicker sounds like not picking up speed
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