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the gas pump shuts off before I can get any gas inti the tank
The ignition switch stopped working so I'm trying to see how to add push button to start the truck but still use the key to turn it on first
No enciende damarcha pero no arranca ni le encienden la luces del tablero
When turning hard specifically on a down hill slope or when the brakes are applied. My 4x4 gmc Sonoma on the front drivers side will grab tire and chirp and act locked up only for a second, then it will roll on as before. What could cause it to do that?
I was driving my 98 GMC Sonoma pickup this morning, it suddenly stalled and wouldn't start back up. There was no power what so ever. It did this another time and when I opened the door the power came back on and the truck started back up and was fine. This time it didn't happen
The Speedometer on my 1991 GMC Sonoma does not work. The sensor at the trans is good. Where doing I look next?
Got a 1996gmc Sonoma truck it runs for a while then it styles out and dies then it won't stay running when you put it in gear
Driving along truck just stop running it's I brought the truck ran out is gas. Cause I just got the truck and the fuel gage was of. Our gas in it still no run. Took air cleaner off to see if it was getting gas nope bo so I add sone into the intake then it would run then stop no fuel getting ti injectors. This a 1991. GMC SLx Sanoma pickup truck 2…8 little. I got truck towed home .first I looked at fuses ECM 2b far was blown put fuse in and it started and ran it for about ten min and it stopped running blew the same fuse I thought b ad ground or a short well I found wires that run under the driver seat that where broke and appeared to have shorted fixed wires . N ow u tried starting no start it cranks but no start no fuel but ecmb fuse did blow . Ok ha fuel replaced truck started right up drive around got parked next morning it in truck no start crank no fuel and no spark so I replaced the fuel pump relay and it started tuned it off try to restart again n
Just cranks getting no fuel no spark and a constant code 12 reading replaced fuel pump and relay re done all grounds and new map sensor in air cleaner now what is it the crank position sensor I replaced speed sensor on tranny. Help
I think I have a fuel leak. Checking a few areas. Gas smell was very noticeable inside and outside of the truck when I bought it from this guy. Need a little help with what all I need/should check.
It cranks over ran just fine is getting gas. But won't start
Shuts off restarts shut off again only on the highway
Stopped when I turned heater up
Was doing a TBI cleaning. Gas came up n out so there was extra fuel to burn when starting. When starting it killed the battery and obviously wouldnt start. This is where it gets mind boggling, I put a brand new battery in and even had it on jumper cables an it still wouldnt turn over in the slightest. Now im on to believe in that whole ordeal I shot the starter in the process of trying to start it.
when tank is between 3 quarters and full the gauge goes back and forth alot while sitting still at idle
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