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top will latch after about a min. when motor still running.,or it will latch if I turn off motor,back windows still down,can latch top manually.
would like to know the estimated time it takes to install a convertible hydraulic pump
i would like to know how time it takes to replace the two hydraulic convertible latch lines
would like to know how much time it takes to replace the convertible latch hydraulic lines
starts fine but cant shift out of park,brake lights work.have checked fueses
when I go over a rough surface my steering wheel seems to shake and I feel that the front isn't stabilized
my windshield wipers won't work on low or intermittent they only work on high speed

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Driving the car
How long have you had this problem? About a week
The car mileage is 82000. I have had to replace 3 coil so far and now suddenly the engine runs rough again and the check engine flashes. I'm sure it's another bad coil. Should I replace all the remaining old coils? Maurice
Intermittent "Restricted Performance" Yellow light. Recently a ""Severe Restricted Performance(?)" Red and Yellow. Car almost stopped, and could only move at less than 10 mph. I stopped car, turned off ignition and waited a few minuets. . I was able to restart engine, no "Restriction" lights; and drove back home. I have started up car and moved it around in driveway, but not driven for fear of getting stuck.
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks "Restricted Performance" intermittent ; first time for"Severe Limited Performance
top wont move maybe hydraulic need to be flushed,,,maybe a fuse please call me soon as posible 518 365 3414
What seems to make the problem better or worse? wont move
How long have you had this problem? bought the car on wensday,, so i dont know how long,, its been doing this
My door on passenger side is,in a lock position and will not unlock not open. I can't lock the driver door now either. The key remote lock does not work either. Need help with this. Tried of climbing out window.
How do you get it to recline or sit straight up. Motor is working for all other movements.
I am replacing the drivers seat module on my 1998 Jaguar XK8, How do I program the module.

1. how do you test the module to make sure it is not working in the first place.
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