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longer than a month and I drive maybe 37 miles every other day. just turned over to 150 thousand miles. I can smell the SMELL every time it's running and it's stronger upon starting and low idle. my oil is quite dark in color but I can still see that there's transluncy and no sign of water in it.
Light is not on, on the dash but it is stuck in hold mode. Also at the same time speedometer stopped working.
I had replaced battery terminals on my 2004 chevy across hatchback and now that I done that the fuel pump quit working and the car isn't getting spark on top of that the check engine light was on before I done that after I changed the terminals the check engine light went out but car will not star it crank but won't start what could be wrong
Problem was periodically but now not working at all and car is stuck in park
Car has had a win ng sound aim lar to power steering pump good g out
Driving came to intersection, car Rev s high goes into gear doesnot advance. Bad clutch?
07 Chevy aveo door locks help trying to lock when i hit by brake.
They bypassed the original fuel system after the installer of new immobilizer messed up something on my car. they put in a fuel dictator system. Since then I had this problem
When I turn the key on my Chevy Aveo it doesn't even click the battery is fully charged and I can put started because of the clutch. I clean the terminals I checked the fuses
I can't find a fuse for brake lights
It stalls, like an online fuel filter. there's no filter 08 aveo, I guess this means buying a different fuel pump? when it dies, wait a few minutes then it'll start up
Its runs for 45- 1min an 20 sec before turning off
Engine light on but thermostat is new but by now its has gone through 30-100 miles
So changed the motor and trans fired up and ran for a minute then shut off then got gas in it did the same thing wont stay idling and now wont start at all sounds like it wants to go but wont fully start and checked gas pressures thats all good could it be the anti thief on radio?
cable broke how do I release hood
Car won't idle
engine light on, erattic running goes to,idle,somrtimes dies,restarts runs fine for awail,then acts up;finally it died and wont start.hold light also flashing .able to reset by restarting..sometimes...MAP senser code on and then unvarified infrmation not burning oil or trans but water coming out pipe at times,head gasket good.has spit out many codes..
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