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My 2006 Chevy Aveo the top of the roof the clear coat has almost pealed all the way off. Now my paint is coming off. I think Chevy should be liable in fixing my car.

After driving about 50 km it picks up just a little bit from zero. But if i stop and let it idle it picks up normal to almost at the middle. What could the problem be?

I know it's a fuel injector code

It has spark, good compression. 110 to 120. It still wont start. I tried stared fluid still wont start. what next???

I recently had my check engine light flash, looked into the problem realize I had a misfire and replace my spark plugs. Now on occasion when stopped at a stop sign or light it feels like my car is going to die, shut off completely, but then catches its self and "reeves" like normal. My question is any idea what it could be and/or should I not be worried ?

The car doesn't miss all the time just when you're taking a hill or you have to gun it on the interstate thats when the check engine light comes on then when you start the car again the light has cut off and the car does fine

changed brake light switch, and all bulbs, still blows the fuse when brakes are applied. I have had it in the shop 3 times and still blows the brake like fuse

The car stalled on highway trans shift to lower gear, motor stopped, turns over but will not start

I know there was a recall on the 08 chevy aveos i need to know if the 05 has a recall

that sums it up

Have checked fuel pump and fuel relay. It gets fuel up to the intake manifold suspect injectors arent injecting. Almost fires and sort of runs when you use quick start in air filter.

Joint. When turning to the right in a curve it is still making a roaring noise

check engine light is staying on the hold button was steady flashing also the temperature guage stopped working

It revs when i give acceleration but dont keep accelerating. What could be the problem?

the engine is misfiring.
low power.
One dirty spark plug.
working three cylinders.

When its real cold just started this week never had this issue

The gearshift bracket that connects the shifter broke, now having to use vise grips to shift gears. Trying to locate replacement parts (whole setup) but no luck. Can someone please help me label the parts I need. Thank you for any help.

Its like the gear cannot shift to 4 and the Hold light will be flashing

We were in a funeral procession & when the car started the high beam came on, & wouldn't go off for a few minutes . What caused this & is it ok or is it on recall? Tried turning it off by changing in between high low beam .

I need to know what type of transmission fluid they originally put in the 2004 automatic Chevy aveo. Was it synthetic or non-synthetic transmission fluid? Also how many quarts is in the transmission? I'm doing a drain by just undoing the plug cause I just bought the car and wanna change everything but I am tight on money so doing myself so after I drain it I know it doesn't get all the fluid out do how many quarts do you usually put back in thanks for the help

The trunk of my 2007 Chevrolet Aveo dont stay open on its own.

It's suppose to engage when u hit the brake

My airbag light popped on a year or so ago, and has ever since remained on. I just want to know if this is an issue I should be worried about.

I'm about to do an oil change, and curious how much I need to add.

It makes a foul squeaking noise when I'm stopping.

i just replaced my EGR valve and spark plugs it was running great but now is acting like it's starting to bog again. I need to find out what the drive cycle is.

Noise goes faster while car is driving.

THe check oil light flashed intermittently, I checked oil & added some, Drove car about 5 miles and same thing happened. Drove car home and car won't start. Good spark and engine turns over, timing belt seems ok but car won't run HELP

There seems to be different answers to this question depending on the model. Models before 2007 supposedly only have a fuel filter located inside of the fuel pump. Supposedly the 2010 has it outside, but I can't seem to spot it on mine.

Why does my check engine light flash off and on.