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Battery died and when we went to reset the codes, it wont take the code. Checked website and retrieved codes, and code is correct, but it won't reset
I have a 2006 acura mdx 270k miles...just did valve adjustment , replaced egr valve, new radiator and hoses replaced today. 2hours later the engine light comes back on...however vtm4 light is still off. Also replaced coil packs n plugs 6mos ago. As for noises, my power steering whines but had that replaced 3yrs ago along with used tranny. Whine still comes n goes. Always have steering fluud full.
The seat will not rise evenly - tilts backwards and makes grinding noise. Can it be repaired or must entire seat be replaced? And what is cost? Thanks
The reason heard is bad reverse transmission
Just now having some difficulty putting into park from drive. What could contribute this?
They will not power on or nothing and I just don't now we're to start to even try and make them work??? Need some opionions. Please help my kids really wanna watch them and I don't have the money to take to a shop and get them fixed.
Get them to come on or even work for that matter can anyone help me or give me advice on how to do this or were to look to try and get them working
There isn't any power coming through. When I put the key in, I might hear and see a flash of power then it's completely dead. When we jumpstart, it starts right away.
It is the display between the speedometer and tachometer - not the navigation screen.
The main some light and the light above the back seats dont work, all the other lights work. Also the guy who owned the car before put the wrong radio in so that is antitheft locked and also doesn't work. Not sure if it could affect the lights?
My VTM-4 light and check engine light came on and it has a rough idle.
It drives perfectly fine while cold and starts up fine. D5 light just started blinking and heat wont work..hasnt been started in about a month so i dnt know when D5 light started blinking
Just changed the plugs and valve cover gaskets but rough idle no power up hill and low gas mileage
Horn blows when interior is hot--80 Degrees
Inspection reading cattilac converter banks 1 and 2 are clogged.
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