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Rear break lights and blinkers working. Tail lights not working when driving and headlights are on
Both Key fobs are locked in the car. Is it ok to call a locksmith or can the dealership unlock it remotely?
I recently purchase a 2008 MDX and for the first time the following message came on the dash:
service due soon code b1
Have MDX 2006. While driving, I hear a pitch noise from the dash around the steering wheel. When I take my foot off the gas the noise stops. As soon as I push the gas pedal the noise continues.The noise is similar or lesser pitch of air flow from the seal of the door or window, but that was checked and determined the noise was not coming from the seals. Another mechanic was suggesting the noise is from transmission. please help
All of a sudden my 2016 Acura MDX heater is not blowing hot air. Everything works fine, except the air coming out of the vents isn’t a warm as it used to be. And since its -30 Celsius here in Winnipeg - I need the heater to work perfectly. Thank you

I am looking into an offer of a 2006 Acura MDX with 174,000 miles. Is a $4500 offer for it worth the price? Or should I not even bother considering the sellers offer? PLEASE HELP!
Lights just went out recently. I checked all fuses and relays. The main two brake lights are working, just not the third up top of hatch. New bulbs.
I tried to buy a Intermediate shaft for a Acura MDX . Rock auto is who I like to get parts from.Is there a specific store that i can get Acura parts from
will not program
My husband had put a different battery one that was from a different Acura into my 2008 Acura and when he did something happened it give out a spark and now nothing on my car will work no lights go on when the key is in the ignition. Help please.
The lights and radio comes on but engine won't start the battery is new and the starter is fine and the car can be cranked from starter this is the first problem I've had with it and all fuses look good
Wiper motor need to replace?
i replaced the output speed sensor 3 days ago now when i drive it right around 25 mph i start hearing a noise sounds like a nail in my tire
clicking sound. when i found out the sensor was bad my code was Po722, since changing the sensor no more codes just a clicking sound. Any suggestions
Abs lights are on brakes feel fine but lights are on
i was told to get the output speed sensor , the bad one is on the top of the transaxle pull out replace with new,. easy right not can't even find the sensor on top of the transaxle . can t find a schematic or that now where in order to get one i was told you basically have to have someone will it to you. only the dealers have them and they wont even let me see it.. One place copied the page with the number but not the one that shows what the numbers are. I dont have the money to take it to a shop let alone the dealer. There has to be someone out here that has the schematic pgs i need. this is ridiculous/
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