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Taken car in cause it gets hot. They don't find anything. Take home car gets hot drive it in. They replace raideater cap. Bring home 3 day drive get on freeway and 15 minutes it gets hot. Get off part 20 minutes start driving and 8 blocks it get hot again. Park at home have it towed. They checking. This is 3rd time 500 fiat about 5 yes old. Have always taken to s as me de as ler.
No sound comes from the trunk when the key is pushed
Compressor not coming on, ac blowing hot air
Car hss freon in it
Stress fracture on the tranny case
I parked it somewhere and now I can't find it, help.
Is there a specific fuel type that would be most beneficial for my car?
I'd like to try changing my oil on my own and I'd like to be prepared with the right tools.
I haven't changed my oil in about 8 months and the light still hasn't turned on.
My Abarth when I put it into reverse it wants to just take off the min I start to let off the clutch ... The dealer says "it's a common concern" key word concern!? Refuse to aknoledge it .. I was just moving it in my garage .. And the door was closed and I had to slam on the breaks ! It just goes when you let off the clutch ? It doesn't even stall? What is this ? Ask the sunroofs are misaligned and leak and pool with water right where the moulding is.. The sunroofs are warped or the tracks !? Getting the whole thing replace brand new car ? And they're tearing out the headliner not happy :( only 600 miles and now having to click the transmission ? Anyone have these problems ?
i reaired my fiat alio d1.9 elx AC rescently and AC is working quite ok but when ac switch on engine check light start glowing,Whats the reason.
After multiple times and/or continuously pressing the throttle it starts finally after a 'battle'.Another thing with more of driving kms in one/multiple sessions next time starting is even more tougher i.e. driving makes problem worse. Once it starts absolutly no issue.One very strange thing - I remove one (smallest) spark plug cable from other than the 'spark plug end' and put it back, car strts perfectly in one go even after 3 weeks.
It is a fiat Palio 2002
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