Lexus ES250 Questions

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It doesn't work the backwards gear...
Do I have to replace the whole transmission. ?
Or what coul be the problem..?
it was tested & classed a gross polluter.
it dose not go into gear they say water was in it, draind it & filter what else can i do.
busted timing belt
Repair shop estimate to replace both head gaskets on V-6
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my windows stopped working need to know wat fuse go to it and where its at
What is the best way to gain access to the rear plugs on a 6 cly,ES-250 ? I am wondering if a special socket arrabgement is needed?
Timing Belt broke is engine damaged
runs but has a noise in the motor
Diagnostic code is showing as 5271. What is the problem?
The exhaust is hanging off, should there be a clamp holding the part on?
WHERE IS IT????? Ive checked all the fuses (though none of them marked as to what they go to) and the wiper motor and they are all fine. Someone told me that it is the wier relay, only I cant find it.
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