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Noise and clicking when turned on but it stops engine to
Shudder seems to correspond to acceleration but also seems to occur right before car shifts into 2nd and 3rd gear. Doesn't seem to shudder at higher speeds (>50 mph) when accelerating.
Rough idle and constant vibration after replacing coil and plugs
2007 GMC Acadia heat and a/c worked great then out of the blue without any error or check lights my HVAC system stops. Its a duel environment front and back . so the back panel works the fan or blower in the back turns but no heat or a/c is generated.
Now the problem in the front the front panel and indicator lights seem ok but nothing turns on no heat no A/C no Blower. Replaced the blower under the glove and the resister under the glove with new ones . NO such luck checked the fuses on top all ok then I see there are fuses under the glove as well. they seem ok but that panel looked a little corroded.... but it has been functioning. huimmmmm what next .
how long should the engine mount last how many mounts are on this car ?
I cannot get my third row seating left side seat to lock into upright position
Having to replace a bulb in one or the other about every 2 months. Inside of shield is coated with either moisture or something caused by a residue. Cant really see good at night
When I put Acadia on cruise control seem like the transmission jerks when changing gears
Light comes on shortly after driving a few miles !
Check engine light on for a week. Took to autozone and was told to replace the fuel tank pressure sensor. If this is the problem, is it a DIY job or do I need to go to the dealership?
If one is charge above your calculated estimate, what is the procedure.
My air conditioner is blowing hot air! In the front and the back.The switch in the back doesn't even work anymore. Will this be an expensive fix? Or is this included in my warranty?
Disc will not load. It will stay in a few seconds & ejects
A msg appeared saying the power was goinh down,tjen the a/c shut down.
My fan housing fills with water
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