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Having to change cylinder 5 coil pack and don't know where it is on the motor

Only happens when filling tank.

had to replace a purge valve solenoid
code P0496

Everytime I stop tachion control liggt comes on

SUV runs for a few min at idle then dies if you put it into gear it dies

Error code from Auto Zone is P0024

I was told that it has something to do with the interior computer sensor with in the transmission

I read somewhere that it could be the cap.

The passenger side is throwing cold air, but not the drivers side (in Front) just started doing this, does the climate control have a fuse for each side??

Got brand new tires because it was handling poor in heavy rain. Come winter and it's basically undriveable. The rear end slides side to side with any amount of snow. No lights or warning messages on. Had an alignment and even brought it back for another.

2 months after we got the car the whole cluster stopped working on the car. the car still is drivable except I can't tell how fast I'm going or how much fuel I have or anything that has to do with the dashboard. speedometer, fuel gauge, battery power everything is off, could it be a relay that needs to be replaced or is it something more serious? everytime we turn on the car the cluster doesn't, the radio and AC work as well as the headlights and taillights

My car failed nys emissions inspection(MIL command and KOER). they said i need to replace injectors. New replacements are expensive. Can they be serviced? i have almost 127,000 miles. My engine light trouble code was p2099

Wiring harness

Wiring harness needed

I never know what to tell the people at kwik car.

The locks are randomly locking and unlocking while I am driving. Is this just a glitch?

Why does my steering wheel not stay straight when I'm driving? I constantly have to hold it tight or it goes to the right easily.

My battery is not located under the hood. How do I get to it?

My car is making clunking sounds when I'm driving. Sounds are in the front end. I've been told it could be sway bars.

Sometimes when I'm driving the RPM's will jump and it will cause my car to jerk.

The original shield has broken off in the top front corner.

There is a smell coming from the inside of the vehicle. It burns your nose to the point that you can't really breath. It is a smell that I have never smelt before. It is not a strong odor other than the burning sensation that you get in your nose. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Why do transmissions sputter and vibrate between gears? How to tell if your gears are slipping? Do I need to replace my transmission?