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I have to jump my truck after the truck sits for awile check alternator that was good
Ever time I put the cooling in it it runs out in about 3 days and I have to put more
Computer has been diagnosed as bad. Trying to fix naturally as cheap as possible.
It needs a oil flush is that a lot of labor fee plus would there be anything wrong with the engine?
Every time I put gas in it acts like it doesn’t want to start until I rev it up.after that time it starts right up
Bought the suv second hand. When I bought it the wipers did not work on slower speed now not at all. 2007 gmc arcadia
3/30/18 – The car would not engage. I was driving to Denver from Silverthorne. After going through Eisenhower Tunnel I pulled over to answer a phone call overlooking Loveland Ski Area. Talked for about 5 minutes and while on the phone proceeded to put the car in Drive. It would not engage. Turned it off for a minute. Turned it back on but would still not engage. Turned it off & on again. Would not engage. No check engine light. Revved the car and it clunked into gear with a jolt. Drove it to Parker (100 miles).
When I push the button for AC the snowflake it flashes three times but won't come on the heat comes on fine
Right side blows cold left and back blow cool. Both set to 60
What could cause vehicle to shake @ 2200 rpm's?
2008 arcadia blower not working in front ok in back?
the car will start run fine, turn it off, go back to start it and there is no power to anything, dash is black/no lights, can't remove the key move the shifter. Open the hood and let it close and everything comes an you can start the car. when the power comes back on it makes a humming sound under the hood
That's what the code said I had to change was the crankshaft position sensor. 2 wheel drive 2009 Acadia. It shifts funny and it's taking longer to start. Like it overcranks when I start it.
My 2 wheel drive Acadia 2009 threw a code that said crankshaft position sensor and I replaced it but the check engine light is still on and it shifts a little funny. Someone told me it's probably the timing
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