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I have an 04 Chrysler crossfire that has rpm fluctuations when I put in the clutch over 1000 rpm. Been to different shops multiple times and they couldn't figure it out every time. I want it solved
Lil wrench -45 mean when I first start my
Passenger window regulator & motor replaced, the top would not retract because window would not work. after the replacement part installed window work. top will retract & trunk will not open. Is this a programming issue, a sequence of retract button and key position?
At times when I go to take off in first and second gear seem to hesitate and not want to go anywhere... now a couple times this week when I take the car out of gear my car will idle really really high sounding like it is going to take off... I just started to hear like a chain noise up until like 30mph but then it goes away... I took it somewhere and they said something about my purge valve or lose hose... PLEASE help me I have my 13 yr old daughter in the car with me most of the time...
My car was running i pulled out and it guit.tryed to start it up and the starter keeps trying to start a constantly but then guits.after 10 second. Try again the same thing..what could be the problem

Car starts, tach is not functioning. ALL instrument panel lights are non-functioning. Checked Fust #35, appears okay. I have replaced a lot of major components (Alternator, battery, ignition switch unit, serpentine belt) and all was well. Recently decided to see if I can offload this unit and now I am getting these problems.
We have recently had a lot of wet winter weather here in Southeast Virginia.
the back window will not lock in place and when we try to lock the top down the beeping sound will start as soon as we drive over 9 miles per hr. the warning light will not turn off
does the above oil meat chrysler standard MS 9214
When turning car on seat belt light doesnt come on i dont even get the chime to say seatbelt isnt plugged in is there any wires i can check
replacement key
What seems to make the problem better or worse? i only have one key
How long have you had this problem? since i purchased it 2 months ago
When i moved my vehicles around i noticed the front left turn signal isn't working. But when i parked it, the left side parking/running lights will not turn off.
2005 Chrysler Crossfire
My convertible top will not go down. When button is pressed it beeps but does not open. I took to a chrysler dealer and they said the sensor needed would cost 2100. What part would cost that much to repair or replace/
The AC was blowing ice cold with the fan on 4. When I lowered the speed to 3, hot heat started blowing out of the vents. I put is back on 4 and the AC worked again. This eve, heat was coming out of the driver vent and AC out of the passenger vent. I lowered the fan to 2 and it started blowing cold air. I noticed the snowflake on the AC button was periodically flashing red in various places on the snowflake. Any idea what this means?
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