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the back window will not lock in place and when we try to lock the top down the beeping sound will start as soon as we drive over 9 miles per hr. the warning light will not turn off
does the above oil meat chrysler standard MS 9214
When turning car on seat belt light doesnt come on i dont even get the chime to say seatbelt isnt plugged in is there any wires i can check
replacement key
What seems to make the problem better or worse? i only have one key
How long have you had this problem? since i purchased it 2 months ago
When i moved my vehicles around i noticed the front left turn signal isn't working. But when i parked it, the left side parking/running lights will not turn off.
2005 Chrysler Crossfire
My convertible top will not go down. When button is pressed it beeps but does not open. I took to a chrysler dealer and they said the sensor needed would cost 2100. What part would cost that much to repair or replace/
The AC was blowing ice cold with the fan on 4. When I lowered the speed to 3, hot heat started blowing out of the vents. I put is back on 4 and the AC worked again. This eve, heat was coming out of the driver vent and AC out of the passenger vent. I lowered the fan to 2 and it started blowing cold air. I noticed the snowflake on the AC button was periodically flashing red in various places on the snowflake. Any idea what this means?
What do you think it is ? I used a bottle of ac collant and it was cold for a day.
Fill tube disconnect so tank can be removed
The key goes in and turns, but does not start the engine.
I can hear the mechanism revving trying to open but it wont
Noticed my power back has been hurting since I bought the car 3/months ago. Now it out me out for two weeks with back pain. I love the car but will sell it I can't remedy this
Trunk won't open! There is a hole behind the license plate! What is it for
My bumper on my 2004 is busted. I know where a 2005 bumper is just want to make sure it will work on my car.
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