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My CRV has 160,000 miles, should I automatically replace brake rotors? I have never replace the brake pads but they get checked every time my tires are rotated. Should I replace the rotors with the brake pads? There have been no brake issues.
I cannot drive it at times. I added transmission fluid, it moves and runs for awhile, then the brake gets hard to step on and though I can put it in gear, I cannot drive or reverse etc. I have a light on my dash that states brake. though its not the issue only it seems when the car has the issue in which im asking, due to the fact that it becomes impossible to move when it neutral. almost feels as if brakes are locked up then. then after having it towed yesterday , it drove fine up the street and ive just parked it. idk what to do
I have been told, and have read articles, that uneven tire thread wear can negatively affect the integrity of the AWD system.

Is this the case? What could be affected? What would be the cost to replace the damages to the AWD system?
My mpg and range numbers no longer appear on my Navi screen. They are just blank. The screen is still on, just no numbers. What is the problem? Also, my compass indicator no longer appears.
Changed brake light fuse 3x with 7.5 and then total meltdown I can visibly see melted wires
2007 C RV all wheel.. when cool and not running No presure in system.. Its leaks coolent. I have looked good and cant seem to find a leak.
a/c condenser fan not working and compressor clutch not engaging when ac is on. Was driving and a/c started to blow hot air. when i got home i look under hood and seen that the condenser fan was not running and clutch on compressor was not engaging.There was no noises coming from from compressor.
I have a 2013 Honda crv. I want to remove the trim above the rear licence plate, so I can access the back up camera. How do I do that?
my Honda CRV 2010 is having a problem I just change it's fuel filter because it suddenly stopped and I cannot go for first gear.However after I changed the fuel filter it work only for 2 days after that it didn't work the car technician just told me to clean the throttle because there might me a blockage there we did that and it works only for 5 days and now my car is still experiencing this problem my car this afternoon experience the same after I change gear the car cannot move.What seems to be the problem?
Loud noise when car gets up to 55-60-70 MPH. Sound like maybe coming from axel?
While moving forward the steering wheel pulls har to the right.
Good day

I have a 2004 2L AWD auto CR-V.It starts fine.But as soon as I come to the first stop,which will be only about 100m,it seems to want to die when I pull away.After that the problem doesn't occur again.So it only happens when it is cold.I have also noted that it is slightly heavier on fuel.I have taken it to a dealer for this problem but they cant find anything wrong.Multiple diagnostic testing has been done.
it doesn't look like i have any hook up for it

No cooling air when switch the cool form heat and vise versa.
I want to upgrade Honda 2015 CRV EXL Adding navigation system. Is this Possible? Potential Cost ? Must I use Honda party or is a generic part available?
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