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I have 2010 Honda CRV with brand New Battery but every once in a while battery goes dead Took a car to dealer but no help from them It has 70000miles on it and they cannot find anything wrong
I have 2010 Honda CRV with 70000 miles and brand new battery Every once in a while battery does goes dead and car won't start Any Idea why? Dealer is not helping any?
My car,a 1st generation Honda CRV overheated and was brought in one of the branches of Honda in Metro Manila. They advisor told me the cooling systems are affected so the radiator and other connecting parts have to be replaced. I was just sort of shocked that the radiator alone could cost 46,000php ! I read in your estimates that a radiator could cost $500plus and that's about 25,000php plus in peso. I was given a quotation of 65,000php plus for the radiator and labor replacement . Isn't that too much?
The car was rolling forward and was put into reverse instead neutral. Now all gears work except reverse. When you put it in reverse it sounds like gears are touch but not going in gear. How much trouble is that to repair?
AC compressor and clutch are being replaced. Since they will have to remove serpentine belts anyway does it make sense to go ahead and replace water pump on 2011 CRV with 105,000 miles at the same time. i.e will the repair cost be lower in the long run?
I have had this car since is was brand new. It has approximately 56,600 miles on it. All regular servicing has been done. For two days after driving home from work (45 minute freeway drive at between 40 - 65 mph), I noticed that when I turned off my car and got out to go into my house, the car smelled like something was overheating or burning (on outside of car--couldn't smell it inside car). I checked fluid levels under the hood, and all was well. Day 3, I got into my car to go to work and neither the heater nor defroster work any more. Any suggestions as to what could possibly be wrong, and about how much I should expect it to cost? Called a local Honda dealer, and after asking me a few questions, they said to expect about $1,500 to repair it, but didn't specify exactly what they think is wrong with the car. I don't have that kind of cash.Anything this senior citizen can do to track down the problem and how many $ I will ultimately need for repair?Will I do more damage driving it?
I used head gasket sealant to try to fix a head gasket. Upon taking it to the shop I was told I had used too much and had clogged the engine. They suggested I replace the engine rather than just the head gasket. I could only afford head gasket and water pump, so those were replaced and the cooling system flushed. The car was returned to me and the first day it overheated going up the mountainous road to my home. I replaced the radiator and the shop said I blew the brand new gasket that had less than 75 miles. Can a brand new head gasket blow that easily, and is the shop responsible for replacing it if it did blow a second time?
Heater blows cold on drive side
Can you please forward this fix info to me as well
Vehicle inspection station flunked my CRV and said that the high mount third brake light in the rear had a clear plastic cover and this should be red and not clear. Understand that this assembly has an LED bulb strip which contains bulbs that emit a red light. Is this correct ? CRV is 2013.
is towing capacity the same with awd
Tailgate opens fine when warm outside: as soon as it gets cold it freezes up.
a/c blower works fine without compressor working, it stops when the compressor starts
First start of the day, VSA and pyramid with exclamation point come on. If I restart after 3-4 minutes, they go out and stay out until next day. Or, if the car has been sitting 8-10 hours (at work), they will come on again. I can turn off the car and restart and they go out. Does not seem to affect performance. What does this mean?
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