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I took old one out and got a new one but does not click in
My Honda CRV overheated lost pulling and engine stopped tried to start it but it couldn't .. I checked the plugs only to find plugs are submage in water and mixed with oil and petrol.. what could be the problem?
The car is almost 7 years old. I should not be having issue with this truck
while driving the cars just shuts off completely, we live in a city with LOTS of potholes and lots of vibration and it only happens so often.
What is the position of the 1st cylinder on the distributer? Is it clockwise or counter clockwise? Does the 1st cylinder on the motor the one closest to the timing change.
need wheel bearing on Honda Crv how much
speedo needle stop is now in front of needle ,must have spun around unbeknownst to me or my wife who was driving. when moving forward needle moves and rests against the stop because it is behind it . tried resetting with headlights and trip reset without success but havn't found exact amount of headlight on/offs and pushbutton resets.
1) My car jerking or choking when accelerating from 1st gear to 2nd gear and its give a push. I can feel it and it happens all the time from stop position.
2) Weird sound in the dashboard when on the air-cond. If off the air cond - no sound.
It won't crank I turn it off the store came back out and it wouldn't crank it acts like it's out of gas and it's not spinning real fast so I know it's not the timing belt but I don't know what to do batteries fine everything else is fine
My A/C works great, when braking or coasting. However, when the accelerator is engaged, even the slightest bit, it just blows, no cold air.
Water pump seized and engined overheated. Stopped the car and got it towed. After replacing water pump the car did start but I noticed funny noise which I thought was from the serpentine belt and I switched off the engine after 5 minutes or so. When trying to start it again it would not till the battery died.
Honda Vezel Hybrid Just not starting when power of the Park Drive Neutral & Reverse light just keeps flashing. And its not going into any of the commands.
temp gauge needle goes below C when driving, esp in colder weather. at idle it stays between c and h or closer to c.
When i start it back up it makes a muffled sound and back fires other than that everythings working normal
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