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At light popped out out of gear and reverse stopped working and smell of burnt rubber he opened gear box and popped good and sees two cables in place what could it be

How long have you had this problem? A few days
Our front seat in our Eos 2007 is not moving forward?Help
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
2009 EOS Manual 2.0 Turbo . . .very bad Burning smell . . . Eww
Was Sitting in bumper to bumper traffic … smelled foul (plastic-?-(worse, tho) burning)
Due to location, many other vehicles and that i had recently bought this car---I didn't realize was (probably) my car TIL next morning wen driving, car, shifting gear, but it would not accelerate… had to have tow!
*what* smelled so bad?

HAD vehicle less than 60 days wen happened. Still in shop, gonna fight VW over this–is more to story, but lengthy–
—Consumer Protection Act—
any comments?
We've noticed that our car is going through 5 quarts of synthetic oil in less than two months. Some is on the drive way but we started noticing the oil burning smell.
I have tried with jumper cables and also have put the battery charger on over night.
I need a manual for a 2009 Eurovan
It also makes a popping noise from time to time
Blow off valve intake exhaust which one would people recommend to start with
has anyone heard of this?
My brother was trying to set my clock and pushed something and now my radio stops as soon as I put the car in reverse. Help!!
If I put it up slowly, it will stay, but will eeventually go to half open on its own. Even while parked.
Car drives well,,but when I shift on reverse, my prnd on my dash board blink, and I can't reverse, it acts like it's on neutral. Today my engine light went on help! I've put too much money into this car. Is,this my transmission failing?
The trunk opens and roof goes 1/2 way but side rails won't disengage?
bulb on rear view mirror on outside door that blinks when turn signal is activated is out. can't get lens cover off to replace
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