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The digital speedometer and odometer used to just phase in and out. Bang it hard and it would come back on. Sometimes for a month; other times for a moment. Apparently, it’s not tolerating that anymore and appears to be ignoring my efforts with a vengeance. Part (OEM 16164576) appears to be discontinued. Any suggestions as to a repair (one shop that I reached out to in California no longer stocks the parts) or a salvage yard? Would truly like to know how fast I am traveling as well as my mileage. Help!

Had timing set and new plugs wires and distributor cap and rotor button it cranks great when cold but does drag after it's hot and shuts off and try to start it back
Have a 94 classic. Went to repair ball joint on right lower. Appears it might be forged on. Wont press out or pound out, is this common? Option is to get the lower/ball assembly already put together but trying to avoid having to tear into car further. Any experience with this issue.
Drove about 20 miles, parked for about three hours. Restarted car to let someone problem. Restarted ca 20 minutes later. Started fine. Put the car in drive and gave it gas. It choked and died and hasn't restarted. It was below freezing that day. I filled the car with gas right before the trip.
For no reason the radio will turn off. turning the power off and on you can hear a click in the speakers. then for no reason it will come on while driving or the next time the car is started and vise versa.
so when I am looking at my caprice from behind it is tilting a bit to right
When u run a wire from the battery 2 the pump it comes on changed ignition module and everything no gas is coming out the injectors.

Mecanic says I need a new one
Crank no start changed fuel pump getting gas to the intake still want start
I have a 1995 caprice that wont turn over at first it would start and run but if you put it in drive or reverse it will cut off. If you put it back in park it would start back up and run in park now it just cranks but not start changed the fuel pump but still wont sart the check gauge and check engine light comes on but goes of once you crank the key i changed the neutral safty switch and the brack switch that didnt work ether can some one please help me im out of clues
its start slow
When I put on brakes the car cuts off
I recently got stuck in the mud on a hill & had to have it towed out today
I'm thinking its my starter but just wanna be sure before i spend extra cash...and sometimes it will start up with no problem at all but it start slipping it kinda sounds like its stripping or some?
It will start one day for a couple mins then slowly shut off, I'll let it set for a day and it will do it the next, I wanna know what's the exact problem before buying all kinds of parts that's not called for.
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