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when in the road it will run good then it will start to lunge bad then when I come to a stop it die but restarts
mileage miles or trip miles does not show up on dash panel everything else lights up
2000 awd drive is stuck in low gear, has forward and reverse, just won't shift out of 4 low
In a trade I received a 91 chevy Astro van that had been sitting for about a year. I don't know anything about them. The battery was no good so I replaced it and it cranked right up and ran. After a handful of starts it's stopped holding an idea. It will crank and kick over after a few long turns of the key. But it only lasts for 2 seconds before it stalls out. I've tried popping it into gear to move it a but but dies as soon as I put it into any. I can keep it running if I tap the gas every few seconds. I checked the ODB and it pulls no codes. I looked at what I guess you would consider the fuel injection and both are spray fuel into the engine. Maybe I'm about to replace the fuel filter then pump if it doesn't work. I'm trying to not put a lot of money it since I wat to get rid of it. Any thoughts are appreciated. If im going down the wrong cheak list please let me know.
All locks on my 2005 use to lock or unlock by driver lock switch now none work by button only by putting or taking out of gear
I have a astro van 96 and the shifter is lock out in P.
had water pump replaced and thermostat still getting hot now being told it could be heater core. had a lot of rust. could it be radiator?
also had lower radiator hose replaced belt tenronor, serpentine belt replaced
Driving it runs fine, until u decrease acceleration, then it stalls. Have to shut it off,and start it back up. That's when the white and blue smoke come out of the Exhaust.
Had it towed home checked for spark from coil . No spark
just had two catalyc converter replaced, engine light still on, and flashing. also still feels like it's misfiring. Had a new coil, distributor, plugs and wires replaced.van is still running rough, with a flashing check engine light that goes on and off.Start to accelorate near 50, and the problems start.
need to replace a broken rear door handle
Just had new distributor,new spark plug and wires installed, a coil, and a new MAF too. The auto service place said they came up with these codes; P0101, PO300B, and P0765A. Also had the throttle cleaned. Van will start, but die, within 5 minutes. After it dies it wont start again. Also idles rough.
had my rear brakes replaced and now it seems as if it doesnt want to go. its like its being pulled back when try to accelerate. and when driving if I let off the gas pedal the van will just about stop automatically even though its still in Drive.its kind of like driving with the eemergency brake on?
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