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but I was told the back window on a 2 door 2002 Izuzu Rodeo is 100% compatible do you know if this is true


starter is the only thing that will work, no lights, no spark, no fuel pump, nothing

Is there another fuel pump or fuel sensor somewhere? It runs fine as long as I don't let the RPM's get above 2000.

My truck is a 5 speed...

Please help ...

clutch pedal has to much play very loose won't let me put in gear when running

I replaced 2main fuses under hood, battery good

Put on new head, water pump, and timing belt. The engine was running better than it has since we bought it. About a month later my wife was on the way to work when suddenly the motor just quit. Towed it home. Now it will turn over and sometimes sound like a cylinder might try to fire, but nothing close to cranking. How to proceed from here. It has fuel pressure at the rail but the code is 1167 indicating fuel sending unit is a problem. The gauge is definitely erratic. Can this cause the problem?

I found wires coming from the egr valve down into a tube that had old tape coming loose. I replaced the tape & it seemed to help but it still hesitates on acceleration.

i am wondering what types of motors can fit in my 1993 isuzu amigo would a ford ranger motor fit in my car

3.2L. V6. 2000 Isuzu amigo

my motor spun a rod bearing and found a running 98 acura car with 3.2 , need to know if it will swap out

When I bought my car, it didn't have a/c in it. It has been very hard to find 1990 amigo's at pick your part yards, however 1994 amigo's are relatively more abundant. Since I know a few parts are interchangeable, I was wondering if this was another interchangeable part.

Could it be the clutch switch?

Just buy the truck and i had to change 4 oxygens sensor on two pipe. But i don't see the old catalytic and where to install them, They told me to buy two catalytics

I did a valve job,installed cylinder head,new timing belt,went to time belt,timing mark on cam shaft ,cant find mark on plate behind cam shaft gear.

I want to buy the half car with ORIGINAL HARDTOP for spare parts and make better my amigo 98 4x4, manual 2.2 engine. Should include at list the rear lights, Original wheel cover, original hard top with the rear door and window, Isuzu axiom rims with tires, trailer lock. To deliver to Texas.
-anyone knows where can I find it?-

It sounds like when you put a playing card in a bike tire, like a clicking noise, but it's only noticeable at lower rpm's. We just had the EGR replaced, and we need to replace the camshaft positioning sensor, but I don't think the sensor is what is causing the noise... Any suggestions?

started to hear a loud "punch" noise when breaking and breaks are not adjusting accordingly, seems like the car is not stopping! This happens when it rains, I'm so scared to drive my car now specially when I have children in my vehicle. I'm petrified to drive it..! HELP!

The check engine light comes on, failed smog test, gave trouble code P1120

Just washed a rats nest out of the engine compartment of an Izuzu Amigo,, left it running the whole time and drove for a bit afterwords,,, but now it wont start????