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Line broke while driving car died replaced the broken line now it won't start
Almost daily since I bought this backup car 18 months ago, the ABS brake light on the dash comes on. Sometimes not at all. According to what I've seen, there was a recall on the braking system, but my VIN# didn't show as having the recall done. If it is raining, the ABS light ALWAYS comes on. I hadn't had any problems until recently. I noticed a few weeks ago that the parking brake doesn't really work. I've checked the brake fluids and anything visible, but see nothing wrong. I've been driving it as if it has no ABS. Just this week, I started feeling a vibration going down our mountain when slightly braking. I believe that means the rear brakes are probably ready to be replaced. However, these current events have not increased or decreased the frequency of the dash ABS coming on, or not coming on. Should I take it in and have the brakes done as if there is no rear ABS (as that is the only brakes that's supposed to be), or should I do something different?
I am stuck in a strange town with 2 broken rigs...o bought the 2nd on good faith, my mistake....2 week mistake...i am almost broke and cant seem to find a mechanic with time. 1993 isuzu amigo 4x4 has blinking check engine light codes that come up 12,44,61,63...besides ebrake not connect and dragging etc etc. I really need to get home. It loses power if throttle pushed very much and totally up even a small hill. PLEASE help me get this going
The salvage yard wants me to pay to go on the lot to see if the air controle are the same
but I was told the back window on a 2 door 2002 Izuzu Rodeo is 100% compatible do you know if this is true
starter is the only thing that will work, no lights, no spark, no fuel pump, nothing
Is there another fuel pump or fuel sensor somewhere? It runs fine as long as I don't let the RPM's get above 2000.

My truck is a 5 speed...

Please help ...
clutch pedal has to much play very loose won't let me put in gear when running
I replaced 2main fuses under hood, battery good
Put on new head, water pump, and timing belt. The engine was running better than it has since we bought it. About a month later my wife was on the way to work when suddenly the motor just quit. Towed it home. Now it will turn over and sometimes sound like a cylinder might try to fire, but nothing close to cranking. How to proceed from here. It has fuel pressure at the rail but the code is 1167 indicating fuel sending unit is a problem. The gauge is definitely erratic. Can this cause the problem?
I found wires coming from the egr valve down into a tube that had old tape coming loose. I replaced the tape & it seemed to help but it still hesitates on acceleration.
i am wondering what types of motors can fit in my 1993 isuzu amigo would a ford ranger motor fit in my car
3.2L. V6. 2000 Isuzu amigo
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