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After running for a while and turning off the ignition there is a ticking sound coming from the rear of the car, like the fuel pump is still running. This continues until the battery goes dead. It would appear to be a relay problem but I need to get to the "fuel pump/main" relay to replace it.
After engine gets up to operating temperature, blue smoke comes out of tail pipe. Water disappears from overflow canister. But no oil in raidiator or oil.
I need to find a replacement Oil Pan for my 94 Legend Coupe 6 Speed
Turns over will not start
After getting off the highway. My 93 acura legend stopped like someone pressed hard on the breaks. It starts back up but once I put it in drive it revs up but isn't moving. Could it be the transmission.
Smell of "rotten eggs" & depleting gas mileage; (Down 10mpg)
Is making me question a possible replacement of the catalytic converter?
Also I am having problems clutch slipping with down shifts when I want de-accelerate to slow quickly or just before jumping RPMs & accelerating to pass another vehicle.
These are the only times that I notice so far that the clutch slip is occurring.

1994 Acura Legend GS/LS COUPE
I thought if the master cylinder failed, either 2-front or 2-rear would not receive the brake fluid. but only one?
I understand that bleeding the master
of any possible air in the lines or anything else.
Is the oil cooler the same in these 2 vehicles? I just want to know if they are compatible before I order the part. Thank you.
I changed out my battery as well as the starter and replaced my thermostat. When I try to start the car all it does is crank but no turn over. You can hear the engine trying spin but no turn over.
While driving down the road my car all the sudden died now it won't start I tried everything come to find out it's the timing belt how would I fix that
Replaced it about 3 months ago
Started having the same problem so took the alt. Out took it and had it tested
It was good
Put it back In-N bought a new battery and still same problem
Took it to another guy and he took it out found a short by that didn't fix it either
20 is 30 40 is 60
Misfiring, and when revving the engine tach goes down to zero. And a sound like marbles rattling in exhaust pipe in front of catalytic converter. Happened all at once. 4.0 v8.
When I turn the key I hear a lil click from under the dash and that's about it. its a stick 5 speed. Also how do I unlock the anti lock brakes. Thank you for your time
Engine Smokes sometimes - mostly when you've been idling - we think it is a valve guide issue
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